You are Just Like that

You are Just Like that ! – A story of Universal Oneness

The idea that You are Just Like that can help you every single day of your life. It will remind you how to be more tolerant and patient with other people. If you see an angry person, who is having a bad day, just like you have sometimes, you can just remember that You are Just Like that too. An old yogic teaching, that can really help us understand that at the end of the day we may be different colours, shapes and sizes, but underneath it all, we are really all the same. Further, we are made of the same stuff as the stars, the animals and the trees. We even breathe the same air. Yet, we don’t often deeply or intimately connect with nature, the world and other things all around us. Contemplation is the study of being. If we just look around once in a while and remember that everything on this little blue ball, hurtling around space, is on the same side, we can change our attitudes, our outlooks and our lives. So here is how it goes.

You are Just Like that ! – A story of Universal Oneness

One day it just happens. Just like that! You breathe in a little differently, a little deeper. Gently waking up you start to think. And then you notice it as you look around, as if for the first time, and realize… There is something quite miraculous going on here. You may not have seen it at first but then you recall the wonder of it, the marvel of life unfolding and unfolded. 

At the train station you notice the ticket clerk seems rather sad as she sighs but still works hard and smiles at strangers when she gets to connect with others a little. Then, you sigh too as you realize that You are just like that!

A bustling businessman bellows that he is in a hurry to get somewhere, pushing past the crowds to try and get ahead of people who appear tired of the race and the rush and routine. Sometimes, you think, that You are just like that and you wonder if just maybe he has been hurt and un-loved or disregarded and rejected. You think that maybe he distracts himself to avoid the deeper feelingsjust like you do, as you intimately see that what he seeks, is divinely seeking you too. 

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You sit across from a stranger who’s filled with energy, optimism and passion and intuitively relate to them, like silent partners with words unspoken, you mindfully see how you both reflect on the very same things. She becomes thoughtful, and you contemplative, as you both let your thoughts ripple across the room as you feel her explode with inspiration and emotion and you realize that You are just like that!

So, one day it just happens. Life is alive, and it is a process that is happening all around me, and for me, in all its forms everywhere, and You are just like that! You discover that life is the very process of love itself, a dance and a ritual of life, by life, for life, that it is expressing itself everywhere, without exception and it is astonishing and astounding and incomprehensible all at the same time and you now know that You are just like that!

Noticing life, you feel an awareness surging up within you. Oh, you say to yourself, You are just like that awareness. You are the awareness too!

It is just then that you remember the garden of flowers, feelings of love and compassion and the beauty of the universe ablaze across the night sky that falls at your feet in ecstasy and you plainly recognize yourself in every star and breathe in the mystical cosmic dust they exhale and you say ah, there I go again. In another form those stars and comets and moons are just like you. We’re both bursting with life and wonder, purpose, energy and mystery. Just like that you breathe in deeply once again and start to think deeply and perceive deeply. And then you notice it once more. That there is something quite miraculous going on here, and it is infinite and boundless Universal Oneness

The ocean is mysterious, tumultuous and as wild as any passionate life process is. Seen or unseen, known or unknown. Life itself is raging, inspired and divine. Much like a miracle. Much like you! You’re both tumultuous and powerful and passionately ablaze on some days, and on others you drift and ebb and flow and you can see, through the foreign designs, how your breaths rhythmically calm and align. You notice your chest heaves pacifically just like the upwelling of the waves. 

One day it just happens. Just like that! Awakening, you begin to see the birds absorbed in silence as they glide freely through the air, breathing in the freedom of the salty atmosphere Just like you do. You sense lightness in their wings as their eyes look for gifts to eat and new adventures to explore and then you remember yourself as a child. Yes you say to the sea, You are just like that!

You perceive how your brother the sun and your sister the moon trade places reflecting their brilliance over the ebb of the tide with unforced rhythm and grace. And you marvel at it all wondering how you ever missed this miraculousness before. You awaken to the knowledge that the Universe itself is who you really are. Mirrored together in cosmic relationship, all are part of it and it is part of you and you of it, and us, and them, and then and now. In presence you can see clearly beyond the veils of ignorance how every moment of now is in every grand vision to come and it all helps us to see what really, really is and you’re aware now that what really is, is purely gracious, conscious and wonderful without a single judgment for anything or any one. Today, in the right now of space and time, you can finally see life in all of its forms is reality, truth and light itself, all dancing together in Universal Oneness where every Alpha is just another Omega point. Nothing really begins or ends. Nothing is separate. Nothing excluded. 

And so….there it all flows, by the grace of God. The Creator of all things who became Just like you in the Universe so that You become just like that. And so, this is how you have found your way back to the Universal Oneness, where all things and no-things are Just Like You! 

Whatever you see, You are just like that!

Whatever you feel, You are just like that!

Whatever you imagine, or create or visualize, know or don’t know, You are just like that!

Be whatever you want to be, BE YOU, because You are just like that!

And that is the story of universal oneness. Perhaps our perceptions were mucked up metaphorically as the story of Babylon goes. If it’s so, then maybe, just maybe, we needed more time. Time to grow empathically. Time to open our hearts and minds, and live well and love well? All we know is that things are happening in this world at a pace. Good things. Never forget that those good things are like most things and in fact, you are just like that too. Namaste and benedizioni.

A Story About Keeping Resentments


Once upon a time, two Japanese monks were walking along a road together. The rain the evening before had left large puddles in their path, so they made their way with care. When they came upon an intersection covered by an especially large puddle of mud, they noticed a young woman who had stopped at the edge of the puddle. She was dressed in a white silk kimono, and her dilemma was obvious: there was no way she could cross the intersection without spoiling her gown.

The first of the two monks asked the woman if she would like some help. She answered yes. The monk then scooped her up in his arms, walked straight through the mud, and put her down on the other side. The woman thanked him and continued on her way.

The monks resumed their journey, but a rift had developed between them. The second monk refused to speak to the first. They walked together in an uneasy silence until that evening when they reached their destination, the lodging temple. It was there that the second monk turned to the first, pointed his finger, and demanded, “Why did you do it?”

The first monk was taken by surprise. “Do what?” he asked.

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“Don’t play dumb with me!” snapped the second monk. “You know what I’m talking about. You know very well we monks are not supposed to have anything to do with women, especially shapely young women such as the one you carried across the puddle back at the intersection. Tell me, why did you do it? Why did you pick her up?”

The first monk paused for a moment, shrugged, and then replied, “I put her down a long time ago. Maybe you’re the one still carrying her.”

The story raises what may seem an obvious question: What (or whom) are you still carrying after all these miles?

It is the question of resentment.

A Story About Keeping Resentments such as this tale of two monks can help us see where our emotions go if left unchecked. Resentment is a complex, multilayered emotion that has been described as a mixture of disappointment, disgust, anger, and fear. Other psychologists consider it a mood or as a secondary emotion that can be elicited in the face of insult and/or injury.

Resentment is anger done over and over again until it seeps out of your head and into your heart and soul. Sentiment, means doing it over and over again with feeling. All expectations are on their way to becoming resentments. Remember that, as you understand how important it is to let resentments go.

For more information on A Story About Keeping Resentments or for help with transforming your life, get in touch. We are here online and at our center in South Africa, to help everyone, worldwide. Namaste.

Everything is ok, you’re ok

Well here’s a chunk of truth for you as we near the end of another one of the craziest years in the worlds history. Everything is ok, you’re ok! You might not be ecstatic. You may be going through extremely hard trials and tribulations in your body, mind or soul. But you’re ok for today. Things are always changing and change is something we are guaranteed. Life is difficult. It can be savagely cruel, unjust and even scary. But, but, but. If you just stop, breathe and focus on what’s coming next, you will at least be ok. If fires are raging, or fortunes have been lost, or death and sickness have visited your family; you need to know you’re okay. This is the way of life. It has always been, is now, and always will be changing.

Everything is ok, you’re ok mentality

You may be stuck in your million year old survival brain and it may be ruining your life. To keep our ancestors alive, our brains evolved an ongoing internal trickle of unease. It’s the little whisper of worry that keeps you scanning your inner and outer worlds for signs of trouble.

This background of unsettledness and watchfulness is so automatic to most people that we can forget it’s there.

It wears down our well-being, feeds anxiety and depression and makes us turn away from the things that matter to us. And it’s based on a lie.

In effect, that uneasiness in the background is continually whispering in your mental ear: “You’re not safe, you’re surrounded by threats, you can never afford to lower your guard.”

But take a close look at this moment, right now — probably, you are basically all right. No one is attacking you, you are not sick, there is no crisis where you sit. You can learn to meet life’s challenges simply by activating a different voice and region of your brain that performs far better while producing positive feelings like creativity, curiosity and empathy.

Overcome depression, stress & anxiety

Without the proper work, our minds are set on a trajectory towards getting more and more closed off and riddled on ego defence mechanisms. Just like keeping fit keeps us physically capable, our minds also need to be kept mentally fit with Contemplative Intelligence©  practices. Our monkey minds have responded to the pace of today, as they always have and cause all of our stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, regret, shame, guilt, and unhappiness. Research shows that our very own ego defence mechanisms have unknowingly put many of us into survival mode where our egoic, monkey minds are automatically always at war, leaving us in F9: which in short is fight, flight or freeze response described in detail in the book. This Lizard brain mentality is causing depression, addictions, extreme stress and obsessive thinking that result in career, relationship and self esteem issues.

Everything is ok, you're ok

Show up in the present moment to start to get rid of this monkey mind. This way you will become the witness, or observer of your thoughts. Also, keep it all simple. I will be okay. Deep breaths. You’re okay. Focus on the breath. You are going to be okay.” That is a good enough start to challenge the mind within that sabotages your peace and bliss. You can also do our course and discover your sacred self as you heal, like we did, from trauma, anxiety and depression. Whether or not you may know all this is there, your mind may be sabotaging your efforts, trying to keep you safe from dangers that are not even there. That is False Evidence Appearing Real or F.E.A.R.

Research has found that contemplative practices result in “greater mind-body awareness, an ability to reduce stress through emotional self-regulation, and, ultimately, the possibility of a “meditative-cognitive component.”

We have come to discover that we have Ego-Insurgents in our brains that no longer serve us. All of your Ego-insurgents think they are doing a sterling job for you. They cling to a self concept from early childhood that no longer works. We are more capable than they imagine us to be. These over protective ‘parents’ are taught through Contemplative Intelligence © that we are ready to fly the nest and soar like and eagle. In fact, with enough of the work, we align and realize how long overdue some of their walls have been in coming down.

So simply remember this. 14 000 000 000 years later, everything is still in order. We have had world wars, rockets, comets and asteroids wizz past us. Mustard gas, black plagues and polio. We’ve gone from stone ages to ice ages to people in cages, hearts in cages and minds in strange stages. Napoleon, David and Goliath, Thomas Merton and the Buddha have all breathed the same air as we do and we’ve all treaded the same paths as everyone from Jesus Himself to Trump, Musk, Mohammed and Jobs. Sure, people are panicked, lost and afraid. They are devoid of direction and meaning as the Universe gets one reshuffle after another these days. We are the most technologically advanced generation to have ever lived! We are also the most miserable, the most medicated and the most mindless perhaps. But of course, as things go, that is all changing. Yes. Change is the only thing that really is certain.

For the best depression and anxiety help using contemplation and mindfulness techniques beyond the ordinary, or for more information on everything is ok, you’re ok, or to start one of our amazing elearning healing online courses that you can do from home just email or call +27824424779. Stay blessed and know everything is ok, you’re ok. Namaste

Chakra’s and Contemplation

Chakra to the contemplative literally means disk. These disks are the evolutionary software that run our biocomputers and they autonomously regulate the energy needed for the tasks at hand, which is living a balanced and meaningful life. We use self regulation, meditation and MindYoga practices because Chakras are rooted in the physical body. So we breathe, relax and center ourselves to release the blockages to the flow of these energies. We move from the Insurgent created blocks of personality to a more aware consciousness. We heal the imbalances with Contemplative Intelligence or CQ, imbalances that come naturally and imminently to beings who are comprised of mind, body and soul. Our Ego-Insurgents would be called Chakra demons a few thousand years ago. Chakra’s and Contemplation are the body mind matrix, that show us that something else, besides just survival, is going on here.

Contemplative Intelligence teaches the path of the 7 Chakras, is the path to Contemplative awareness itself

Contemplative Intelligence has shown us how we need to escape and then transcend the limbic survival root and then get to the consciousness crown where we can see, know and even un-know. This rainbow bridge moves us from the practical to the luminescent. From earth to heaven and from the survival basics of sex, power and security at the bottom to the middle where energy, emotions and desire arise. The middle in turn takes us to the top where intuition, consciousness and enlightenment abound. There it is again, a biracial unfolding of contemplative intelligence. We move from contemplating instinct, to compassion and then to enlightenment. This is the Journey, the centering practice, leading to Contemplative Intelligence. As intellects we light up from a fiery red, flow through greens and blue hues of empathic understanding until we can rest, saturated in indigos and violet saturation of the contemplative crown Chakra.

Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.

Thomas Merton

The body, mind and soul balance is a contemplative art form that in turn, contemplative intelligence teaches. At some stage of our lives, dark night invades us, like a thief  that comes in the night. We become reflexatory, habitual, stagnant creatures and inevitably become anxious and depressed or lost. This fall precedes the awakening that follows. The chakras act like little maps, guiding us onwards and out of our slumber. We then find ourselves on a pathway, on the railway line, staring into the headlight of an oncoming train we can only continue our journey through what the mid-chakras have taught us spiritually, and rom within; compassion, sympathy and empathy. The balance of the creature we were and the one we are becoming is a sacred relationship, hieros gamos, that we must commit to, before these two polar opposites can transport us to pure consciousness. Now that we can see the map of the body and the path the mind must take, let us explore how the spiritual wheels really turn for contemplatives

For more on Chakra’s and Contemplation start the course in Contemplative Intelligence, read the book, and become immersed in self awareness and mindfulness practices. Aside from deleting unnecessary stress and anxiety in daily life, the contemplative life brings a joy and sense of peace like no other. Start your 6 week course in modern day contemplative practice today.

All is well 14 Billion years later

Why you can’t really be a pessimist

14 000 000 000 years later, everything is still in order. We have had world wars, rockets, comets and asteroids wizz past us. Mustard gas, black plagues and polio. We’ve gone from stone ages to ice ages to people in cages, hearts in cages and minds in strange stages. This is Why you can’t really be a pessimist. Let’s face it. Napoleon, David and Goliath and the Buddha have all breathed the same air as we do and we’ve all treaded the same paths as everyone from Jesus Himself to Trump, Musk, Mohammed and Jobs. Sure, people are panicked, lost and afraid. They are devoid of direction and meaning as the Universe gets one reshuffle after another these days. We are the most technologically advanced generation to have ever lived! We are also the most miserable, the most medicated and the most mindless perhaps. But of course, as things go, that is all changing. Yes. Change is the only thing that really is certain. Even death is no longer certain. This is Why you can’t really be a pessimist.

Mindlessness is changing for mindfulness. Godlessness for God-connectedness. A connectedness where everyone is included. As Hollywood almost had us believe that plastic makes perfect, so we see people really needing and wanting to become whole-heartedly themselves. There is an authenticity coming like a freight train down the tracks, with its headlamp on bright. The Greeks were right. KNOW THYSELF they said. This is our work today, as much as it was for Socrates and Aristotle yesterday. The world is being unfolded. As are you and I. We are moving from a genesis right through to revelation after revelation. And we are doing so at lightening speed! Think about it, we have 7 billion people on the planet and a capacity of 9 billion. Things are happening with space and time, scientifically as much as they are spiritually. The New Testament taught us that God shortened the number of days to re-order things. If we shorten time, we must increase space? Perhaps. If we put two and two together, since He said this, population numbers have gone bezerk! This is what we do know and it’s Why you can’t really be a pessimist.

The more things change the more they stay they same. Reality doesn’t change. It is a good way to really know whats real or not. What lasts is real. It is normally good too. Evil, like climate change won’t last. We will overcome diseases and personality disorders alike. We will keep on keeping on. How do we know this? For two reasons mainly. Because it has always been this way and because we have discovered it is all leading somewhere. People are being done! They are not just doing. And so it is with most things. Something incredible is going on here, and the good news is that it seems to be Good! As we wake up, awaken, become conscious, or shift or are born again we learn that truth that all is well. This is the fundamental truth, that has always been rock solidly certain.

We have now seen that, if we look really carefully and with contemplative eyes, that there is order that reigns over chaos. As tempting as it is to believe the latter sometimes. As we start to see ourselves in the planet, in the other color and the other gender, we become more and more peaceful and free. We become both more human and more spiritual. We become more like everything else; trusting and blissful.

Sat Chit Ananda is Sandskrit for existence, consciousness and bliss respectively. These three words perfectly describe the unfolding that we are seeing take place today. Existence is the 14 billion years. Consciousness is where we are at right now and the bliss is where we are headed. Some have called it a place called Heaven before. A new place, a new earth. Look intently it is unfolding and waking up all around you. Relax, get still and you will feel it – you are Divinity incarnate. Relax and breathe. You got this! All is well. #takeasurvey #bethechange #mindfulness

For more on Why you can’t really be a pessimist, for our online stress course, or to stays at The Center for Healing and Life Transformation, get in touch. You really can HEAL your life. So for the last time, that is why you can’t really be a pessimist.

Why you can’t really be a pessimist