6 Week Online Program

6 week therapy program

Master Your Wellbeing

The Power of Contemplative Intelligence

6 Week Online Program

Healing has never been easier with this one of a kind 6 week therapy program, The Power of Contemplative Intelligence. professional therapy designed as a personalized transformational course has never been more powerful, intimate and successful. There is no need to stay stuck, depressed or burnt-out anymore. Financially, it is Life change for the price of a therapy session a week with 100X the results. If you are tired of coping with problems you want to resolve, problems that stand in the way of your happiness, purpose and even your dreams, career and relationships then look no further. Welcome to the science of finding your spiritual self, where all that needs to change is probably everything! But not to worry, that is why you are here reading this. Trust the process. Everyone from Thomas Merton, to the saints, the mystics, Richard Rhor and other key teachers of contemplation have contributed to the courses evolution and our understanding of our own sacred Contemplative Intelligence within.

6 week therapy program
  • 30 minutes a day
  • Completely Self-timed Course. No rush. No Stress. Your Pace.
  • Learn amazing mindfulness techniques from all over the world
  • Heal, Grow, Renew and Recover every day
  • Change your Neurochemistry and activate different parts of your mind
  • Master your wellness one step at a time, one day at a time.

The course in Contemplative practice is a therapeutically based and is a journey that heals, transforms and renews body, mind, emotions and spirit. This 6 week therapy program was developed after 20 000 hours of the best, modern therapy in the world by registered professionals working for decades in clinical and wellness centers to heal people heal and change their lives for good.

6 week therapy program
Contemplation methods will easily teach you how to think, feel and act for optimal life consequences


Two pace settings, regular and less-intensity, ensure your plate is emptied and not over-filled, as it is with many courses. Designed to allow you to relax, not add work-load. All work is self-timed and done at your own pace.

Super-easy, jaw-dropping and eye opening! A course in Contemplative Intelligence (CQ) will teach you small daily and spiritually based steps that radically transform and heal people who want and need a complete paradigm shift.


Get Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually FIT

If you’re not as productive as you’d like to be. If you’re stressed, anxious or stuck in your million year old brain. Understand this has probably become a neurological problem over time. This means your psychology has become your biology. Our therapeutic program will flip the on switch in your minds operating system and help you access the parts of your brain where creativity, focus, passion and insight live. An entirely different area to where anxiety, depression and fear live. Powerful therapy as we have never seen it before, far more beneficial than therapy sessions alone. Be your own therapist with professional guidance.

Answer These 10 Questions To See If This Is the Life changing Journey For You

☐ I am feeling the effects of increased stress and uncertainty

☐ I would like to relax more and work less with efficiency

☐ I find myself not moving forward as fast as I know I can

☐ I procrastinate more than I should

☐ I beat myself up for things that are outside of my control

☐ I judge myself and others harshly

☐ I continue to be frustrated by the same things that challenge me

☐ I take on the stress of others I know or I hear about on the news

☐ I have moved from overloaded to overwhelmed

☐ I am not as open-minded as I would like to be

6 week therapy program

MindYoga Mental Fitness

If you don’t exercise your body, you’ll become lazy. Exercise it and you’ll perform better. Through different daily therapeutic practices sent to you over 6 weeks we turn on emotional, social and spiritual intelligence that may be lying partially dormant from living in a stressed environment. When you bring body, mind and soul together in union, you become unstoppable as far as your goals, performance and optimal living need to go. Everyday you get a therapeutic experience that helps you heal and grow, then transform!

6 week therapy program


Research shows it takes 21 days to change a habit and 90 days to change a Lifestyle. This is true of developing a spiritual perspective of life. Intermediate and Advanced courses are also available afterwards for those completing the Program by Mark L Lockwood(BA)(hons)(psy). Once you’ve experienced the work, you will probably want to journey down this pathway for a lifetime!

We will learn to thrive not survive. To heal and not just cope. To overcome and transform instead of staying stuck! Our data proves we have successfully helped thousands of people heal from burnout, stress, anxiety and underperformance, and we WILL help you to heal in every area of your life as well.

No time stress, it is a self timed course. We work on physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of life as it really is. If your life is not working for you then you need to change internally before you want to see external changes manifest. Use the very best of psychology as you build your emotional and empathic intelligence to become your best self now. The course offers drastic daily actions that changes lives for good. The work is based on the best spiritual teachings from all over the world, learned from the wisdom of the ages. This marriage of past and present techniques that are both scientific and spiritual is the cocktail that has lead to so much success for our clients over the years. Start today and be a. part of our extended family.

6 week therapy program

What People Say

I was depressed, anxious and probably addicted. I couldn’t stop my racing thoughts, even with medication and meditation. I thought I was finished. Until I developed the Contemplative Mind Muscle that finally opened me…I’ve never closed.


(Real testimonials from people at our Healing Centres, from our registered therapists and online courses).

6 week therapy program

Start the 6 week therapy program now


Now only R5280. Life change for the price of a therapy session a week with 100X the results

Modern design does not add to your workload at all.

When you bring body, mind and soul together, you become unstoppable as far as your goals, performance and optimal living need to go. Most people perform well below their capability. As yoga improves mindset, mental fitness and well being so CQ Intelligence improves mental sharpness, confidence, performance, calm and creativity.

The Program offers laser focused living that works for mind body and your SACRED SELF. We strengthen the emotional and spiritual sides of who we really are while at the same time we turn off the ego’s automatically learned fear, anxiety and stress receptors. THIS IS THE SCIENCE OF FINDING YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF

6 week therapy program



Research pertaining to this 6 week therapy program in Contemplative Intelligence has found that contemplative practices result in “greater mind-body awareness, an ability to reduce stress through emotional self-regulation, and, ultimately, the possibility of a “meditative-cognitive component.” Scientistic have found increased balance to the autonomic nervous system comes the decrease in stress response hormones (neurotoxins like cortisol), lowering blood pressure and increasing of heart rate variability. Additional benefits include increased levels of natural “happy neurotransmitters,” such as GABA, serotonin, melatonin and oxytocin, and the reduction to the size of the amygdala, which is the brain’s threat center, responsible for fear, anxiety and stress. Modern, powerful therapy can be done today by you, for you!

“It’s like having warm and empathic daily therapy for 6 weeks that nourishes the soul as it soothes the stressed-out mind and allows you not only to heal, but also start your journey of personal growth and transformation. This wellness course is ideal for regaining your confidence, taking back your power and healing our emotional wounds”

6 week therapy program