Paradigm Process Coaching Course

Learn how to help other people overcome all the obstacles and traumas that hold them back from their true potential. The Paradigm Process Coaching course is unlike any other coaching program available. It is based on scientific and spiritual principles that have been researched over the last 23 years where we combine what we have learned from the human sciences with knowledge from all the religions, philosophies and the most profound teachers on the planet to bring you a system of healing and life transformation that is second to none.

Paradigm Process Coaching Course


  • Give you the tools to help others thrive, heal and transform their lives.
  • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Know and understand how the personality is formulated and why you can’t let it run the show in your life
  • Achieve your relationship and career goals faster by simultaneously removing the power of your 10X ego Insurgents and building back the 10 Pathways to Sacred Self at the same time. This doubles our success in half the time.


You will form a unique relationship with your selected coach who will help you learn the strategies to make certain you meet your goals – and they will tailor those strategies to maximize your potential.

You will learn the advanced principles of the Paradigm Process coaching course and understand how to apply and teach those principles to others. When you live by the work and then teach the work the student becomes the master. You will be able to all of the most common personality disorders, personality traits, attitudes, perceptions and thoughts, feelings and actions associated with the human mind. You will then understand how to minimise, obliterate and remove blocks of personality, emotions and thoughts that hinder people true potential. While doing so you will lean the advanced characteristics of the 10 Pathways back to Sacred Self learned from thousands of years of teachings that you can apply to your life and the lives of those you touch through the work. The best life coaching programs are able to get a sense of exactly where you are in your professional and personal journey then apply that deep connection to the work.


Today, applying one set of principles of healing, coaching, psychology or biology is not enough. The world has changed. Psychology is not enough on its own. Neither is coaching, theological study, philosophy or the study of science or spirituality alone. We must combine the core assets and principles of ALL of these disciplines and apply them to the world we live in today. Most disciplines throw out the baby with the bathwater. If you learn science today they leave very little or no room for spirituality. The same is true for spirituality and science in the converse. The world is complex broad and filled with knowledge and information that we must learn to navigate. When we do this we need to self regulate and learn the art of focus and how to stay objective in our understanding of God, others and ourselves.

Paradigm Process Coaching Course

The Paradigm Process Coaching Course follows a multidisciplinary approach that goes well beyond the norm. It’s power and action potential is based in a meta-worldview and this is why our results are so profound.

Mark L Lockwood