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Stay on site in one of our comfortable private rooms, all with sea views. Wifi, satellite TV and a turn down service are provided. Privacy and your own space to work, relax and enjoy is guaranteed. Work on your transformation, your healing, your recovery and your future with us in the paradise of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

Enjoy double the value with the Best of the Ocean and the Big 5, all together in one great location where you can explore the best South Africa has to offer.

Whether you are booked into a specific retreat, or the wellness centre, or visit for sessions, groups or workshops, be sure you will be honoured and welcomed as an individual who is on a quest for higher consciousness, healing and enlightenment. Always. Namaste and Gassho.

you choose . . .




Everybody’s Uniquely Different! Our Ocean Wild Group specialize in a number of highly focused residential and non-residential treatment options for our clients. Everything is designed so that we stay connected to our clients and keep personal healing and the transformation journey first place. Whether it is addictions, depression, anxiety, failure to launch or general stuckness in life, we can help you. 

Our Pathways Ocean Wild recovery Group offer:

Registered addiction psychology specialists make all the long-term difference.
No Pressure. No Stress. Just Profound Personal Transformation.
Pathways is one of the only centres in the country where you can still be yourself, finding yourself, in a comfortable and homely setting.

Welcome to The Next level Of Your Transformation

Besides fast becoming the best loved life-changing and modern healing and recovery adventure in town, backed confidently by everyone who has graced our doors and has desired healing, we have an array of services to assist with your process, uniquely from where it is needed. We believe growth, healing and wellness are a lifelong process.

Our hometown of Plett in itself has a massive community of professionals, and the quality this offers clients is simply awesome. It has a world class Medi Clinic, Life Clinic and an abundance of world class doctors and professionals that we work with our clients regularly.

Improve My Mental Mindset and My Emotional well-being
Maximize My Health & Recovery
Advance My Career goals and objectives
Heal from Depression, Anxiety and My Addictions
Increase My Productivity
Enhance My Life Direction
Find My life purpose, meaning, mindfulness

Once clients have decided that spiritual recovery is their path to follow, it is essential that the right programme, and steps, be implemented to continue your journey in healing. The Pathways center facilitates the very best in-patient treatment, for you, no matter where you are in your journey. It provides the space and time for you to work on your self-development. It will allow you time to spend putting your healing into first place. Please see our web site for details about the unique treatment offering and additional benefits that are provided to our clients above the norm.


Real life recovery. Keep phones etc, and live recovery from day 1. Don’t leave the changes behind.
Small intimate groups with similar interests and cultural backgrounds.
Family invited to journey with the client wherever this is possibel or necessary.
What we transform and change – everything psychological, emotional,
physical and spiritual.

What you can expect

A multidisciplinary (MDT) team of registered professionals and doctors. Gym,
Hiking, personal mindfulness practitioners and advanced and comprehensive
treatment techniques. Mark L Lockwood and the team (BA)(Hons)(psych)
team are well known as the best in the country for their track record. We include privacy, freedom, exclusivity and the most modern techniques on the planet.

What you will do

Hiking, Oceans, 7 Nature Reserves, Unspoiled Beaches, The Big 5, Knysna Forests,
Boating, Whale Watching, Lagoon workshops, Meditation, Art and all things
mindfulness. The course work is above anything else you have imagined before!

What now

Book in to experience other options to a clinical drug rehab and make sure to bring all you want with you in terms of electronic equipment, books, sports gear and so on. Start your recovery today and finally transform your life. You don’t need to stay stuck, regardless of your past!

rates are a fraction of US and European rates, with incredible added value. ALL COSTS ARE INCLUDE TV, WIFI, CLEANING AND TURN DOWN ED. DSTV SATELLITE

For more information about other options to a clinical drug rehab Call +27824424779 or email



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