About the company

Learn about the company which is designed to make sure people have healing and the transformation that they want, available to them. Without the limits. Our small team of professionals headed by Mark are here to help people 100X impact their lives through a process of learning how to apply effort and faith to transform and change what doesn’t work for you. We are in the business of helping people awaken from their nightmares and provide a number fo products to meet people where they are on their journeys.

You don’t need a rock bottom. You don’t need a diagnosis. You just need to be willing to be you. The best you, you can be. It is oftentimes astounding at how many people settle for long term depression, twenty years of addiction problems or even five years of grief before they reach out to connect, and find the healing they need and desire.

Our mentors model our products from Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Joe Dispenza, Richard Rhor, Deepak Chopra through to many other leaders in the fields of self regulation, Realisation and personal transformation.


About the companyOUR MISSION 

Our mission is to awaken the world through any and all means necessary. To end the stigma about mental and emotional suffering and to show people that by following a set of strategies, disciplines and principles all of us are capable of growth, change and contribution. We make books, movies, videos, host retreats and wellness experiences to carry our message of hope to all. With a touch of faith and trust, and a little touch of pixie dust we have mastered the art of wellness so that others can deeply and profoundly heal their lives. Once and for all.


Mark L Lockwood is the author of 6 books including The Power of Contemplative Intelligence and Recovery Magic, and is the founder of the Contemplative Intelligence method of learning and healing. He has created audio programs, educational videos, online courses and live seminars and wellness retreats for thousands of people from all over the world. Mark also founded Center for Healing and Life Transformation in 2012.

Mark is also a leading mindfulness and spiritual wellness philanthropist who founded Christmas is Awesome to feed families at Christmas time, founded Drug Rehab Centers for free information about recovery. His passion is helping people ‘wake-up’ through the dark nights of the soul that they may be experiencing in their lives. Mark treats depression, anxiety and personality disorders and believes all of these issues are highly treatable. Mark is a cancer survivor since 2019 and also likes to share a message of hope, connection and peace for all those people suffering their own dark nights of the soul. His story is available on YouTube. 

Thank you for learning more about or company and our mission. We look forward to getting in touch and creating change for the world together. 


about the company
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