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Contemplative Intelligence©  CQ

No longer do you have to cope with depression, anxiety or stress. The game has changed forever!

Overcome depression, stress & anxiety

Without the proper work, our minds are set on a trajectory towards getting more and more closed off and riddled on ego defence mechanisms. Just like keeping fit keeps us physically capable, our minds also need to be kept mentally fit with Contemplative Intelligence© practices of Mindfulness, Mindyoga and the Wellness Experience of a lifetime. Our monkey minds have responded to the pace of today, as they always have and cause all of our stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, regret, shame, guilt, and unhappiness. Research shows that our very own ego defence mechanisms have unknowingly put many of us into survival mode where our egoic, monkey minds are automatically always at war, leaving us in F9: which in short is fight, flight or freeze response. This Lizard brain mentality is causing depression, addictions, extreme stress and obsessive thinking that result in career, relationship, addiction and self esteem issues.

Increased grey matter in your CQ Sacred Brain where positivity, inspiration and creativity live

Decreased grey matter in your Limbic System where your ego- insurgents live and created closedness through defences

Worldwide Research breakthroughs in neuroscience, psychology and spirituality.

Using our therapy will 100X any therapeutic experiences you have tried before. Whether online or at our Center. We have designed programs and mental and emotional fitness skills to re-route your neurochemistry back into creative mind, which re-allows creativity, emotional and social intelligence and ultimately well being, balance and bliss consciousness to reign supreme. What that means is you move out of depression and anxious brain states and into thrive states simply by using the right tools and therapy to get there. Through a series of centering and mindful practices, deeply psychological and emotional therapies and really inspiring and fun daily audio and visual work, you will be able to move to an entirely new part of the brain, from closed to open, and allow an infinite potential of possibilities back into your life. We then thrive rather than survive and in doing so we are miraculously able to heal most of our blockages of impulsivity, personality and mood in a short space of time, and then move to maintenance and then growth and transformation. No one needs to stay stuck with debilitating illness, trauma or stuckness, any longer.

Mental Fitness: Train your Brain

Boosting the minds fitness with MindYoga, mental fitness for the mind. We comprise the best of scientific, psychological and spiritual practice. The training is delivered to you through gaining new awareness and insights and then doing the training by beginning CQ Yoga daily via video, audio and through the programs tools and guidelines.

Contemplative Intelligence© (CQ)  is a scientifically and spiritually based program that actually changes your neurochemistry to get you out of limbic system or survival mind, and move you to the intelligence center of your mind where you can reach your top goals and finally live your dreams.

Research from 5000 studies and 50 000 reports

From Yale, to MIT, to NCBI or to The New York Times and Pubmed and Harvard. The research is unanimous. Regular modern mind practice changes everything.

Research from 2018 to present shows that our mindfulness practices open the pathways for change to occur. These changes affect our brains structures from 6-8 weeks into the process of a mindfulness practice. 


In just as little as 6-8 weeks modern research shows that we can scan your brain and easily see changes to the grey matter inside your brain. It moves you from Survival Mind at the back and bottom of your brain right across to the other pole, to the top and the front. This is where higher functioning minds reside, and it is a neurological journey to get there. It is scientific as it is spiritual.


Harvard Medical School Phd’s recently announced “extraordinary, long-term benefits” Virgina medical school found that anxiety, mild depression, chromic pain, asthma, ADHD, and high-functioning autism, that can be treated with mind-based interventions. Browns university showed open-awareness and concentration, each with its own psychophysiological and neurocognitive effects. Insomnia, stress, anxiety spectrum disorders, and mental health though to improved insomnia, stress, anxiety spectrum disorders, and mental health improvement research at Harvard medical school.

Research has found that contemplative practices result in “greater mind-body awareness, an ability to reduce stress through emotional self-regulation, and, ultimately, the possibility of a “meditative-cognitive component.”

Harvard Health did tons of research on the fight or flight stress response, Amygdala Hijack response, and discovered that its long term effects can be chronic physical and psychological illness. The work actually lowers High blood pressure, artery-clogging deposits and brain changes that cause depression, anxiety and more. They even found that it creates obesity, by causing people to sleep and exercise less and eat more. 

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What People Say

I suffered deep anxiety and depression for 12 years!! I did everything, tried everything and everywhere. Desperation set in and I decided to invest in my health and future with this course, something I should have done long ago. Spirituality built on psychological principles gave me my foundation for change. The course changed my life from day one!

Ursula B, Canada

I was so anxious, I could not work. I was stress, burnt-out and becoming really depressed. The Mental Fitness helped me first, really quickly, but I loved the deeply spiritual side of the course the most.

Savannah, Cape Town

I was about to check into a hospital for my depression. I simply could not stop and also suffered BPD personality disorder. I practice the Contemplative lifestyle now, and my life has never been better.

Amanda P, Namibia

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