Neuroscience and the Positive Mindset

Lazer focus and relaxed states for ultimate personal performance are in your control and within your neurological powerhouse to develop. No matter who you are, and what you have achieved, this brain technology is going to change your life and level the playing fields to put sustainable success back into your reach. Discover Optic Flow, Mind Yoga and the balance of science and spiritual living. 

Stop numbing your feelings

A client recently remarked in their first group session “Please don’t talk about shame or guilt”. If no one mentions these things, I will be just fine…. I like to focus only on the positive, I believe in the law of attraction!”

The truth is you cannot selectively numb your feelings!! This person suffered depression for two decades. Most people try every remedy under the sun before they arrive at our Center for Healing and life transformation to embark on a healing journey. They were taught by their parents to always say “I am fine” when people asked. They learned early on to lie to others and of course themselves. Numb out the bad feelings and push forward we are taught. Suck it up, buttercup, our fathers say to us. So we learn how to suppress our feelings, especially the bad ones. The insecurities, the shame, our fears…we bury them all deeply. Unbenownst to us though, when we bury the bad, we bury the good too. The happiness gets buried along with the pain and shameful feelings. When you numb one, you numb the other. That is how it works. You mind and heart don’t know which feelings are which. They bury them all. The truth is you cannot selectively numb your feelings.

So when you want to start to heal from things like depression and anxiety, you will need to explore all your feelings. The good and the bad ones. You will have to reconnect heat and mind. You will be required by the very laws of nature to look deeply into how you really, really feel about things. This is how deep and sustainable healing is done.

There is an old saying which states that the truth shall set you free. Without the truth, you can’t live life in reality, in a manner that will bring you peace, happiness, hope and joy. But most of us naturally try and shy away from what we call our negative feelings like shame, low self esteem. In fact we numb them as best as we can. “When perfectionism is driving us, shame is riding shotgun, and fear is that annoying backseat driver”. Understanding our feelings is no easy task. Most of us have felt the burden of shame at one time or another. Some of us may have been dishonest about our feelings – to ourselves and others – for fear we would be found out or others would know too much.

Hurtful feelings frequently surface in healing therapy, and when we hurt, we feel bad. Words like miserable or sad can describe these hurtful feelings. Sometimes we not only feel bad, we believe we; We not only hurt, we also believe something is wrong not only with our use of emotional escapes, but with the core of who we are. We feel something is lacking – we feel inadequate and empty. That pervasive feeling of chronic emptiness is often shame.

The void is deepened by self-reproach and a constant longing to be filled. In the end we have to work through all of these feelings. even if we don’t want too. Life gives exams and seems to insist that we grow through our pain in our pursuit of happiness. To really be peaceful, joyful and ecstatic even, know that shame is on of those backseat drivers that is getting you there. top numbing your feelings and it will push you to grow. And when you grow, you can transform your life, the lives of others and then the world itself. Don’t Stay Stuck ! You CAN heal your life.

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Gassho and Blessings to you all.

top numbing your feelings

What is Contemplation and the Power of Contemplative Intelligence

Contemplation is the art of healing stress and increasing performance beyond what we have ever imagined before. Listen to how CQ will help you scientifically transform neurological patterns that keep us stuck, ill or depressed. Increase emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing by practising laser focus coupled with proven mindfulness techniques.

Why CQ is more important than EQ and IQ

Your ability to think emotionally, rationally and wisely requires Contemplative Intelligence (CQ). You need action and processing time before that action top go hand in hand to achieve your best possible outcomes. 

Daniel Goleman made a compelling and accurate case that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was more important than IQ for people who wanted to live, heal and perform better. He was right. Empathy is very central to our work with CQ as it is the bridge that activates the neurological pathways to the prefrontal cortex. Open your heart and your brain opens too. Research shows that most attempts at increasing EQ have resulted only in temporary improvements.  The reason is that a more foundational and core intelligence has been ignored, which opens the doorways to Daniel Goleman’s improved emotional intelligence that stays activated. 

Switching on and off is no good for our performance, our relationships or careers. Being able to stay switched on with laser focus all the time is the next area of our evolution and is being demanded by the current context of our time. Taking the time to active CQ regions in the brain’s prefrontal lobes through various techniques we call MindYoga, before taking action, shows a marked improvement in those actions, that is both measurable and sustainable. 

Mark L Lockwood who founded Contemplative Intelligence, and is using its principles with great success in treating his clients, says it is about non-action and then action as two polar opposites that must work together. This is why CQ is more important than EQ and IQ.


Our mind is our greatest asset, but also our worst enemy if left unmanaged. Self regulation is the future of medicine according to Mark.”Worrying about the future, the next crisis aversion or your financial or relationship woes will get you almost nowhere for a hundred years of 3:00am wake up calls by your brain. Activate the receptors that are awakened by mindfulness techniques, meditation and contemplative techniques and the answers to the questions appear 75 percent more of the time. Rumi, was right when he said what you seek is seeking you. 

Life is like a binary system of zero’s and ones. Alpha and Beta waves work so well together for mindfulness that people can change their lives in a very short space of time. We need the active side and the refractory side to work together to create the magic that is nothing short of Life Transformation for most people who practise contemplation. Use only one side of your neurological chemistry and you will be prone to fight, flight and freeze responses that have no problem solving or creative ability. Re-activate the cerebral cortex and prefrontal creativity through the self-regulatory techniques we offer and you’re making decisions like the best of our leaders in history. Strangely enough CQ techniques were used by everyone from Roman Emperors to Mystics, Monks and Yogi’s. The forgotten art that these people used practically to navigate wars and the rise and fall of empires is more prevalent today than it has ever been before. The insurgents have simply changed from warlords to the Insurgents in our minds that stop us from becoming still and contemplative.

Like a third eye, CQ exercises activate the parts of the brain that activate a much higher intelligence than IQ, or EQ combined. “IQ is doing the youth of today little good and knowledge does not do enough to allow people to create or maintain a successful and balanced life in most areas. IQ is still creating Peter Pan’s. Pan means everything and symbolises the very unlimited access we have to building on our intelligence or IQ in many new ways, but it is not working. We need to go back to basics and follow a middle road down the binary highway of life between zero and one, or problem and solution. Contemplative Intelligence is that middle road offering sustainable and laser focused action everyday combined with the stillness that the mind needs to optimise its workload everyday. 

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The Empathy Code

A Neurological key to Well being

Contemplative Intelligence is designed to unlock The Empathy Code. Empathy is the code that unlocks higher consciousness, and it is so perfectly and intricately designed that the reasoning and timing behind it will blow your mind and heart wide open. We discovered something so profound while dealing with a broad and diverse range of people from all over the world. They had different races and cultures. They also had a myriad of different problems. Some were depressed, others more stressed. Some were addicted and others suffered extreme trauma that had developed into one or more of the ten personality disorders. Then something strange started to correlate. When these different people, with different problems started to slow down their minds, their hearts started to open.

For most of them, many who had suffered life long issues, something started to happen after a few weeks. Sometimes it was just days. They started to heal! Now, over 70 percent of the people we see have been to between one and five centres before we ever get to see them. Most of them have been around the medical block so to speak. At least a third are on pharmaceutical medications for long term treatments. And others have co-morbid issues where they suffer from a couple of different issues. People miraculously kept saying that they were healing, like they had not experienced before. Families would almost always back this up. How strange we puzzled. Is there something in the water down here in the Cape, in South Africa? And then it hit us like a ton of bricks. BAM!! The day they started to slow down their obsessive and racing thoughts, touching on their true emotions, a light to the soul switched on. Again and again this would happen. This was The Empathy Code in action.

They began to breathe as they felt. You could almost observe their minds moving rapidly from survival mode of fight, flight and freeze towards something very, very different. They were no longer breaking down. They were breaking open with empathy and reconnecting to life, love, joy and even a touch of bliss. The empathy code began to shift grey matter and fire and wire new neurological processes, right in front of our eyes. Love was conquering fear again and again through nothing but some silence, stillness and then connection. Some would easily call these experiences of empathic re-connection and re-birth a spiritual awakening. The Dalai Lama says that, “Empathy is the most precious human quality.” In a world where there is both empathy and apathy and compassion and cruelty, I tend to strongly agree. Empathy is your super-power unlocking you neurologically to unlimited creativity, motivation and meaning. #empathy #transformational #motivationalspeaker #healthandwellness

The Empathy Code is when we reach our hearts out to others and put ourselves in their shoes. It also means that we can be happy for others during their times of joy. The Dalai Lama says, “Empathy is the most precious human quality.”

During these stressful times, personally and globally, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Even so, empathy is the quality that will get us through. It enables us to respect one another, even if we disagree.

The Empathy Code doesn’t make you a sentimental softy without discernment. It allows you to keep your heart open to foster tolerance and understanding. Being empathic might not always be effective in getting through to people, but I think it’s the best chance we have for peace in our own lives and on the planet.

The Empathy Code is the magic of getting our emotions, feeling and thoughts back into reality. The Empathy Code is the key to health, wealth and wisdom. Empathy is all about open hearts and minds. It is about loving yourself, and then giving your neighbors some of the over-flow of that love. I often ask clients, what do you want most in life…if you had one wish what what it be. 75 percent of the time they say they want world peace. Yet, they are at war with their own mother in-laws. Thy have not spoken to their own brothers or sisters for a couple of years, and their next door neighbor irritates them. No, world peace starts in your heart long before it touches your enemies heart. This is The Empathy Code that will make you happy, joyful and have a good life. It is a Neurological key to Well being.

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The Empathy Code
The Empathy Code – Neurological well being