Business Education

Advance yourself with us as a potential healing practitioner, coach or even Center business owner and work in the healing field.

There has never been a more important time to restore well-being at the personal and societal levels. Whether you want to become a teacher or deepen your practice, now is the time to begin.

Find limitless opportunities to pursue the life and career you’ve always wanted, or greatly advance your skills by enrolling in Mark and The Center for Healing’s Certification Programs that empower you to live a life aligned with your unique health and spiritual needs. You’ll receive exclusively curated educational experiences that you truly can’t find anywhere else. They will help you help others too, or start a certified business or advance your current work, servcies or business.



Do our online courses and become familiar with Contemplative Intelligence, The Awakening Journey, The Paradigm Process 10 steps of healing for emotions or addictions.

Advanced addiction counsellor training

Do our intensive advanced addiction counsellor training courses with Mark with or without practicum and graduate ready to start counselling others with advanced, modern skills that wil lsave and change lifes from the start.

Health Coach Training Program

Dive into a comprehensive curriculum that will teach you how to approach health deeply and holistically with 23 years of experience behind you. Translate your very own transformational experiences to coaching and empowering others to vastly improved health as part of a lucrative career in a rapid growing industry.

Center Business Certification

Train up and start your own Center with the full support of our CHALT team and generate a profitable and influential business from anywhere in the world. The industry and the need for advanced healthcare practitioners that have skill outside of the box based in advanced methodologies are needed all over the world. Together we are the change that changes everything.

Business Education


I started as a client, did the aftercare and am still with the Center 7 years later. I run my own business and have developed a skillset that is changing the lives of my clients who know the work by word of mouth. I started a psychology degree once but stopped it was too limited and felt like everything that I could get free online. This goes all the way and beyond! The support is next level.

Jane Done

I am a psychologist working with adolescents especially with mental health and addiction issues, which I knew very little about. Over a few months I learned everything I need to know about modern addiction treatment techniques and have all the support to open my work up to all forms of the work.

Joe Doe

Let’s build something great together.