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Today, you can transform your life. You really can heal your life through depression, anxiety, addictions and more by taking a scientific and spiritual journey into wellness

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Start a 4-12 week online course, that includes sessions weekly, to help you grow, renew, recover and heal.

Center for Healing and Life Transformation

Depression is normal. Staying depressed in not. Sometimes we need other people to help us heal and grow through life’s difficulties. We are here to help in a non-clinical, homely environment.

Addiction Treatment. If you’ve tried everything mainstream, perhaps try something different. A unique approach to addiction recovery with highly skilled and degreed addiction recovery specialists

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Grief, Depression, Stress, Burn-out, Addictions, Anxiety, BPD and personality disorders? We have a course tailor made to help you heal and renew.

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I suffered deep anxiety and depression for 12 years. I did everything, tried everything and everywhere. Desperation set in and I decided to invest in my health and future, something I should have done long ago. Spirituality built on psychological principles gave me my foundation for change.

Ursula B, Canada

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Invest in yourself and don’t stay stuck. Start therapy with Mark and his team today. Don’t settle for less than your best life now. Don’t stay in disorder or dis-ease

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Come to the Center for Healing and Life Transformation in South Africa, just 45 minutes from Cape Town and learn super-modern and profound techniques to help you reset Physiologically, Emotionally, Psychologically and Spiritually.