Join our Next 3 day BODY-HEART-MIND HEALING EVENT on 01 JULY 2023. A progressive journey in Healing & Life Transformation.

Never have we been more serious about finding actual, observable body-heart-mind healing and life transformation at the highest level for people who attend the retreat. Thousands of people have already benefitted for a healing and growth experience. It’s now your turn. Spend 3 beautiful and intensive days with us and learn the art and the science of change, transformation and self-mastery. In a luxury exotic location on the garden route, you will learn the complete art of self-regulation, meditation for transformation at the highest level. You will understand how the mind, body and heart all work, why they function and how to get them to work together to create the changes and growth you desire. When you master your own faculties, nothing is off limits to you.

Get out of your comfort zone and go beyond the barriers of certainty we all get used to. Break the bounds of all you perceive and believe about yourself and rise out of stuckness, stress, depression, dis-ease and disorder. Learn about the science of finding your spiritual self with real, jaw-dropping research and case studies and escape the busyness and business of life to spend time on developing a profound inner journey that takes you into the contemplative field of new possibilities.

3 days of Absolute and Intensive Life Change & Healing

During the 3 day BODY-HEART-MIND HEALING EVENT, you will experience the miraculous, witness measurable observable evidence of transformation in real-time, and learn the science of :

  • Powerful CQM Meditations
  • Learn how Body-Heart-Mind Healing profoundly changes lives, including your own.
  • Find your Contemplative Intelligence (CQ) in your pre-frontal cortex (40% of the brain) and learn how to go beyond the analytical, subconscious and survival mind to create a new version of yourself from the atomic, neurological levels upwards.
  • Connect and practice the work with other like-minded individuals as you create a new future.

Almost every person who attends our retreat speaks of it as the most transformative time of their life. For most this is just the bold new beginning of their time with our family of transformers and seekers.



Get to experience the benefits of how to heal the mind and reboot the body with our advanced self regulation techniques.

Powerful CQM Meditation techniques

Understand the Heart , Mind and body math of how we operate and take control of mind, heart and body for vastly improved health & functioning in all these areas.


Think outside of the box and your comfort zones as you digest what is possible at the Event. For us we expect nothing less than palpable, scientifically recordable change.


What do you believe is possible for you? Are you sure about that? Struggling with a physical, emotional or psychological issue of any sort? If you need to transform and heal then expect that as well at the event. Healing Sessions will also be available at the event. Depression, Anxiety and other disorders, burnout, stress and other physical, mental and emotional issues are treated here with all the experience we have learned from our top healing Center. Please write to us specifically about health complaints in advance on your booking form to qualify for this.

Learn how to facilitate a healing for another person in our Body-Heart-Mind Healing sessions.

Move out of your monkey mind, shift neurologically and journey into higher states of intelligence that will benefit everything you do from now on in your career, relationships and your future life purpose. Record your progress from day 1 – 3 yourself and see the change and healing happening for you.

Develop techniques to not only manage stress but to flip it upside down and make life’s situations, happenings and events work for you. This is intended to be the most transformative and healing week of your life.

Event Description

The Retreat is an experience of a lifetime designed to challenge to to take up the reigns and master your life. It is an opportunity to escape your busy life and go on a deep inward journey. Learn about a new model of consciousness, energy and infinite possibilities that break the bonds of what we have come to know as limits.

We want to help you deepen your knowledge about what you know about your body, heart and mind and how you create massive change once you learn how they all work together to create your perceived reality. You will learn the science of mind, emotions and body and discover techniques of how to redirect, enhance and activate them all to start working for you.

  • We will practice several types of ground-breaking new CQ meditations.
  • Awaken dormant faculties and talents that may be latent in the subconscious mind and body.
  • Learn how to facilitate healing for yourself and others with our body, Heart, Mind work.
  • Go beyond certainty towards the mystical, the uncertain and the unknown to rise beyond fear and experience Love Unlimited.
  • Meet other seekers on a journey to explore the true depths of who they are becoming as they break the binds of limited thinking, feeling and unnecessarily contracted life experiences.

Almost every person who attends a 3 day BODY-HEART-MIND HEALING EVENT speaks of it as the most transformative week of their life.

Intensive Retreat Online Course support (self-paced available for 30 days pre and post event).

3 days of teachings in paradise at a stunning location, CQ meditations work, healings and the study of the science of finding your spiritual self.

Breakfast, Morning and afternoon gourmet snacks, coffee and tea breaks between sessions.

Exclusive access to our advanced community resources post-event.

Welcome pack, book, teaching manuals and resources

Additional products available in store to help you create the most comfortable experience possible.


1 July
11- 3 p.m. – Registration 
3 p.m. – Event begins

2 July
05:00 Sunrise to Sunset, with breaks, meals and rest in between

3 July
2 p.m. – Event ends

`The art of rewiring your reality

Cancellation Policy

NO REFUNDS will cash be given within 60 days of the event but credits are provided – unless the event is postponed due to circumstances beyond our control, or you must withdraw your registration due to COVID-19-related issues. Registrations are non-transferable. Please do NOT sell your registration or ticket to anyone – including family, friends, or anyone online. Registration must be in the name of the qualified registrant upon arrival at the event, or the ticket will not be valid. Please see all our disclaimers and terms of service here which are on all our websites and booking forms.

Book Soon as numbers are limited

Escape into Paradise with us and other seekers of healing, growth and life transformation. Learn how to heal your body, mind, emotions and then touch the soul through learning the science of the chain of change that goes from one possibly to infinite possibility.

Get out of the mind, even the body and free your emotional intelligence. Work on the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself and work intensively each day to learn how to put it all together into a new life for yourself.

Learn the science of finding your spiritual self at this event and make change happen. Change that is both miraculous and changes the paradigms you have locked yourself into over the years. Booking Inquiries : +27824424779

Recap – What to do now?

  1. Book your place at the event online. Numbers are limited.
  2. You will receive a welcome letter with all the information that you need about how to book your accommodation, best suited to your needs and budget. Travel and flight information etc.
  3. Start looking into the course work and background of how to Rewire Your Reality at the 3 day BODY-HEART-MIND HEALING EVENT and do some work, meditations and prep to make sure you’re ready for the event.

When we get you out of your mind and into the body, we can then use the magnetic power of your emotions to get into states of higher thinking. It is in this mystical place of freedom that we grow and heal

Be Your Change, Be you!

What people say

See our Google Reviews from real people with real experiences.

My life has changed around 180 degrees since I started the work last year. Amy T – UK

I walk, talk and think better. My back is even straighter, I walk everyday and my life has changed from not being able to get off the couch to living my best life with my family. Blessed!! – Jan, USA

Definitely something that I would recommend to every single person out there. I was lost and now am found. Words cannot subscribe what I went through …A complete transformation.
Mark and Team thank you for this life changing journey. You guys are a blessing ! ! – Johan
, SA

Since my healing experience I meditate, run and even bought a canoe!! I stopped all my CBD pills and the pain I had in my pain body is entirely gone today!! – Angela, Namibia

I had no confidence at all. No self esteem or even a will to live. My emotional and mental health continues to improve every week and I still meditate and do course work to continue my journey – T, UK.

I experienced nothing short of a f#$’n miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Everyone should have this awakening experience!!! – Tammy, London

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