The Transformation to your Sacred Self

At some point in life, we are all going to undoubtedly need a paradigm shift, a shift from the first half of life to the second half of life. A paradigm shift to love which is the transformation to your Sacred Self. Sooner or later, there will be a necessary letting go. We will have to let go of everything that is false, everything that is unreal, and we will need to move back towards authenticity, towards what people call your higher self and what we call your sacred self. This work could change your life. Top to bottom. Let’s get into it thoroughly.

Stress and trauma are part of everyone’s life. The way our lives are socially constructed means that we need to develop defence mechanisms, and defence is the first act of war upon ourselves and the way we see the world. We are born into a world that is increasing in momentum, in pace with time and space, the most valuable of commodities. We grow up isolated, alone, and afraid. Our parents are stressed, and they are stressed because their parents were stressed. They move into a world that requires their time and their space. We grow up with one or two parents who are stressed. They move into a world that requires their time and space. What we need to understand is that everyone was stressed and traumatized at some point.

Barriers and boundaries had to be built. Walls had to be erected. We had to develop certain traits to survive. When we developed these traits, we suppressed our true emotions. We developed an outer self and an inner self, one that is seen by the world and one that is a shadow that we can no longer see. This is how addictions, depression, personality disorders are born. They are created. They don’t just appear, and it’s not just luck of the draw. We develop eventually a personality, a persona developed by millions and millions of traits that become perfectionistic, controlling, neurotic, and codependent, to name just a few. And this is what we would call necessary suffering, the necessary suffering of being human.

When our basic needs weren’t met as children, we carry this into adulthood, where eventually the truth will out. The truth needs to set us free, and it is uncompromising with its task. We operate in a world with five senses sight, sound, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. That’s how we interact with the world on a very sensory level. Our fears need soothing. That soothing later on turns into addictions, personality defects, and inflammation and disease. Anytime we’re in fear, we’re entrenched in our personalities, our masks, and our personalities are all created on a shaky foundation of fear.

Life refuses to be denied or held back for too long. The transformation to your Sacred Self will become necessary when you have endured enough suffering to let go of your need to control and let Life have you

Mark L Lockwood

The Paradigm of Personality

Our personalities are a combination of all the qualities and characteristics that helped develop our character and our traits. Our interests, our self-conception, and our drives. Our brains are hardwired for fear. Everything that we experience only through the five senses comes through and is scanned primarily for fear. Our brains are hardwired for survival.

Now, if we had a sixth sense, if we had a sense for ultraviolet rays, which are probably in the room with you now, you would be able to know that they’re there, but you cannot see them. Just like we cannot see fear. Our personalities define our archetypes, who we are going to be. We may be a sage or a scholar, a king or a priest, a warrior or an artist. How we win fire has been developed over decades of actions. Our actions are motivated by the fact that we are trying to avoid our greatest fears, and most of our most debilitating fears shape and mould our personalities. They build our characters. They make us stronger if they close us off and make us feel powerful. But power means to take action, right? Action, in other words, to be powerful means to live the life you want to live, an authentic life, a good life. But we become powerless, unable to face our fears, and unable to take the actions we want to take. And soon enough, our very own masks begin to suffocate us.

Fear of change, loneliness, and fear of rejection, uncertainty, feeling of being judged or loss of control are based in fear. Fear builds our masks. One of our biggest fears becomes change, our fear of uncertainty, fear of failure, rejection, and even fear of missing out. Losing control or being judged keep us from showing our authentic selves. And if we’re not acting from a place of authenticity, we’re lying. We’re not speaking the truth, and pain and suffering manifest soon enough. “I shall not lie” really means that we should not hide who we really are from the world or ourselves, for that matter.

The journey of the transformation to your Sacred Self might just be the most important journey of our lives. It’s the journey we take within ourselves. So our personality that was once there to serve us, protect us, and keep us safe and secure starts to throttle and choke us out over time. Our personalities end up seeking control rather than self-love, authentic love for self, God, and others. They seek out and desire control, perfection, and freedom from fear, which of course they never find. Like attracts like, that is the law of attraction. Fear attracts fear, and the personality is very limited in what it can attract.

The Paradigm Process

As divine human beings, we’re on a journey, growing every day, becoming more conscious. We have a need to heal, grow, and contribute, a powerful need that no one can ignore. First, we must become aware. We must become conscious that we’re on a hero’s journey, a journey back to our sacred selves. And we must cross an abyss, an abyss from certainty to uncertainty, from the known to the unknown, from the familiar to the unfamiliar, from the limited to the boundless. We must take that journey, knowing consciously that we’re on a journey. It’s the beginning of a physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual awakening. We move from being five-sensory to multisensory and then to extra-sensory perception, where we can see beyond seeing, where we can start to understand who we are and the journey we are undertaking. This is true intuitive power.

It is the moment we turn from fear towards love. Love is the most powerful emotion that exists, there’s no stronger force or energy in the universe other than love. In the end, only love will remain. When we start to use our intuition, we start to realize that something is wrong, that we are addicted, depressed, anxious, and afraid. And we start to seek more. We move out of fear towards love. We move out of the darkness and into the light, light which we have not had the capability to understand until now.

When we move from the sensory to the multisensory and to the extra-sensory, we can use our intuition to set our intentions, to set our course towards finding the pathway back to our sacred selves, the self that does not need depression, anxiety, or addictions. It does not need to be ruled by fear any longer because it is able to bear mystery, uncertainty, and the unknown. Something which our personality might not have been ready for in the past.

Intuition is a guiding light. Oftentimes we cannot see until we are ready to see until we need to see. The beginning of a paradigm shift that is the transformation to your Sacred Self, we must understand that this whole organism called a human being is designed to survive, to control its environment. When trying to control our environment, we use fear. We lose respect for ourselves, self-love, and the most powerful force in the universe, and fear spreads in all its many forms, like wildfire. Trying to control the world, if we don’t understand that we are unable to manage the world with our senses, we engage with it. Taking a paradigm shift to love, we’ll have feelings of losing control, feelings of fear that show up as shame, depression, anxiety, and stress. Eventually, we can even believe that the dream of life is a nightmare. With enough fear, we can start to hallucinate, hear voices or feel like we are being controlled. Our desire for control is rooted in a fear of uncertainty, and so we develop to survive, we create our own defense mechanisms.

the transformation to your Sacred Self

Know thy defence mechanisms

Our defense mechanisms are like a small army, an army of ego insurgents. Your ego insurgents are the containers for your early emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Your ego insurgents will do all that they can to defend your personality with the impenetrability of a Sherman tank. But they are not you. They are the mind’s outdated operating system. Your ego insurgents fought hard for you and kept you alive all this time. They’ve done their job of allowing you to survive. Now, they’re hardwired into our brains. This hardwiring works for children and people in the first half of life, but not for those on a sacred quest, on a journey to grow, experience the fullness of life, and our own unlimited nature. Our ego insurgents have taught us not to speak about these traits and characteristics. They’ve taught us to keep these things inside. If anyone sees them, they’ll judge, laugh, or criticize us. So we bury them inside. Only a feeling of emptiness, a feeling of loss, a feeling of being devoid of direction remind us that they’re still there. This is why the transformation to your Sacred Self becomes a necessary journey that life insists you take.

Your ego insurgents develop supervisory voices inside your head that keep you away from self-love and fixated on control. They keep you away from gratitude and judging, so you can never quite rest. Insurgents are built on fear and thrive on negative reinforcement. They tell us we’re not good enough, that we could always do better. They ridicule and blame. This internal critic is highly empathic and strongly rooted in the most basic needs for safety, food, and shelter.

To find your sacred self, you’re going to have to leave the stressed world you were born into. You’re going to have to take the reins and, in doing so, take control. But this time, authentic control. Control that comes from a place of self-love, deep and empathic love. You’ll have to leave your culture, your ethnicity, and even your gender behind. Your sacred self is not bound by such things. Divinity knows no bounds. It will require a shift in your consciousness, a total paradigm shift.

A paradigm shift is a change in thinking from thinking one way to another. It is a scientific revolution of the self, the self that is physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. It is not only a personality and nervous system of the five senses. It is more than that. It is a sacred self. It comprises soul, spirit, and sacred self. No need to move past your assumptions, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. It is a change that goes beyond our concepts, our worldviews, and our practices. It is a shift from fear and the unconscious to love consciousness, to understand that everything is ultimately rooted in love.

If we use our contemplative intelligence long enough and practice often enough, we will understand that we are all one, all brothers and sisters. Perhaps this is why St. Francis of Assisi used to say, “Brothers and sister men, brother river, sister tree.”

The paradigm shift is a model or pattern for something that can be copied, just as this world is a carbon copy of the next. So our paradigm shift that is the transformation to your Sacred Self, away from personality to sacred self is the same. Living 90 to 100 years means that at some point we will run out of time unless there was an opportunity for spiritual awakening, a shift to higher consciousness. We do this through practice, and the first part of practice is awareness.

Awareness of the journey, awareness of who you really are. Do you know who you really are? Have you had a voice deep within asking you about who you really are? What you’re really doing here? This is the subtle voice that calls us towards waking up. There are ten strong personality types, ten dominant ego insurgents that fortify and protect our persona, our masks, our personalities. When we get to know the controller insurgent, the perfectionist insurgent with us leading us astray, the neurotic, codependent, eccentric, the victim insurgent, and the actor, the pleaser, the judge, and the anxious insurgent. When we get to know the enemy, we start to succeed, we start to truly shift, we start to recover who we really are.

Letting go of what no longer works for us, and in return, for doing the work on letting go of inauthenticity, of fear-based manifestations of personality that we’ve created, we recover that deep sense of who we really are, and we start to love the self once again. Love is so powerful, it attracts gratitude, surrender, connection, certainty, and helps us recover a sense of resilience.

the transformation to your Sacred Self

10 Pathways back to your Authentic Self

The Ten Pathways Back to Sacred Self help us understand a life of presence rather than fearfully running into the past or into the future. We’re able to open up, show up, grow up, and a paradigm shift to love that is the transformation to your Sacred Self moves us beyond what we created out of fear in childhood, moving beyond what no longer serves us. We start to recover a sense of self-regulation, a deep sense of wisdom, and then we find our courage, courage to lead an authentic life. The courage that helps us understand and sit with our sacred selves and other sacred selves, of which there are 8 billion of us at the moment, all on a quest for authenticity, a quest for light and truth, a quest for love.

This is the paradigm shift process, the transformation to your Sacred Self, that we embark on today, one step at a time. We’ll move through the ten ego insurgents that are most strongly rooted in fear, the insurgents that defend us and hold us back from opening up. Insurgents that keep us away from empathy, emotion, and love. This journey is about taking control of the controller, releasing the perfectionist, quieting the neurotic, and soothing the codependent. It is about aligning your personality with your sacred self, dissolving and integrating, transcending and including. We don’t need to leave anything behind; we just need to take control, take the reins, and become authentically human and spiritual at the same time.

And so, this is the journey of how we evolve, of how we return to love through a new consciousness, a collective universal consciousness based on authenticity. When we realize who we are, fear flees. It runs from us as we develop a relationship with ourselves, with the world, with others. We develop a new social construct, one that is not based on stress, fear, and disease, but one that is based on gratitude, community, and belonging. When we dissolve the personality and integrate it, we grow. When we transcend the personality, we become free. And when we start to include instead of separating, fear, we become free. We regain our resilience and our creativity begin to unfold just as life is unfolding, just as the Big Bang is still unfolding. Light has not changed how it operates because it is authentic and true.

Emotions of depression, anxiety, and stress carry low energy. Feelings of connection, gratitude, and self-love carry immense, unlimited power. Power that you will find for yourself again. Your codependency and people-pleasing will be transformed into connection as we move from a survival mind to a thriving mind. We will develop acceptance beyond significance and move beyond disordered personality to a thriving personality.

This is a paradigm shift to love on another level. A paradigm shift to power. It moves us beyond disconnection towards love and affiliation. It moves us from the ego towards connection and contribution. When we are contributing, pain dissolves. Suffering is no longer necessary. When we’re all contributing, we’re part of one universal community, a community striving towards love. Returning to love, we use the ten pathways back to our sacred selves to discover who we really are. We learn on this journey, how to heal, integrate, and thrive. We move from an intellectual understanding of where we are, a sensory understanding of who we are, towards a more emotional understanding of who we are. We develop our IQ and open our hearts. When we open our hearts, we no longer need to stay depressed. We’re destined to thrive, to love with emotional awareness. We’re destined to create something beautiful as we are all being turned and created into something beautiful. So in turn, we will create beautiful things. This is simple science, simple math. It is each and every one of our responsibilities to wake up and choose love. We cannot suppress and repress. We must develop a higher intelligence, a contemplative and creative intelligence, or CQ, our highest intelligence. It allows us to look at reality exactly the way it is, ourselves exactly the way we are, and other people exactly the way they are.

There are 8 billion people in the world today embarking on the transformation to your Sacred Self along with you, all of us with different perspectives and viewpoints, and yet there’s still one singular reality, one truth that we are all striving to understand. We ask, give, and explore. At some stage in life, we will discover that what we are thinking will never quite give us the answers we need. Thinking always tends to end in more questions, leaving the mind afraid, seeking control, leaving the soul unsatisfied. So what we need to understand is that we need to go above our thinking, we need to transcend it. In science, we would call this metacognition. We need to go above our intellectual capabilities, our sensory capabilities, and understand why IQ and EQ will lead us to a place where we become the creators, contemplative, pulling out of reality from the contemplative field.

What we choose, what we love, what we choose will be joy, bliss, gratitude. We will choose all. This is the spiritual and holy journey of contemplative intelligence. It leads us back to our sacred selves. Charles Difficult said that faith strips the masks from the world and renders meaningless such words as anxiety, danger, and fear. So the believer goes through life calmly and peacefully, with profound joy, like a child hand in hand with his mother.

Although we have around 85,000 thoughts a day, most of these thoughts are derived from our five senses, the same as they were yesterday and a decade ago. They’re the same as when we were two years old, fearing rejection, isolation, and being alone. Most of these thoughts no longer serve us, and that is why we find that 98% of people are spending 98% of their time on things that don’t matter.

A Contemplative Conclusion

Moving beyond your personality, back towards your sacred self, is a divine place where mind and spirituality meet. A Course in Miracles reminds us that perfect love casts out fear. If fear exists, then there is not perfect love, but only perfect love exists. If there is fear, it produces a state that does not exist.

When we return to authenticity, finding out who we really, really are, we understand that the sacred self cannot be jailed, our hearts cannot be contained. Our destiny is not to live a life with fear and all its attributes. We need to allow love to liberate us. We need to be conscious that we are creative, and when we start to awaken, we start to create a new self, an authentic self, a powerful sacred self. We transcend the old but include it. We dissolve the personality but integrate it. And we become better human beings. Cognitive will become creative, contemplative will become powerful. We will be able to choose love over fear at every turn.

Namaste and blessings to you as you take the journey of the transformation to your Sacred Self with us along this journey with us.

the transformation to your Sacred Self

Know Thyself and find your way

Know thyself. One of my favourite stories of ancient Greek legends is that of the Athenian general Themistocles. He has to defend the city from the formidable Persian forces, much stronger than his own army. The problem was so large that he took it directly to the gods. Zeus told him that the wooden wall would not fail the city. Now, the mighty Persian army could easily take down a wooden wall, no matter how high or wide it might be. The general was thankfully skilled in the art of contemplation. This allowed him to focus and deeply consider the advice of Zeus that would save the city. When he did so, he discovered that the wood in question, which formed a formidable wooden wall that ultimately conquered the enemy, was indeed ships. The wood would make a fleet of ships that conquered the entire Persian army and saved the city. You need to Know Thyself and find your way towards purpose because if you don’t, you’ll probably go insane.

To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.


Socrates himself followed the advice that was inscribed on the temple of Athena in Delphi – Know Thyself. Two words that could sum up what we know as the scientific practice of psychology today. So we start our lives by getting to know ourselves. This knowledge, however, serves us only for a time. We discover our likes and dislikes. We develop traits, preferences, attitudes, and personalities from this knowledge. In fact, we create a personal identity and a self-image from this knowledge. The problem is this: we change over time. Our self-image remains the same, always believing it has arrived at an end, the ultimate pursuit of any anxious mind. This is the beginning of the birth of the mind’s conflict with itself. Your ego identity, built from past experience, is at odds with the self doing the creating of all things new. The new self does not heed the original need for safety and certainty. It transcends this need and desires adventure and uncertainty. The self-image cannot stand this idea and becomes rattled. Worse still, it becomes defensive, and defense is the first act of war!

We are not finished products. Instead, we are seekers and sojourners who are continually and consciously evolving. We are moving through the stages of life that Carl Jung called the stages of athlete, warrior, and the making a statement stage of life that is then followed by the spiritual stage of life. The stage of ultimate transformation, as it is with worm to butterfly, so we return to our Sacred Self.

The stages of spiritual awakening

Most of us are sleep walking through life believing that things are more random and chaotic than ordered. Structure, patterns and hierarchies are not that easy to see at first. A certain level of depth is required to begin to understand The Stages of Life and Spiritual Awakening and how they unfold for each of us as individuals, as complex human beings that are part of a much bigger system than the space and time that anyone can experience subjectively themselves.  What this all means is, is that life for human beings has been going for about 3.7 billion years. This beautiful and strange blue planet has been around for about 14 billion years and there have been 120 billion, or with the zeros for context 120,000,000,000 humans that have lived this life that you are living right now.

The dread of change by the self concept undoubtedly leads us into disillusionment and what can oftentimes be described as a “dark night of the soul.” A downward spiral into depression, feeling low, worn out and tense or empty. This is where the autopilot of ego kicks in. Ego defences to be more precise. The uncertainty our evolving consciousness demands has all left us feeling unsafe and frightened. So much so that our survival response is triggered and we are easily startled into responding to life’s constant questioning of us with fight, flight and freeze answers. Our journey turns into that of a fight.

Know Thyself and find your way home

Between our hero’s new journey and the self concepts will to stay still. As stubborn as a mule, our self concept, or ego, digs its heels in and uses all our time and energy to fight the internal good fight. Contemplate the following poem and see what it brings to you intuitively. Practice lectio divina, or sacred reading for a few moments and really get to what the artist, the poet, is trying to tell us here. So much more can often be given to us when we use our EQ versus or IQ to understand the dynamics of this life, to Know Thyself and find your way home.

I came out alone on my way to my tryst.
But who is this that follows me in the silent dark?

I move aside to avoid his presence but I escape him not.

He makes the dust rise from the earth with his swagger; he adds his loud voice to every word that I utter.

He is my own little self, my Lord, he knows no shame; but I am ashamed to come to thy door in his company.

How to Know thyself better

There comes a time when you don’t need to be controlled by the mind’s ego-insurgents anymore. It has done its job of directing the child and keeping them safe with scripts and stories and away from what it perceives as the scary world of contemplation. It has successfully hidden you from yourself. That’s what the mind does. It hides things in the dark to survive. Once upon a time, it reminded the child that they were cold and that they may need their jacket. It told stories and talked all day long until the voices sent them off to sleep at night.

You don’t need a rock bottom, a near-death experience, or even another storm to start living the authentic life you want to start creating. All you need to do is really Know Thyself. This is how you escape the bondage of your own Truman show. The one being directed in your head. Truman’s director said, “We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.” He is right! But eventually, one day, at some moment in time, we want to know what other shows are playing out there. This is life’s call to purpose, to adventure, and enlightenment.

“All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women are merely players”.

Will Shakespeare

All you need to do to know thyself is work on it. Spend time and allow space for it – the two most valuable commodities we have. Know your multifaceted. A complex body-heart-mind that has a soul. Understand that your ego has to go. The personality and masks you have also have to go. The false, hidden and shadowy sides of the self need to go along with them. In place of these old friends, or ego insurgents as we call them, you will find new ones. Sacred ones. Here are the ten most prominent things you will find deep within yourself, hidden like treasure. When we defeat the dragons we can be sure to find the hidden treasure. Otherwise, what point to life would there be. Keep your eye on the prize and keep your heart in the game. The saints had a saying, ‘do not harden your hearts’ and perhaps this is precicely what they meant by it. When we dull down EQ we’re done for. We defence up and fortify and nothing gets in – not even the good things in life.

The Paradigm Process

Every time you use your heart to respond to the environment and to the outside world, you will build neurological networks that will literally change your internal chemistry. Chemistry that governs your thoughts, feeling, perceptions and your ultimate understanding of present reality. We are chemical factories. When we choose peace, we make peace and then it manifests. When we do the opposite the reverse is also true. This is the law of karma, of cause and effect and a law of attraction.

In my case Pilgrim’s Progress consisted in my having to climb down a thousand ladders until I could reach out my hand to the little clod of earth that I am.

C. Jung
Know Thyself and find your way

Know Thyself and find your way home. Yoga of course means union and we need to bind together all the parts of ourselves as animalistic humans that are just like every other creature on the planet and then as divine, spiritual and immortal souls that are on a quest towards a universal oneness of self.

A Paradigm Shift to LOVE – Transformation from your Sacred Self





We all have the ability to heal whatever holds us back and can begin the journey of Transformation from your Sacred Self, from a place of love rather than fear. All personality disorders and dis-ease including depression and anxiety related issues can be healed and then transformed when we become aware of the blocks created by our personalities and then the 10 Pathways beyond the persona that take us ona grand journey of transformation from your Sacred Self. No one needs to stay lost, depressed or addicted and profound healing is available to everyone who is willing to do the work of Life Transformation. Full article

A Paradigm Shift to LOVE

We all have the ability to heal whatever holds us back. All personality disorders and dis-ease including depression and anxiety related issues can be healed and then transformed when we become aware of the blocks created by our personalities and then the 10 Pathways beyond the persona that take us back to our Sacred Selves. No one needs to stay lost, depressed or addicted and profound healing is available to everyone who is willing to do the work of Life Transformation

The trauma, pain and fear we go through coming into this world necessitates the formulation of attitudes, traits and eventually the creation of a strong personality arises. People who struggle with depression, anxiety, addictions and all types of personality and mood disorders are starting to wake up to the notion that change and growth are both imminent and necessary. An awakening is necessary. It is on the cards for all of us, some sooner rather than later.

Nothing unreal exists as a course in miracles teaches us. When we create a personality, or our masks, we create something unreal, unstable and basically unwell. This is the human condition for all of us born into a world that is based on stress and conflict. One day we will need to re-create ourselves and the way we live in the world. This is the awakening of consciousness necessary for anyone and everyone who is suffering.

A Paradigm Shift to LOVE

One day we will need to make a paradigm shift to love, away from fear, out of survival mind, out of the stuckness of personality and find a higher, more authentic self – your Sacred Self. All we need is a method, a pathway and a system of making the shift. We all know today why this has to happen in a world that itself has been historically broken. We just don’t know how. The Paradigm Process offers ten steps to show us how.

The Paradigm Process

The Paradigm Process offers people 10 Pathways back to sacred self that are workable, profound and easy to follow. Your sacred self is where your true values, emotions, desires and objectives reside. It is that part of you that is wanting more from life. It is that part of you that wants to actualise your full potential and grow personally and then heal the world.

When we try and control our environment which is an impossible task, we lose respect for ourselves. We lose self love. We lose Love; the most powerful force in the universe.

Mark L Lockwood

There are certain things that we learned in childhood that became our ego defence mechanisms. We developed what we call ego insurgents to protect us from a harsh and ever-changing world. We developed a controller insurgent. We also developed a judge a victim and a perfectionist insurgent. In fact we developed 10 ego insurgents that kept us safe from the world by creating a personality that became a personal reality for us all. 

The Paradigm Process offers people 10 Pathways back to sacred self that are workable, profound and easy to follow.

Contemplation and the end of two

So many people ask us what we mean when we say that contemplation and the end of two – and it’s a good question. Perhaps one of ‘the’ questions that anyone on a search or quest for knowledge and truth will eventually stumble across sooner or later. Carl Jung was the first to distinguish the two major attitudes or orientations of personality – extroversion and introversion. He also made a clear distinction between the two halves of life. He said life is a tale between these two halves, and we tend to agree that everything has an equal opposite. Night and day. Love and fear. Light and dark. These examples exist everywhere, including inside our bodies, hearts, and minds.

Contemplation and the end of two is about how we shift from one state to another. Always lower to higher, much like you would expect to find at any school – our Earth school is no different. We are certain of evolution, and we are evolving from a lower to a higher consciousness. It is a painstaking story of creation that seems to be leading us to one common, universal finishing point, or Omega point. Separation, greed, cruelty, and fear-based emotions have led the world into a crisis time after time. Yet, love remains the strongest and most powerful of emotions that has somewhere kept us from going backward into insanity.

Contemplation gets us past the egoic, fearful and binary nature of the dualistic mind which sees the world through our personalities and masks which in turn allows us to connect to a universal oneness where we get to experience love and all that it offers

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy) – Contemplative Intelligence (CQ)

Contemplation and the end of two minds is the end of the judging mind that says this is good and that is bad using comparison, opposition, and subjective judgements to understand things not perceiving that there are many, many other points between the two ends of each spectrum. It is the end of vision and separation and is taking us on a journey from judgment to gratitude and tolerance for the other. How agonizingly long it has taken us to understand what ‘Love thy neighbor’ really means! It is a call to the end of two – of the dualistic minds mentality. This call today is palpable if you use your own Contemplative Intelligence to lean into reality a little more every day. When you do, it is impossible to miss all the signs of what is going on here. Signs of birth and death and then resurrection, or returning to life on life’s terms, is what the journey points to, as the sages and saints have been trying to show us for so long.

The Omega Point is a theorized future event in which the entirety of the universe spirals toward a final point of unification. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who coined the omega point phrase, believed that “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” He will have indeed discovered the contemplative path towards a universal oneness without exception. Richard Rohr said that “the way things work and Christ are one and the same,” which makes sense of Christ’s words on the cross “it is finished.”

‘The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.’

Carl Jung

Using your Contemplative Intelligence

Thomas Aquinas, the philosopher, said that “the intellect knows by simple intuition, while reason knows by a process of discursion from one thing to another.” To cut a long 14 billion-year-old story short, it seems that everything is moving back to one, while at the same time, our perspectives of separation and fear lead us to believe a lie when it can quite easily appear that things are falling apart rather than meshing together. This meshing together is what Yoga really means. It is also what spirituality means, and it is also the work of Contemplative Intelligence (CQ) itself. We are shifting from personality to a spiritual self. From egoic nature to a higher nature. From fallen man to god-like, divine beings that operate from a place of universal love rather than from a state of worldly fear. We are shifting from one thing to another, just like a seed transforms itself into a tree and then a forest.

Contemplative Intelligence is the ability and capacity to use our meta-cognitive abilities. It is about the conscious awareness of putting your physiology, psychology, emotions and spiritual aspects of yourself together in ecstatic motion.

Mark L Lockwood
Contemplation and the end of two

Contemplation and the end of duality

Contemplation is the end of two or more races, religions and realities. It is the end of every dualistic idea we have come to believe is real (reality). There is far more going on here than first meets the eye or greets the ear. We have to see, think and listen twice to get to one. Our first body, heart and mind we develop in the first half of life is not capable of deeper understanding that we may not be able to bear. Saint Mathew in his gospel reminds us of the contemplative mind with the famous line of Christ “He who has ears, let him hear…. Then the righteous will shine like the sun.” This is the non-dualistic mind and the end of the narrative. This mind is where we are all headed as we return to source, and return to Love.

When you get quiet, remove your judgments and the endless narrative of the calculating mind and ‘listen’ you will hear it whispering to you. What does it whisper exactly? That is what you will need to seek out for yourself. Perhaps the poets and artists put it best and point us in a direction better than regular words of wisdom can. ‘Beauty is truth, truth is beauty’ is an extract from a famous poem by Keats, ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’ in which he tries to speak to us of the contemplative, non-dualistic nature of the mind. ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all. Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. ‘ In other words, beauty is all we need to perceive and understand to discover truth, and truth is itself beautiful and this truth is what will set you free.

Contemplation and the end of two


There is a wonderful shift, the paradigm shift to power, going on as people all over the world are waking up to what life is really about. New generations of people, having seen the mess that hedonism, greed, power-hungry agenda’s, materialism, inequality and many other traits of human nature have left us, are changing themselves and in so doing are changing the world.

Their is a palpable collective consciousness where people understand their need for deep and intimate connection. They perceive that much of their suffering is because of how they see the world and interact with it. This is an awakening in itself. People are just getting it and this is a global awakening towards love, love that slowly creates a world without fear and mistrust and evil.

The new world, or new earth as we are starting to see it has little place for selfish, violent and the egoically insane. Less and less time is being devoted to those individuals who do not contribute and who do not stand for something beautiful and creative and that has growth potential for people and planet alike. The way we treat animals has improved. The means with which we are starting to produce food and look after the planet is changing for the better on a daily basis. There is a wonderful emergence abound and we’re all right in the middle of it.

How to make the paradigm shift to power

the paradigm shift to power

We make this awakening shift, this very personal life transformation from the inside out. We wake up to the fact that the suffering and pain we see, feel and perpetuate begins outside of us. How we perceive the world is of utmost importance, because how we do that is how we tend to do everything else. So we start to wake up out of our own personal nightmares of fear and the very world around us begins to change. It is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. The flowering of consciousness happens again and again and again and it is breathtaking to see.

A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

Albert Einstein

People change their perspectives out of fear, judgement, selfishness, pride, malice, jealousy and resentment and change their paradigms entirely to a space that holds love, connecting, kindness, gratitude, joy and thanksgiving. How is this so and why is it so powerful? Because when we let go of the personality we have created we shift into our Sacred Selves. It is a metamorphosis from worm to butterfly. From sleeping to awake and from nightmare to dream. This conscious personal shift that we are all slowly starting to make is unprecedented. It is the paradigm shift to power we get to make when we let go of the personality, the ego and our ego-insurgents of perfectionism, judgementalism and codependency amongst others.

the paradigm shift to power,

Everyday we learn how to perfect our walk from fear to love. Consciously and purposefully we become better. We become inclusive and connected and in so doing we heal ourselves, others and the world itself. We start to see together, that the nightmare is over. That fear really was created by us and that love is the antidote to the snake bite and the venom that we think runs through our veins and the centuries is not real. Anything that is not real simply has to go. Whether it be the monsters you once perceived under your bed, a false ego or a self created personality trait like codependence or anxiety. One day it all has to go, so that you can be born again, born this time into love.

Return to Love

Each of us begin to make the paradigm shift to power by becoming more conscious of the world inside us and then the world around us. When like meets like we flower like a field of flowers which is a field of dreams, hope and possibility that returns when we wake up from the nightmare. At every turn we can drop fear and choose love. Perhaps this is what was meant when God said ” I put before you life and death, choose life.” So today we choose love at every turn. Even if it sounds like a fairy tale we must still pursue the dream.

There will come a remarkable time, usually through great love or suffering, when we need to finally lose our personality in order to find our sacred selves.

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy)

Have you ever heard a small voice inside of you telling you that their is more to this life than you understand? Even once before? This is the call to love. The call that will set the world free. When we become quiet we can hear it. We can invite it in and connect with it. Stillness speaks. We only need to stop to hear it and start the journey. That’s the hard part when the mind runs wild with random thoughts all day long. Thoughts of fear. Yet, through meditation and contemplation and stillness and centring practice we can merge with it. We can unite with it, which is essentially the very meaning of the world meditation. Look for the cues and clues that surround you today and return to love. That is the path and that is your quest. Never again allow you soul to doubt in the dark, what God told you in the light as V. Edmund reminds us. Stay on the journey of creating the paradigm shift to power that moves you beyond personality, ego and fear and lets you arrive in love, bliss and belonging. This is just the start of the journey – and it is spectacular! Namaste.

For more about getting onto the paradigm shift to power, to do the course or attend the Center for Healing get in touch and move forward today. Don’t stay stuck. or call +27824424779

The paradigm shift to power

Ever feel you’re Far from home 

You’re far from home. There is no doubt for most of us that we are on a journey. However few of us remember or consider that we are on a journey. A quest of sorts to discover, to know, and to uncover. The journey can often be forgotten. The frustration of a path without directions sends us on a labyrinth of paths that lead us nowhere, and that frustration can turn into rage in a myriad of ways. Rage into depression. Depression into despair. Despair into hopelessness. But then there are some times. Some times. Just some times, if we can get quiet enough to listen we will hear the steady footsteps ahead of us that show us the way. They show us that there is a way. Some may call this faith. Others connection, synchronicity, or even favour. They show us that there is a way and we are far from home and that this is acceptable and it is good. They show us we are spiritual beings having that human experience.

Far from home

If anyone is suffering and disturbed it is because they do not know that they are far from home and mistakenly think they are in fact home. Their home may feel like hell and not heaven and that they are trapped there burning for all eternity. But they have been led to believe a lie. There is no burning other than the burning desire of being safe at home. And so we believe a lie that there is no journey, but rather just the destination we feel we have found. Perhaps this is why Christ said ” for this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.

Knowing is faith unseen, and this paradox drives people crazy. They want their material world to be material. To be seen of course. What else could it be? They think they are at home. Yet, for many of us, this is the starting point of an awakened journey. An omega point towards unification. A journey towards wholeness and oneness with a deep purpose beyond meandering the labyrinth of life.

Real freedom is knowing that we are far from home. It is real freedom because we can take solace in the fact that we are getting somewhere for a reason that is bigger than we could have ever thought it was. When we take solace like this, we lose the frustration and the rage, and we find peace. A peace beyond all understanding. Peace as if a Prince of Peace gave it to you as a gift.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   
But I have promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost

That inner yearning that we all have to consider and contemplate is a sign that we are far from home. It gives us a subtle sense of paradise lost or not found quite yet. The saints and sages remind us not to allow the yearning or the loss of paradise that you perceive to be, to be given the energy to drive you wild or even unsettle your body, harden your heart, and further close your mind. No. Rather awaken the senses. Listen to the calling. Connect with it and understand that knowing is unseen. It must be perceived. All of creation is groaning for the same thing. When you get quiet you will hear it. Some are saying why am I so tired, so emotional or so confused. It is because they are lost and far from home. If they knew they were far from home they would be peaceful in their acceptance even though they are far from home. If they listen quietly, they will hear the message that you need to hear and then whisper to the world throughout your life time.

10 things to remember about feeling Far from home 

  1. A journey suggests that you’re not home. Settle with the fact that life is a journey.
  2. Yearnings, desires and longings are all pointers that we are still far away from home. This is what art, song, dance and poetry express so well.
  3. Lean into the discomfort of having to get up each day and travel, sojourn through life and dust off those boots. You’re a brave soul in a big world going somewhere. All you need to navigate it your an internal compass. Connect to it.
  4. Acceptance is the answer we all need today. Surrender and letting go are the first step. When you surrender you allow. You gain power instead of losing it.
  5. Remember this saying “you can’t get there from here”. This will remind you that the mind is not enough to navigate the journey. You need the body, heart, mind and soul to do so. This union or ‘yoga’ is like unlocking essential puzzle pieces that will guide you towards your destination and destiny.
  6. This is a sacred quest. One day you will understand that and hold the quest with you for eternity. Never doubt the significance of you or this life of yours.
  7. No matter what happens you will never be satisfied. This may seem like a curse out of Greek mythology at first. Rather it is because only being home will satisfy you. Home must be a place sustainable for eternity. Perfected in Love.
  8. You have a hard time connecting with people. This goes with the territory for people who know about the journey.
  9. You see little purpose and meaning in the mundane.
  10. You’re an empath, far from the other end of the scale which is a narcissist. A narcissist is quite at home here and definitely doesn’t have even an inkling of any journey. Empath’s perceive the journey intensely and intuitively and have a passion for the mystical and the mysterious.

When we accept that we are far away from home, we awaken to the journey. Those who know there is a journey and choose to fight it will neither arrive nor awaken but will stay lost in a nightmare. It is not that they will not find the way, it is that they won’t accept the way they are traveling.

Free your mind and let us run in and amongst the wolves. Your capabilities are limitless and boundless. You are, for the moment, the product and sum total of every single choice you have ever made, but it might all perhaps be history. Nevertheless, miracles are right here, in this moment abundantly available to you.

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy)

Importantly remember, only because there is a way can we get there. The journey is essential. The journey is the destination and unfolding and unfolded are the same thing. This is the journey home. There is nothing inside of you nor outside of you that is not on a journey. Everything is always moving. It is moving because it is on the same journey as you. Just be still and you will finally know all you need to know and the mystery of life will be solved.

Far from home Contemplative Practice

Try this 10 minute contemplative practice. Contemplative practices are practical, radical, and transformative, developing capacities for deep concentration and quieting the mind in the midst of the action and distraction that fills everyday life.

1. Lectio Divina – Slowly and intently read the following poem by W. Stafford. Poetry will often point us to reality far better than mere words can.

There’s a thread you follow. It goes among
things that change. But it doesn’t change.
People wonder about what you are pursuing.
You have to explain about the thread.
But it is hard for others to see.
While you hold it you can’t get lost.
Tragedies happen; people get hurt
or die; and you suffer and get old.
Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding.
You don’t ever let go of the thread.

2. Sit quietly and alone and breathe in the safety of your surroundings. Bring to mind the very first time you may have felt a yearning or pull of desire for more depth in your life.

Far from home

Pause for a few minutes and bring it, or several thoughts, to mind.
Place this feeling and any discomfort in front of you now. What 3 feelings do you recall about the event and the thoughts you had about being far from home.
Move into presence and drop that situation consciously with a new sense of acceptance and knowing. You are safe now and see the meaning now.

Breathe deeply and purposely in with focus. Consciously let the fear and any sense of hopelessness, disconnection or powerlessness go. Soak up acceptance with your new awareness of this journey of life.

Finally, In this gracious present moment. How do you feel for a moment without the discomfort? What feeling do you feel? Can you let the knowledge of the journey drive you rather than drown you; life you up without letting you down.

Affirm the following :

Only love will lead me home on my journey. Let me sew love.

Only connection is important. We don’t need to be perfect or correct. We can fumble in the dark, we can take wrong turns but there is an unbreakable thread that holds you to your journey that you can never let go of and that will never let go of you.

Breathe. This is your Sacred Self within you. Let it awaken. Gassho ! 

Affirm, life is so because I am far from home

Far from home Meditation

Experience life in 3D with emotions, physiology, psychology and spirituality as you shift your HRV and brain waves energetically to create heightened states of energy that help us to focus, create and move beyond the limits of mind and personality. Find 60 minutes for an intensive and life changing 3D guided walking meditation for healing and life transformation. Understand what CQM Meditations are and how they energetically and cognitively help us access a new sense of self that, with work and practice help us access change in reality. Discover the healing power of Contemplative Intelligence Guided Meditations or CQM’s as we call them for short.

Meditate at your desk

Today, some people might still find the concept of meditating at their desk somewhat strange. Most people, especially those in corporate settings, still believe that work is a time for maximum output only. However, as the world changes, so do our basic needs. Not wants, but needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs indeed requires an upgrade in the fast-paced world we live in today. To meditate at your desk is to be productive. At work, university, school or at home. It is to be ahead of the game. And the game is about being able to go further and work harder for longer periods of time while enjoying a high-quality life, says Mark L Lockwood, the clinical director of the Centre for Healing and Life Transformation.

A lot of our corporate clients today do small and short meditations several times a day at their desks or in their cars, or in meditation and contemplation rooms at their offices if they have them. People who work from home are also encouraged to be mindful of getting up and getting away from the house and desk for short walks, which can be mindful and meditative in themselves throughout the day. In other words, there are no excuses not to practice what we call zeros and ones. Life, like yourself and like everything else, is a binary system that demands focus and then relaxation. Action and then contemplation. Extreme focus and then quiet meditation. As day is to night and Rose is to Thorn, so is meditation to the corporate environment.

To meditate at your desk is to be productive. It is to be ahead of the game. And the game is being able to go further and harder for longer periods of time while enjoying a high quality life

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy)

There are many ways to meditate at your desk or anywhere else, for that matter. When we become mindful at a time when we feel the need for rest coming on, we can begin a meditative practice. Awareness is the first step to enjoying a high-quality life. When you feel the state of rest beckoning at your door, rather stop for a minute and become still. Focus on your breath and breathe deeply, being mindful of the breaths in and breaths out. When you are ready, then soften or close your eyes and go with what we call the flow.

Meditate at your desk

Noticing is a gift. When you are focusing like this, you are using your contemplative intelligence to be fully present, at the very least. When you read and direct your attention, you automatically take control of the body, heart, and mind. A good short practice to do daily is a body scan. It moves clockwise from the top of your head on the right-hand side and focuses on that part of your prefrontal cortex. You can even name the body part quickly and quietly to yourself. Moving through body parts as a cycle helps us attain focus instantly. Temple, right cheek, nostril, and then ear are a start. Move down to the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, and keep the work going clockwise until you are back at your left temple.

Many practitioners arguing that the sitting position in meditation is by far the best for multiple reasons. If you lie down the chances of falling asleep are far greater. Sitting in an alert position with your back straight and not bend keeps you focused and awake and also allows energy to flow freely from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Many teachers including headspace co-founder Andy Paddicomb Believe that when the body is upright body and mind tend to be more alert and attentive. This is what we call body heart and brain coherence. This coherence is something we can learn a lot about from the Heart-math Institute. At the end of the day it is what works best for you over time.

Meditation which also means to sit is almost directly suited as a mindfulness practice to an office and desk for that matter. Busy days at the office can leave us feeling mentally and emotionally drained. Physically we are also likely to hunch over our desks for hours on end which is no good for either our energy or our posture or our minds. The most important thing to learn about how to meditate at your desk is to become aware that short breaks everyday are of major importance. They end up peaking our performance instead of breaking our flow. Go, go, go is not flow.

Meditate at your desk

Ways to Meditate at your desk

Here are two visual ways to Meditate at your desk that you can try. The first is about a minute long, and the second is a kaleidoscope meditation of about 15 minutes. People have already written in to sing the praises of this short visual meditation practice and liken it to other psychological mindful practices like EMDR and the like.

If you’re able to take an hour’s walk a day, try and do a walking meditation with headphones. A CQ Meditation is not designed to get you to just chill out but also to shift energy as well as manufacture it so that you can then work at your peak for whatever important work you may have coming up next.

If home is where the heart is then the office is where the mind is. Use your imagination and your creativity to get out of your small mind and into the bigger picture of an unlimited life

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy)

For more ways to meditate at your desk or jump right in and heal your life from depression, addictions, personality disorders, and more, find out about Mark’s work at The Center and get there. No longer does anyone need to stay stuck any longer. You can, should, and probably will heal your life. Then, the sky is truly the limit!

Heal Your Life with Meditation

10 benefits of Kaleidoscope Meditation

10 benefits of Kaleidoscope Meditation

EMDR, ART and Kaleidoscope Meditation

Much like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy which is also a form of psychotherapy used to treat individuals with traumatic experiences, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. The therapy is based on the concept that traumatic experiences can cause unprocessed memories or shadows to become stored in the brain, leading to symptoms such as anxiety and depression and of course these lead to personality traits that become our personal realities! Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is a unique approach to psychotherapy. ART is unique because the ART Therapist guides the client to replace the negative images in the mind that cause the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress with positive images of the client’s choosing. And this is done quickly, most often within one session! Once the negative images have been replaced by positive ones, the triggers will be gone. Nightmares and repeated intrusive thoughts will stop. Our Kaleidoscope Meditations are designed to mimic EMDR, and ART therapies best attributes and also bring a calming, flow state to the person. The visual results are so-called “fractals,” or infinite symmetrical repetitions of patterns. The predictable moving patterns of mandalas have a particularly soothing effect on the brain, and especially when the patterns have warm colors, they can even arouse emotions. Just think of the effect of color therapy. EMDR, ART and Kaleidoscope Meditation are all similar in many ways and so are our 10 benefits of Kaleidoscope Meditation. What we love about KM is, we love the easy access of the meditations as well as the adaptability of how we can use them with virtual reality and the Oculus for therapy.

10 benefits of Kaleidoscope Meditation

Throughout the therapy process, the client is encouraged to report any thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise, they address and challenge negative beliefs and after several EMDR therapy sessions as it is with a good guided Kaleidoscope Meditation, it is common for clients to experience a decrease in symptoms, improved mood, and increased overall functioning.

We use the colors and patterns to focus / de-focus which are symbols of change and growth. Even the symmetry of the patterns is a representation of balance and harmony and kaleidoscopes are tools for meditation and self-reflection much like EMDR is today as a mental health treatment technique. We gaze into geometric patterns that unlock the door between the conscious mind and subconscious mind to go beyond the minds static boundaries. 

The strange-looking word kaleidoscope originates from the Greek words “kalos,” meaning beautiful, and “eidos,” which means form or shape. The Kaleidoscope is a great symbol and analogy of the mind portraying thoughts and emotions on and into itself. Feelings, words, moods and environments all processed, projected and reflected causing the dancing and reeling of light and colors and shapes. kaleidoscope fosters calmness and balance, helps us focus, enhances creativity, raises our spirits, helps us relax, and reduces stress. That is just for starters. Our 3D healing meditations seldom leave anyone without a profound experience which is saying a lot for the technique.

They seem to open that doorway where you are most suggestible (suggestibility is your ability to accept, believe, and surrender to information without analysing it), and it’s that process that changes your brain waves from beta to alpha and theta with your eyes open. The reason we use the kaleidoscope is because, when you gaze into the kaleidoscope, it bypasses the perceptual networks that are associated with stored “known” information in the brain. If we can then begin to drop a little seed right in the subconscious, the brain can grab the image, animate it, and turn it into a mystical moment.

What is a kaleidoscope some people may ask? A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument with two or more reflective surfaces tilted at an angle to represent part of a visual object. When this object is set in motion, a repeated reflection is observable as a regular symmetrical pattern when viewed from the other end.

The powerful flow meditation below is an example of a short healing, guided Kaleidoscope Meditation that is specifically designed to help you shift your energy to make changes in the body that in turn shift energy upwards to open the heart. A whole library of examples are available on the YouTube channel for you to begin the practice. Mark L Lockwood says that “Once we become relaxed, non-defensive and open, we are guided by empathy and self love we are able to move into the creative centres of the brain where we can open up to new possibilities.” Practice much like anything else makes the experience more powerful as you progress through the work. These meditation practices help you connect body-heart-mind together much like ‘yoga’ which means union. 

Why Kaleidoscope Meditation works so well?

Meditation is not only mystical and powerful but also helps you practically to create the following: Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations. Building skills to manage your stress. Increasing self-awareness. Focusing on the present. Reducing negative emotions. Increasing imagination and creativity. Increasing patience and tolerance. The reason we use the kaleidoscope is because, when you gaze into the kaleidoscope, it bypasses the perceptual networks that are associated with stored “memory” information in the brain. Whatever holds you back, realise that you are an overcomer, as a seeker, you are a creator and with that awareness understand that you can create something new for yourself. Something marvellous and wonderful.

These meditations work so well because you make neurological connections through association which become stronger with practice. Remember that Your body does not know the difference between an imagined or a truly experienced emotion. So we create calm states that help us focus at the same time. This is different than our normal cognitive experience. Change comes from creating different neural networks through conditioning that comes from our 5 senses. Engage these five senses with enough energy and change is coming. Make no mistake. This is how we start to cause effect for ourselves and heal our own lives.

10 therapeutic benefits of Kaleidoscope Meditation

  1. Looking through the kaleidoscope engages both right and left sides of the brain which also aids in problem solving. It also engages two eyes, two ears and a whole lot of extra neural networks.
  2. When the mind is unable to focus on past or future it comes right into the present moment. This means that you don’t have to get lost in thoughts of distraction in order to find relief from current symptoms.
  3. A Kaleidoscope Meditation can provide relief from symptoms relatively quickly. It is non-evasive, easily accessible, and can be used to instantly get someone out of an anxious or negative mindset. It encompasses a lot of attention which is a good thing. Where focus goes energy flows.
  4. Number 4 of our 10 benefits of Kaleidoscope Meditation article is that it’s great for people with ADHD, OCD and Anxiety disorders and helps with executive function, inhibitory control, hyperactivity, impulsivity, attention, and management of emotions.
  5. Kaleidoscope Meditation or visual and auditory meditation over time and with practice thickens your prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain that’s involved in focus, planning, and impulse control. It also raises your brain’s level of dopamine, which is in short supply in ADHD brains.
  6. Kaleidoscope Meditation can make memory more accessible. Memories and an active dream states stimulating access to vividly detailed memory recall can be woken up through the eye movements and Kaleidoscope Meditation practice.
  7. The mind does not differentiate between imagination and what is happening in realtime. We can essentially cause effect through using our imagination for example with the law of attraction. Dreams may seem more real and often people tap into memories of relationships and experiences far more easily when using Kaleidoscope Meditation.
  8. Kaleidoscope Meditation gets you to a place of inner observance and accurate perspective that talk therapy cannot achieve for many people making it a very valuable tool for many.
  9. Practice enhances positive self-esteem and increases resilience. It has been known to improve sleep. We imagine due to the dream like nature of the work.
  10. It helps people in gaining a new perspective on stressful situations, in building skills to manage your stress and increasing self-awareness while we are focusing on the present.

For more information about the 10 benefits of Kaleidoscope Meditation or to come to our Healing Center in South Africa or do our courses online for healing and life transformation get in touch.

10 benefits of Kaleidoscope Meditation

Awakening Course Special Offer

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I was stuck with 15 years of emotional turmoil and had tried everything under the sun to get well. This is truly a ‘new language’ that I have learned that has made me well.

Augusta P, London England
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