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Our Private and homely Depression and Wellness Center, Center for Healing and Life Transformation, is a modern, highly personalized healing center where people maintain their autonomy, comfort and space while healing in paradise with professionals

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The Paradigm Process

Choose your course and transform your life no matter what is holding you back knowing that you can heal your life and find purpose and peace. Heal, grow, recover through depression, through to personality, mood and generalised stress. Work on change and change comes.

Healing Events
Rewire Your Reality Retreat

The Rewire Your Reality Retreat 3 day Event is a powerful Retreat that will help you to master your life with new consciousness. It will help you heal both physically and psychologically and then emotionally and spiritually.

  • Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Addictions
  • Burnout, Grief, Loss of Purpose and Adolescent Recovery Programs
  • All 10 Personality Disorders are treated by our team of experts. Programs are individually designed for each person.

Relax…..Its a home away from home where you heal, restore and renew your life!

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Get out of your comfort zone and go beyond the certainty we all get used to. Break the bounds of all you perceive and believe about yourself and rise out of stuckness, stress, depression, dis-ease and disorder.

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Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy) is a teacher of self reliance and spiritual transformation. Holding two degrees in psychology, thousands of hours in individual and group therapy time treating depression, personality disorders and stress. He has decades of experience in his field.

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We measure peoples physical, psychological and emotional states with psychological tests and then we track their progress in all areas as they pass through levels 1-4 of the work. Thousands of success stories have been documented as evidence that the work is a new world wide science that people need to heal their lives.

Evidence of success


How everything is connected to everything else Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.’ Anthony Doerr – All the light we cannot see. This is a wonderful day to talk about recovering a deep sense of connection and how we are universally connected to everything else. Every day is!…


When we target the personality to change our lives, we immediately realize that the fear-based personality we had to develop in childhood stands in the way of our healing and transformation at a later stage in life. To heal your personality, to heal your life, you need to realize that only the truth will set…

Spirituality and Brilliant Sanity

Spirituality and Brilliant Sanity are emerging out of an era of rationality where we have lost our minds to open our hearts to each other. A question has come up again about a topic called brilliant sanity and I think the good news for everybody today is to understand that the rational world is coming…