The Paradigm Process for teens

The Paradigm Process for teens and adolescents from 16-28 years old is an education in managing your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual self. The course takes the youth beyond the bounds, limits and even what we call the prison of personality and allows young hearts and minds to develop at a level that is relevant to the modern day world we have to live, work and breathe in.

The The Paradigm Process for teens should be essential teaching at all schools and universities. Instead of picking people out of the rivers they are drowning in later on in life we should allow them the resources to build a bridge over troubled waters where they can flow through life and actualise their full potential, even in difficult times.

Mark L Lockwood – Chief creator of The Paradigm Process for teens
Paradigm Process Coaching Course

Our youth today need more than just an education as the last generation experienced. Their is a mental health crisis that is getting worse because no one knows what to do about educating and preparing our youth, adolescents and teens for life in the big wide world. Learning how to master the self, the personality, emotions and the mind is the first step in the new modern day education system. The Paradigm Process for teens is that educational starting point.


Learn how to help other people overcome all the obstacles and traumas that hold them back from their true potential. The Paradigm Process for teens course is unlike any other coaching program available. It is based on scientific and spiritual principles that have been researched over the last 23 years where we combine what we have learned from the human sciences with knowledge from all the religions, philosophies and the most profound teachers on the planet to bring you a system of healing and life transformation that is second to none. When you start strong you finish even better. Be prepared! This is how you succeed in the world today.

10 step program to getting your life back

The Paradigm Process offers you a 10 step program to heal your life. Backed by scientific evidence we have accumulated from real case studies since 2012, we have developed a way through whatever holds you back. How we found it was profoundly interesting and was the breakthrough we needed for seekers – people looking to actualise their full potential. We jumped into psychology, dipped into philosophy and then studied all the religions around the world. We began to understand how the brain controls the body and how emotions, memory, imagination and potential are all linked. We then started applying and testing all the principles of healing and life transformation that we discovered and then started applying what worked and began removing what didn’t seem to help cause effective change. The Paradigm Process helped us at our inpatient treatment centre double the speed of healing in the people we were helping. People from all over the world, suffering all sorts of different emotional and psychological and sometimes physical problems took part. What we found through the work and research was incredible.

The Paradigm Process for teens

We discovered that the youth became stuck in the first half of life. They experienced one type of fight, flight and freeze or another that was entrenched from years of thinking, feeling and behaving in certain ways. In a modern and busy world this can be overwhelming for teens and adolescents particularly.

People become stuck in the prison of the personality without even knowing that is has happened. Depression, stress and tension soon follow because being stuck in any kind of prison is hell. Just ask someone who has dealt with depression for a bunch of years. When the personality is no longer serving you but hindering you then you need a new program. When a computer program becomes redundant we need to get rid of it and replace it with a new one. It is the same with the programs we run in our bodies hearts and minds. Because the world is changing so quickly we need to keep up. There is no room left to operate from money mind without inevitably falling from the tree. If we fall behind we fall into survival or victim modes that naturally keep us suppressed and distressed which is what The Paradigm Process for teens sets straight. At some point we know we need to run a new program however it is easier said than done in understanding where to find that program and how to install it. The 10 step program to heal your life is that program – The Paradigm Process for teens.