The Stages of Life and Spiritual Awakening


  1. The 4 Stages of Life and Spiritual Awakening
  2. The Universal Samsara Life-Map
  4. The Stages, Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Most of us are sleep walking through life believing that things are more random and chaotic than ordered. Structure, patterns and hierarchies are not that easy to see at first. A certain level of depth is required to begin to understand The Stages of Life and Spiritual Awakening and how they unfold for each of us as individuals, as complex human beings that are part of a much bigger system than the space and time that anyone can experience subjectively themselves. 

What this all means is, is that life for human beings has been going for about 3.7 billion years. This beautiful and strange blue planet has been around for about 14 billion years and there have been 120 billion, or with the zeros for context 120,000,000,000 humans that have lived this life that you are living right now. 

Our lives are so short that they have been compared to the flickering of a candle, a whisper of wind and like a disappearing vapour. We don’t live very long at all. Then, minus the ignorance of youth and the dementia of the aged and it is even shorter as far as our prime is concerned. So why life at all? Why even be here, participate or make a path for yourself or others. Is there such a thing as an impact for any of us, and why the hell are we still here, multiplying and ‘doing life’ in the first place? 

Patterns like 0 and 1, similarities in experience, cycles, stages of life and what we go through, experiences and learning through expanded consciousness from each stage of life is far less hard to map. Some folks even see life as an almost identical experience that that we all have from birth to death. In the Power of Contemplative Intelligence book we devolve much deeper into this unfolding that we are all going through. However the there are 4 definitive Stages of Life and Spiritual Awakening that we traverse that are as plain as the light of day to see. Keep in mind that these are not chronological stages. Some 70 year old are still stuck in the mind with ego defences still as high as they were in childhood. Who doesn’t try at least for a while to hang on to the physiological as opposed to growing old gracefully as they say. There is a lot of hanging on and just as much letting go that we do as we swing through the branches in the jungle of life. 

“Every human life contains a potential. If that potential is not fulfilled, that life was wasted.”
― Carl Gustav Jung

The 4 Stages of Life and Spiritual Awakening

Stage 1 – Physiological – games and races, physical appearance, we feel how our body feels, survival, competition and conflict, personality development, contracted consciousness, black and white thinking, social relationships.

Stage 2 – Psychological – thinking, fear of failure, learning and knowledge, develop intellectual skill, resourcefulness, security, self-actualisation, shame or guilt, blaming, flowering consciousness, intelligence (IQ) over-thinking, personal relationships.

Stage 3 – Emotional – reflection, introspection, creative, emotional intelligence (EQ) relationship to others and self, deep reflection, success, expanded consciousness, gratitude, desire for more (longing) empathy, action orientated.

Stage 4 – Spiritual – Serenity, Trust, Honesty, Acceptance, Contemplative Intelligence (CQ) , Expanded consciousness, God realisation

The Universal Samsara Life-Map

This is our road map, our metaphorical clock of how The Stages of Life and Spiritual Awakening unfold.


Life at first is about maturation. In the first half of life we are consumed with building identity, security and survival concepts. Our looks and making friends. We are athletes and warriors that develop hardened edges and a certain kind of invincibility. We can become self obsessed. Then there comes a change, that is usually brought about by some kind of criticism, angst or problem that undoes you inside and out. The first half are the early stages in Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs.” We seek a safe world- view in which to operate, even if it means creating a fantasy world. But personal security, reproduction and survival brain are not what life is about. We will never proceed beyond the two lower stages of life unless we can find a way to let go of the self as it was created. Our lack of faith, courage and deep knowing of reality hold us back and keep us lost in impulse control, narcissism and therefore we become angry, then depressed. A dark night of the soul becomes inevitable. Freedom and a big reveal in consciousness lies on the other side of what we don’t want to face. This rings true in the adage that we once were blind, then we can see, we once were lost and now we are found. Life gets bigger. It becomes we and not me – we lose our degree as an “I” specialist so to speak.

The Stages of Life and Spiritual Awakening

Practically speaking birth is the first stage of life as a human being. There is little argument in that. Have you ever noticed the look on a pregnant mothers face as she has given birth? Notice how their expressions are all so similar at the moment of birth, as they observe their child with a loving gaze and fall into a restful state of motherly bliss. These expressions uniformly hold a most wonderful look of peace, and you can see it again and again through many births. As the child takes their first breath of life, the big journey of life, bliss and suffering begins. A journey that we can metaphorically liken to a clock. 

At approximately two years old psychology tells us that we make one of the biggest decisions of our lives. We decide whether the world is a malevolent and violent place or a good place to live. It is here that ego-insurgents are assigned as your guardians to nurture you and keep you safe. This decision is part of what shapes our reality as we grow up towards having to make similar decisions at pinnacle times of our lives again. Even this decision of discerning the Power of Contemplative Intelligence you are embarking on, can be a pivotal and life changing tipping point that changes everything. As early as three am on our metaphorical life clock we start to move away from ourselves. As we grow we become obsessed with competition and winning. We become nasty, trying to get ahead. We are desperate to be loved, noticed and recognised as beautiful, talented, smart and loving. But the rejections, non-nurturing etc. gets in our way. 

We then hit puberty with emphasis on how we look to others and how this helps us fit in. Slowly we become free thinkers as we enter stage 2 of the Stages of Life and Spiritual Awakening which is the psychological era of our lives. We read books, learn, discover new things and interests. We become knowledge seekers. 

Then there is the emotional stage. But we can’t get there from intellect alone. We have to go deeper. We have to shift beyond our very own thinking and start to feel our way through life rather than see things in clear, practical psychological boxes as we once did. This is the stage of the ’27 club’ where suicides, drugs and rock n roll and all things distraction help us to try and avoid the shift from stage 2 to 3. We don’t get emotions. They look scary and out of our control and oftentimes they are at first. 


At the bottom of our metaphorical life clock rages a dark ocean, that we will refer to as the dark night of the soul. Way down at 6 o’ clock, we are the furthest away from our starting point than we will ever be again. Our true nature, innate values and true selves are a distant foggy memory. Some people spend more time than others moving away from their true selves. This metaphorical low point is where many people become ill, die or become addicted or depressed. Just remember that this game of life doesn’t stop here. There is a corner to turn, but the problem is most of us don’t know it. Remembering we cannot go back, we become afraid. Like Peter stepping out of the boat to walk on water, we become fearful and start to sink. Many long to go back and become paralysed and feel it is unfair that we can’t go back to the innocence of that happy child. 

It’s a swim we must all eventually traverse. First, many of us try and shy away from it. We can be successful at avoiding looking at the dark night of the soul for a long time. We can zone out with drugs and distraction. We can try and be someone else or we can pretend, as most of us do, that it only exists in nightmares. 

It is this shift that the brain knows is coming, that is enviable and creates the avoidance in us. But we know from scientists and Sufi’s alike that when we try and avoid suffering, we get 10 000 times more suffering. This journey across and through life’s storms is what all the ancient religious and spiritual texts refer to as the need to have hope and faith. 

If we can traverse the dark night and allow our emotions to let us radically level up we eventually have a ‘big reveal’ or an awakening experience that shifts us towards our spiritual stage of human development. We find what we call our Sacred Selves. We discover authenticity, truth, connection and an in-depth understanding of life as it is, not as we think it is. 

The Stages, Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

When looking at the natural evolution of self towards the supernatural, which is quite plainly and evidently part of the purpose that you and I are observing these changes, a good way to look at it is by measuring it against another system of stages. The Chakras are just as good a way as any to see how we evolve energetically, consciously and spiritually towards something more than we are today. People in early stages of Stages of Life and Spiritual Awakening bear certain characteristics. So do people in the expanded and pure states of spiritual awakening. The Chakra which means energy wheels, or Shakti which also means energy and power is detailed clearly in the chart below. We flow through these stages when we allow it to happen and only when we are ready, or capable of containing and bearing the increase in energy and power. This gradual growth generally involves three stages of development: the purgative stage, the illuminative stage, and the unitive stage. While these stages are not perfectly linear, they tend to mirror the stages of our human development: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood and mimic our move through the physiological, psychological, emotional and then spiritual. When you can highlight certain aspects of your thinking, feelings, behaviour and perceptions on the chart, you will begin to track a measurable pattern of growth.

The Stages of Life and Spiritual Awakening


There is no doubt at all of one thing. We are all going somewhere and it is definitely towards a more unitive consciousness than we could ever imagine where of course we perceive that all things are one in a Loving, good and kind universe. Reality itself is being revealed to us all the time and for good reason. There is a metaphorical clock that is taking us around and through the world. We are all ticking towards something and we are becoming more as we do it. More conscious. Deeper. Enlightened even. We don’t get harder we get softer. We don’t break down we break through.

God as mystery – Because God is totally other than we are, totally of the spiritual order, we cannot know God directly. Our experience of God is always mediated. That is to say, that we are touched by the reality of God through events and things visible to us. For Christians, Christ is the great mystery.

There are two things that we need to do in life. When is effort. The other is develop faith. Faith and effort underpin our journey back to sacred self. The big conclusion is that there is most certainly meaning to life. There is meaning to space and time and your involvement in it. Perhaps if we only knew how secret and important this journey of life is then we would cling less and open up more to its natural unfolding. No, we don’t understand this life. Perhaps that is the point. We are not the Creator of it but the creation, and our role is just different to that of omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience or all powerful, present everywhere and all knowing. Our journey rather is one of deep mystery. When we can know this and accept this, then, and only then perhaps, we are ready for our final big reveal. What is that exactly? We will just have to wait and see. 

The Stages of Life and Spiritual Awakening

Top 20 Motivational quotes

Mark L Lockwood’s Top 20 Motivational quotes that help you contemplate a life where your focus remains on growth, happiness and contribution to a better self in a better world. Motivational quotes for life transformation can give you the boost you need in every area of your life. They can provide a way to see the beauty in things that you may sometimes forget to notice. They will help you to focus, pause and contemplate life a little more. Oftentimes we forget to take a breath and consider the best of life. Contemplative Intelligence teaches us to see the beauty in ordinary things. This in turn generates an energy of gratitude, connection and bliss consciousness.

Here are the Top 20 Motivational quotes that we have chosen for you to contemplate as you live your best, most purposeful and fulfilling life today. All things are possible when you banish the doubt.


20 best motivational quotes


Through contemplative eyes we can see the ordinary and common things in the world and allow them to delight us without the need for any extravagance or excess

Top 20 Motivational quotes


Love, starts with self love and is love that is oftentimes misunderstood. You cannot give away what you do not have. All your power to love depends on how much of it you have inside.


Our task in life is to become fully human and fully divine at the same time and we must hold these opposites together without cancelling the other out so they can coexist harmoniously as one becomes the other


Whenever you are inauthentic fear is the cause and pain is the result


You created your problems

With one mind.

You will only solve them with another.

Top 20 Motivational quotes


We Are All One. This is the only message that matters. It is the only message there is.


Nature will teach you more than you will learn from masters, movies, books or any university. Re-discover water, trees, stones, oceans, mountains and clouds to comprehend this creation.


Know that change is not a once off deal. It is a trial and error game of life. It involves repetition. It demands effort and belief. It gains momentum like a locomotive not a Space-X rocket. You must become a master of change, understanding it, to achieve it.


Love the birds today. Love the sky, nature, trees and the oceans and rivers. MEET YOURSELF


Like wheat we’re growing, transforming and reproducing ourselves into one massive cosmic crop of humanity; all letting go of fear to unleash our Sacred Selves on eternity


The false belief that somewhere else, someone else, another time, job or some better people; places and things live around the next corner waiting to make you joyful.

Happiness is only ever going to be right now.


Out in the Contemplative field, Beyond the boundaries of the mind, all problems become possibilities.







Top 20 Motivational quotes


Life is all about God making You more conscious Everyday so that you Are able to contain What comes tomorrow. The evidence of this Process unfolds everyday Of your life. Embrace it.


Our ego is the tomb from Which we must arise, as Christ did, into the heaven of present day reality, possibility and wonder, which arises from the resurrection of Your Sacred Self


Every day we slowly fall asleep to our smaller selves and wake up in Christs body, becoming who we truly are one day at a time


Wholeness not Perfectionism.

Authenticity not control.

Gratitude not Judgement.

Top 20 Motivational quotes


Your only enemy is your own ego, pride and discord.

No one else is your enemy but yourself. Love your enemy.

We hope you have enjoyed these Top 20 Motivational quotes from Mark L Lockwood to help you heal your life and adopt an abundance mindset through developing positive mindset. Mindset is found through contemplation and then action. Through pausing and considering and then taking massive action to achieve what you need to. We have to shift our mindset from negative to positive on a daily basis. This is because we are wired for survival threats and the seeking out. of danger signals. However today the sabre tooth tigers that once hunted us are no longer around.

We have to intentionally calm, breathe and focus on the positive. This is how you’ll need to shift your mindset in order to get the most from these inspirational Top 20 Motivational quotes. Motivational quotes, affirmations, journaling and other positive vibes in your sacred space  can give you the boost you need in every area of your life. They can provide a way to see things in a different light and conquer our negativity bias through intentional focus on motivating ourselves. Be the change!

Rainbow Bridge Healing Meditation

Do you know what a healing meditation is? It is powerful practice that can help us heal personality disorders such as anxiety, depression and other issues. Meditation practices such as the Rainbow Bridge Healing Meditation have been thoroughly researched and the statistics are out. People are doing the miraculous today and they are making changes to their lives on the inside, rather than in their environment. They are causing effect in their lives. Stroke patients, people with extreme anxiety and avoidance issues and others with deeply entrenched defence mechanisms are healing their lives as they learn how to create change for themselves.

Meditation can result in many forms of healing — emotional, spiritual, and even physical. Getting into the gap and accessing the subconscious mind is just the start of this process of personal transformation. Reprogramming the subconscious is a starting point, a tipping pint even that helps one start to cause change in reality. When we elevate our emotions from the inside, it is just as powerful as having a profoundly moving experience in the outer environment. The mind doesn’t know the difference between experiences that you create and ones that happen in the outer environment. When we put our body-heart-brain together and align them physically and then emotionally and then cognitively we throw energy upwards from the roots of our spines to the crowns of our prefrontal cortex. This process is change itself and we need to learn that ships are built, they don’t come in. When we change the way we look at our lives, the lives we have change. It is almost too simple to teach.

“Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there – buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day.”

– Deepak Chopra

At the Center we practice Walking, lying and sitting healing meditations that shift energy, create healing and generate new synaptic connections in totally opposite parts of the brain to where we experience our trauma, avoidance and pain. When we practice living in these states and intentionally make internal shifts, external shifts soon follow. As we think, so shall we be after all!

Heal and transform your life through burnout, depression, anxiety and find a deep sense of purpose and meaning as you heal and transform your life. Thousands of lives have been changed. Wherever you are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually today, know you can Heal Your Life! Incredible choices of online courses or stays at our depression center, the Center for Healing and Life Transformation are available and are among the very best personal transformation experiences in the WORLD.

Creating a new consciousness is change in motion. It can help you perform better or succeed better in your career. It can heal arthritis and help cure back pain, headaches and stomach issues and that is just for starters. The growing research on cancer treatment and degenerative disease has just started to come in. Self regulation is changing the body and the mind, and then the world. CQ or contemplative Intelligence (CQ) is simply about remaining conscious in relaxed states. It is about being able to see reality exactly the way it is with acceptance. Without the need to worry, control and then fall ill. Practice a system of healing and growth.

It’s through our Contemplative Intelligence Meditations or CQM practice like the Rainbow Bridge Healing Meditation that we can enter the depths of the subconscious and change our minds operating systems. Think of the subconscious as the brain’s operating system. By now accessing this operating system of the brain we started to see people let go of the need for their ego-insurgents like perfectionism, control and anxiety. In that space of letting go the CQM’s worked their magic. As they let go, a void opened and we filled that void with positive, practical and powerful emotion and meta-thinking that simply made the miracle of change happen. We have 4 levels that people go through with our practices. Levels 1-4. Change is like anything else that has value. It all takes practice and time to develop. The benefits undoubtedly begin to increase as people practice exiting the nightmares of the mind they have been in for decades. These nightmares often manifest in the body and once the mind and emotions heal, so does the body. Moving beyond the analytical and accessing the subconscious, that we eventually make conscious is the journey of every one who wants to heal their lives.

For more information about our Rainbow Bridge Healing Meditation work, our Center or starting the Awakening Process for yourself, get in touch. Call+27824424779 or email We help people to design their own healing programs to achieve their unique outcomes. Our events, inpatient programs and online work is nothing short of life changing. Be the change you want to see in the world. Namaste.

How the Awakening process works

How to recover from depression 

Mark L Lockwood BA(Hons)(psy) Leading life strategist and clinical Director of Center for Healing and Life Transformation in South Africa has helped people internationally discover how to recover from depression, burnout, addictions and other disorders and disease in relatively short periods of time. Using new scientifically tested, researched and proven methods of what he calls the Contemplative Intelligence (CQ) process of dealing with mental health issues. Awareness and then simple skills and micro routines and practices formulated into the right package prevent depression from occurring and help people heal, recover and renew their lives. 

How to Recover from Depression

The Body-Heart-Mind coherence techniques he uses daily help people shift energy and focus and recovery quickly, deeply and in the long term. Depression is a part of the brain. It has a chemical make up. Genetic factors contribute to the risk of developing this disorder and “if the brain and body can switch them on, the brain and body can witch them off”, says Mark. Although there’s no single cause of depression it can occur for a variety of reasons and it has many different triggers, stressors or stimulus’s that can start to allow the dark roots of depression to begin to manifest.

“To be depressed is to need deep-rest, rest from all aspects of fear followed by the need for calculated and contemplative new action towards new outcomes”

Mark L Lockwood, founder Contemplative Intelligence (CQ)

For some it is an upsetting or stressful life event, such as bereavement, divorce, illness, redundancy and job or money worries that can be the cause. Different causes can often combine all at once and boom, we have the beginnings of depression in our midst. Life can be difficult, extreme and demanding. So much so that if any one of us are not mindful we can end up in a state of despair. Depression is actually difficult to diagnose and the criteria we use to make that diagnosis is to somewhat of a degree flawed. People can be in a state of grieving a divorce or the loss of a loved one, or they could simply just have a life or job for that matter that they despise. After all job dissatisfaction is the most common cause of heart attack, the kind of heart attack that you don’t get to walk away from. Having a lousy life and being or feeling trapped in a poor set of circumstances can certainly feel like depression. It may just be that we feel crappy, hopeless or downtrodden. Not necessarily clinically depressed. Still, not that it matters much. Feeling low, empty and hopeless is.  A state that most of us will go through several times in our lives. 

How to recover from depression 

How to recover from depression requires the knowledge that depression is also known as ‘anger turned inwards’. This suggests one of two very important things when it comes to the subject of depression. First, if we cannot manage our emotions, they will eventually run riot. It is a skill that few us are ever taught by all of us need to learn. If we are unable to handle our impulsive moods by early adulthood at least, we are in for trouble later on in life. Preventative steps or a plan for how to recover from depression should be mandatory in everyones bag of tricks. Suicide rates are soaring and so are reports of depression, burnout, anxiety and distress related illness. Yet, treatment is another story. Medication is good, but far from a fix. Depression medication currently seems to be a coping strategy for most at best. Second, understand that the cure or treatment, whichever you believe is possible, is the opposite of depression. However your depression formed and fed itself either happened over time or in response to strong emotional impacts. Either way we need to find the way out of these states that have put body, mind, emotions and soul into a stressful state. We need the unknown, the unfamiliar, the unimagined and the extraordinary if we are to walk down a different road entirely. We need a psychic shift that is nothing short of transcendental. We get there through CQ meditation work, Contemplative Practices, Centring Prayer, Affirmations, Walking, Stilling the impulses and learning how to interrupt and manage the behaviour chain of how everything unfolds in our bodies, hearts and minds. We leave nothing undone.

If we let irritability turn into frustration and let emptiness morph into hopelessness or if we just let bad sleep patterns turn into insomnia we have gone down the rabbit hole of depression. A hole which can feel difficult to ever  get out of. Prevention is better than cure. If we wake up to the onset if depression too late then we need to study how the hell to get out of it as fast as possible. That too is not always easy and people disagree w

The Body-Heart-Mind coherence techniques couple with contemplative practices which help us get out of lizard mind mentality and into a state of mindfulness has become far more effective than we ever imagined it could be. We had no idea how a combination of the right set of practices or techniques could get someone out of something like a deep state of depression, even if those states had been active for years. Recently these practices have been used with stroke recovery, frontal lobe epilepsy, arthritis and other issues that people seek to overcome so that they can live their best lives. It seems that we all have an innate desire to grow and heal and recover from hopelessness and find something better. That desire, as hidden as it can be, can be sought out, hunted down and activated. We may be fickle creatures to a large degree but paradoxically when we want something enough, when inspiration and desire meet somewhere in the soul miracles happen. Dormant faculties and talents come alive as Patanjali suggested, way back in the third century, and we embark of the miraculous. 

When some great purpose inspires you, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; Your mind transcends limitation, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties, and talents became alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”


When it comes to answering the question of how to recover from depression, try and avoid the laws of complexity and overwhelm. Try to keep the plan simple. Formulate a plan or get one from someone who has a good one and then use it with all the energy you have. If you do you are more than likely to lift depression and grow. So keep it simple. 

When we align work on our bodies, which release chemicals when we move and exercise for example, we start to move away from depression. Our bodies contain genes for example that are a pharmacy of chemical compounds that we can use to regulate our moods. If we know how. If our minds can play a role in creating negative states like depression, it can in turn create more positive ones. This is the law of cause and effect and we can cause effect with our thoughts, feeling, perceptions, frames of reference and mindsets. Then we can add to this cocktail of depression recovery spiritual practices. Don’t take them too lightly. We are all spiritual by nature. That inner desire and yearning for more is all the scientific evidence you need of that. The thousand of spiritual teachers and healers such as Christ, Buddha and others all suggested that we need to tend to ourselves in a deep, loving and insightful way, and they are correct. If we neglect the self, the other, the world and God we start to fall apart. That is basic mathematics. When we return to these things and nurture them we start to thrive and arrive, rather than just survive. 

We have to step up and step into ourselves. We need to change the way we move and breathe. We need to change our outcomes by completely changing  the way we think, feel and act. We must go beyond the conformed mind that is limited, heavily boundaries and stuck in fighting, flighting and fleeing. Depression is all things fight! This paradigm shift we undertake must be whole and complete. It must be transformative and done by the renewal of body, sinew, mind, synapse and your very soul. Half measures will deliver poor results, less than we as potentially divine beings deserve. 

The future of depression treatment is looking better than it ever has before despite the large numbers of people falling prey to this disorder. Soon we will stop people jumping into the holes they fall into instead of just pulling them out afterwards. Use Body-Heart-Mind techniques and meditations. Get yourself into a program for healing and life transformation. Get to the track or the gym and jog to your psychologists office and get to work on eradicating this enemy from your entire being. You really, really should never stay stuck. No one should, because you can heal your life and make it a masterpiece regardless of your current circumstances. It just depends on how you think about it. You see, either nothing is a miracle or everything is!  

For more information on How to recover from depression, or to come to the Center for Healing & Life Transformation or to start the online depression recovery course, call +27824424779 or email

A Course in Awakening

5 Contemplative Practices for Healing

Here are 5 Contemplative Practice for Healing that are super simple and powerful Audio exercises for professionals to get out of monkey mind and into a contemplative state of mindfulness. Anything that gets you out of autopilot is a good thing. Where focus goes energy flows. Every time we mindfully focus and stop the mind chatter, we open up new connections in our prefrontal cortex that allow us to build or CQ intelligence muscles a little more each day. Interrupting the minds chatter several times a day is a good practice for those who want to boost their intelligence muscles while at the same time decreasing our autonomic fight and flight responses. Here are 5 simple practices out of hundreds that we have on our 6 week CQ course that can help you to stay out of that monkey mind and reconnect to what we call your Sacred Self, or Higher Self. 

What are Contemplative Practices for Healing

Contemplation Practice is about openly, honestly and lovingly taking a good look, as much at reality, as we can possibly handle at any given point in time, without having to get the defences of your mind out of the way. 21 ways to practice contemplation will show you how to heal and then transform your life.

To do that we need to show up for ourselves and start thinking more deeply about what we are actually thinking. To do that, we need to get the endless drone of our mind-chatter out of the way. 

Contemplative Practices are like doorways or portals that provide the bear attention of present moment transcendence, simple self-awareness that can allow you to mindfully be focused and aware of one’s deeper thoughts and emotions. 

A contemplative practice helps you to “awaken your inner observer”. Aristotle said that contemplation is known both as the highest form of activity, and also it is the most continuous, because we are more capable of continuous contemplation more so than we are aware of any other practical activity. So it is doing everything and nothing all at the same time. And it is truly wonderful to experience it!

5 Contemplative Practices for Healing


1. 8 Minute MindYoga Practice. Sit behind your desk and take an 8 minute break several times a day. Watch the positive effect kick in after just 4 or 5 practices. (8 mins)



Discover the healing power of Contemplative Intelligence Meditations or CQM’s as we call them for short. We have learned a lot over the last decades about the science of getting well. The more we learned and observed about healing the clearer the model became to us. We started to understand the similarities of depression to addiction and generalised anxiety to personality disorders and codependence. Monitoring the data from people all over the world with a multitude of different backgrounds and physical, mental and emotional issues we started to see that they healed in the same ways. We found distinct correlations in how they overcame their  presenting issues. Essentially we started the system of healing and change by asking them to stop. 


3. Tense and Relax MindYoga practice to get you out of Monkey Mind at your desk, in the traffic, or on your walk. (2 mins)


4. The 5 fundamental Life Questions. This practice of answering 5 simple questions will bring perspective whenever you feel a sense of confusion or uncertainty. We are creates that need direction and purpose to guide us to achieve our goals and objectives. Being laser focused on that direction is a career changer – Spiritual Healing and LifeTransformation (8 mins)


5. Body Heart Mind – CQM Walking Meditation for Deep Healing

meditation, guided meditation, healing meditation, inner journey, vipassana, insight meditation (43 mins)

So there are our 5 Contemplative Practices for Healing for you to try this week. The part of your brain that lights up when your Sacred Self is activated is the opposite area of your brain that is activated when you are in ego’s defensive, survival mind. Here are 21 WAYS TO PRACTICE CONTEMPLATION so that you can experience yourself, others, and the universe far more wholly, and holistically for yourself. 

5 Contemplative Practices for Healing

For more information about our 5 Contemplative Practices for Healing our hundreds of others used at our life transformation clinic or on our courses online get in touch For 21 more 6 Contemplative Practices see the article below.

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