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Mental and Emotional Heath is everybody’s business! Journey with us, partner with us, watch it unfold with us as we stand to make a difference to people’s lives for the better. In difficult times, the world more than ever needs to know that we can heal, recover and renew from trauma’s, stress and set-backs and emerge stronger than before, as we find a new consciousness through the inevitable awakening process of life.



Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy) runs The Center for Healing and Life transformation and is producing the Awakened Movie South Africa documentary on Mental Health awareness and Wellbeing in a present-to post-pandemic South Africa. It teaches people how to identify mental illness, techniques on how to practice things like mindfulness and self regulation at the most modern level. It teaches how we need to rise above learned experiences that shape our perspectives. Dis-ease and disorder seldom happen over night. They are created through long term beliefs that we hold that the world, our situations are chaotic and negative. We start to believe our stories and when we do we have a tendency to give in under the weight of overwhelm. 


Healing is entirely possible. We have seen people awaken to a new reality so many times that the time has come to share this phenomenon with the world. People get well. They heal! They wake up from their nightmares into the dream of life. Think about what really happens in the best psychologists chair in the world. All they do is allow you to really, really see. Nothing else mystical or magical or intellectual happens. We simply move into conscious knowing that we are okay and can heal, grow and renew our lives. Healing the suicidal, the lost, the broken, addicted and the blind is our raison d’être!

A central message that people come to realize is that life is intrinsically good, just like they are. This paradigm shift is what Awakened aims to show on film to 1, 000, 000 people. It shows real life shifts that people make every day. It shows them how people are making these transformations today in so many different ways. Stopping what doesn’t work and waking up to what is, is a first step for many. It is a healing process that is available to anyone and everyone around the world. In every culture and nation. Awakened shows how this is done in so many different ways in South Africa and around the world. It happens in hospitals and psychiatric institutions as well as on yoga mats and on mindfulness retreats, all places that our camera will journey to. It is incredible to witness this life changing magic, yet, most people don’t know it even exists. It is both inspirational and incredible to see the change physically taking place from within a person, and then seeing it spread like wild-fire into their life and interactions with other people, places and things. 

Awakened Movie

We have 23 years experience in helping people heal, depression, stress and burnout. We have guidance from the oldest production companies in South Africa and feel the documentary is a mental health necessity at present. Mark is also a cancer survivor of 2 years. In 2021 and beyond the stress, burnout and mental and emotional overwhelm are ALL highly treatable. A fact that people in our country do not yet understand. They need to wake up to it.


We talk to professionals from around the world about mental and emotional health, healing and ground-breaking new discoveries and research. We delve into mindfulness, yoga, contemplation and even traditional well-being practices. Wellbeing has its roots in every century and we can learn from timeless maters like the Yogis, guru’s, monks and mystics just as much as we can learn from science and the psychology of Jung, Freud and others who we put on film together. Marrying science and spirituality we discover the science of finding your spiritual self that is available without borders, rules or dogma to everyone on the planet. Everyone is invited to heal and live a fulfilled, healthy and happy life. Young and old. Rich and poor alike. 

“most people are either sleep walking through their waking life or wake walking through their sleeping life. either way they’re not getting much out of it.” ― waking life

Awakened shows off the breathtaking wonders of nature in South Africa’s Cape and Garden routes wondrously beautiful  side as we meet people who use that very nature in their work and own daily lives to develop self-regulation, well-being and mindfulness that research claims to be the future of medicine. On the other side we dive into the work of professional clinicians from around the world with their take on how we all fall emotionally and mentally and then how we recover from our falls. Both are the equally important parts of life. The latter part is one that people seldom see. A miraculous part that Awakened intends to showcase. We interview and meet leaders in the mindfulness world today from every corner of the globe who have experienced, and then teach or practice their awakenings. 


Mind, Body, Emotions, Soul and our Spiritual natures are as diverse as illness and darkness are. Journey with us as we shine a light on that darkness now by putting the lantern that was under the table in the center of the table where everyone can benefit from it. The film breaks from people back to the beauty of nature and the sheer perfection of it all. Almost 100 percent of people whop attend our center believe that the word is a broken and terrible, dark place. Because that is how they feel inside. When we contrast this empathically with love and nurture and nature miracles happen – they start to heal as they wake up, change their perceptions and see themselves and the world as they really are. This process is what people will see in Awakened. “When you cange the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Finally, we are all the same. Beyond colours and creeds and credo’s. You are just like her and she is just like me and we, together, are just like that. We can all benefit from this sense of inclusion and sameness mentally. This is an emotional life is difficult. It is one we need to learn how to master every day. A task which many don’t know how to perform scares many to death, to drugs, to the bottle, and yet it is entirely possible for everyone to overcome. Addicted, depressed, burnt-out, disillusionment and disorder all have a turning point. As the earth heals herself and adapts and shifts and changes so can we.

Here is the important bit. Awakened spreads the truth about this shift, awakening, transformation, healing or higher consciousness. Choose your word. All point in the same direction. Only people who have been through their own traumas and pain know that there is a corner to turn. So what we need to do is carry that message to those still locked in emotional and mental nightmare’s. To quote Bishop Desmond Tutu, ‘There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they‘re falling in!”


Want to wake up the world with us? Help us fund the movie as it is made over the next several months and be a part of changing mental health and emotional wellness in South Africa and around the globe. Almost everyone now knows someone suffering trauma, depression, addictions and the effects of stressful living. 

Get involved in our Awakened Movie South Africa. Help us share the message with the world that we have learned from decades of work at the Center for Healing and Life Transformation about how almost everyone has the opportunity to awaken from their nightmare and transform their lives. Connect this project to people, brands and business and institutions who are able to help fund the project and make it as special as it needs to be @awakenedfilmsa We don’t need much at all and are ready to get going.

Awakened Movie


This amateur documentary, filmed in spectacular high definition 4K on locations in Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, Cape Town and other parts of South Africa’s Western Cape is a legacy that we invite you to be a part of. Professionals from all over the world are contributing to this important film that will be your and our legacy to the world together. The Mental Health crisis is not getting any better. Covid19 has compounded the issues. We need the right partners and connections and those who have a passion for helping people heal, renew and awaken. Reality is kind. The minds perceptions are not as forgiving. 


Camera and Filming equipment alone is ($50 000) and will help us with pre-production, production and post-production needs for the many months and years to come. The Awakened documentary will have regular updated interviews and research developments available online for people and contributors to use.

Travel and Expenses (interviewing industry professionals is costly)

Editing, writing, distribution, legal….on it goes.

The Center is donating a year to direct this Awakened Movie South Africa project, and half the funds, with a group of volunteers and amateur and professional contributors. The footage, the sound, the editing, the software, the 4K drones and GoPro’s have all bee sponsored and purchased by The Center alone, without any help. What we don’t have is the main Camera equipment we need to get the quality and definition to tell the story. We invite your contributions to this project as a story we will tell together.

All contributors will have their names and brands etched into the movie, its promotions and the benefit to mental health, emotional wellbeing and healing cannot be under estimated. Only in hindsight do people generally realise that they could have changed the famine, the war and the world. No, today we will take massive action together!

WE ARE LOOKING FOR 1-3 MAIN SPONSORS ONLY TO KEEP THE PROJECT INTIMATE AND ON-POINT Please get in touch with Awakened Movie South Africa for more information. Please spread the word to possible partners.

A story that shows people that waking up is possible to everyone, everywhere, everyday

Mark L Lockwood(BA)(hons(psy) and our doctors, psychologists, yogi’s and professionals and mystics alike from all over the world share their contributions.

Filmed on location in South Africa

” It is discovered like a sleeping dragon, when all the venom and toxin created from the pus of the minds septic splinters are let out into the ether from the caverns of your shadow self, and are energetically released, a wondrous thing happens, you transform yourself!”

Mark L Lockwood

Awakened Movie
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