Peter Pan and Wendy Syndrome – Mothering Wives of Adult Children Wendy’s mother their Peter Pans in their relationships. Wendy as rescuer is the woman behind Peter Pan. There must be someone who deals with the things Peter Pan doesn’t do in order for Peter Pan to exist. Wendy is the enabler in many relationships and marriages today who codependently try to control and compensateContinue reading “Peter Pan and Wendy Syndrome – Mothering Wives of Adult Children”

3 Powerful Prayers for everyone of us – no exclusions No belief, membership, or registration required. Everyone is invited to pray. It is a beautiful, contemplative and super-powerful way to navigate your journey through the universe. There’s a lot going on here. God is out there, even science and religion are starting to agree. Religion now says they may not have all the answersContinue reading “3 Powerful Prayers for everyone of us – no exclusions”

Neuroscience and the Positive Mindset Lazer focus and relaxed states for ultimate personal performance are in your control and within your neurological powerhouse to develop. No matter who you are, and what you have achieved, this brain technology is going to change your life and level the playing fields to put sustainable success back into your reach. Discover OpticContinue reading “Neuroscience and the Positive Mindset”

What is Contemplation and the Power of Contemplative Intelligence Contemplation is the art of healing stress and increasing performance beyond what we have ever imagined before. Listen to how CQ will help you scientifically transform neurological patterns that keep us stuck, ill or depressed. Increase emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing by practising laser focus coupled with proven mindfulness techniques.

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