The Story of the Cookie Thief

The Story of the Cookie Thief

The Story of the Cookie Thief is an inspiration story, offered as an insightful poem that offers a brilliant life lesson to you on why we should not make assumptions too quickly.


Mental Health Retreats South Africa

Sanctuary Mental Health Center

Some people go and relax at the spa, and hope it will heal their depression. It may ease the symptoms, but a holiday or getaway seldom does the job of real life transformation. People who suffer from depression, anxiety, addictions or burnout often need what Mental Health Retreats South Africa can offer. Counseling for individuals and in small groups allow for connection when hosted by an experienced therapist. Mindfulness classes, yoga and silent retreats coupled with good therapy can radically change your life in a short space of time. Today there is no stigma involved in going to sort your self out properly.

What to expect at Mental Health Retreats South Africa

Loads of fun. Lots of hard work on the self. Expect new, exciting and wonderful self discoveries in the first few days. You will quickly realize that there is no need to stay stuck! It’s a stupid…

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