21 Day Lockdown on Alcohol and Cigarettes can be a good thing

Effects of alcohol and cigarettes on Lockdown are uncomfortable for sure, but they are manageable for most, but are beneficial for everyone. Going without alcohol and nicotine during the #Covid19 #21daylockdown may have more positive than negative effects in the long run.

While many people understandably like a couple of drinks now and again to socialise or unwind, some rely on the substance for psychological and emotional reasons. Addicts should be nowhere near alcohol and those developing dependencies on the substance need to rethink the road they are walking down.

21 Day Lockdown on Alcohol and Cigarettes can be a good thing

“It is Habit, not addiction for most people”, said Mark Lockwood on eNCA news report earlier this week. A habit can be a good or bad thing, even the expensive ones, while an addiction is only a bad thing. The two are worlds apart. Whether addicted or not, many normally functioning and mentally healthy people depend on alcohol for relaxation at the end of the work day and also use alcohol to enhance social events and generally loose their inhibitions. Addiction is a progressive disease that gets worse over time. People who are addicted to alcohol will use more of it with less of the effect they are wanting.


Missing alcohol and cigarettes is a normal response to what people are used to. They may enjoy socialising with alcohol, or having a few drinks after a long day at work for example. So going without is going to feel like missing out. But if your life has become less manageable and more chaotic in any area, because of alcohol, you need to start looking at the symptoms of alcoholism fast. If you’re drinking more with less effect, and if you feel guilty or like crap physically, mentally or emotionally but still crave a pick me up to feel normal; the warning signs are there to let you know you need to take a long break from using the substance. It seems that many people benefit from a 20-90 day break from booze and others have who have done 6-12 months of abstinence report amazing benefits across the board. So yes, 21 Day Lockdown on Alcohol and Cigarettes can be a good thing.


Alcohol is well known as a central nervous system depressant. This means that drinking wine, beer and other malt liquors can have an adverse effect on you and in reality can actually make you more stressed and anxious. The more alcohol you drink, the more these negative effects develop. It is much like smoking cigarettes where nicotine increases your blood pressure and heart rate.


Although it is a stressful time during the Covid19 lockdown there are healthy and unhealthy ways to relax. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol both carry warning labels in South Africa for good reason, causing more stress than calm at the end of the day. While addiction itself has only negative consequences, there are good and bad habits that we can develop.

Giving up alcohol for 21 days, such as dry January in the UK, can have lasting benefits. It can help you move out of a habitual cycle so that you learn to drink less and save more money. It can also lead to improved relationships, weight loss, better sleep, improved energy and concentration, healthier looking skin and even better sex. 21 Day Lockdown on Alcohol and Cigarettes can be a good thing on many levels.


It is estimated that 400 000 people died from cigarette smoking last year and alcohol has its own host of emotional and mental health issues like depression that include car accidents, heart and liver disease and emphysema. Healthier ways to deal with the lockdown stress are to use mindfulness techniques to create daily schedules, take breaks from work and reading and breathe deeply. Learn how to meditate, do yoga and other relaxation exercises that increase dopamine the way alcohol cannot. Without alcohol you will enjoy improved sleep, and will wake up earlier as time goes on which can help improve your work life, personal relationships and a more balanced state of calmness.


Helping people with Mental Health issues is a direct mandate from our president and the work must continue. Many people have stepped up to offer free counselling online for those who cannot afford, or wait for, a private drug rehab centre intervention. People with addictions have the opportunity to benefit from dozens of daily online meetings hosted by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous worldwide, most of which run through Zoom Conferencing , Google Hangouts and other social media platforms. Our drug rehab center is also here to help.

For more information on how 21 Day Lockdown on Alcohol and Cigarettes can be a good thing call +27824424779 or email info@pathwaysplettrehab.co.za

A New way to Say Hello with Love

Best new way to greet people, with yoga hands.

The Anjali Mudra greeting is a symbol of respect, a greeting and a spiritual gesture of togetherness and prayer that is universally understood. You simply place both palms together in front of your heart and in by doing so, say so much more than language can, without touch or shaking hands, without fearing viruses or without even a word being spoken. Covid19 has challenged us to find a New way to Say Hello with Love. It is about physical isolation more than it is about social distancing. We are, as a world, more together in this, than we ever have been before. So let’s be love together, no matter what the distance.

So, with this wonderful greeting you don’t have to speak any different languages or cross any cultural barriers. It is instantly accepted and understood by all cultures.

So, A New way to Say Hello with Love is through an Anjali Mudra, prayer hands greeting. It is also known as the Namaste greeting which is a profoundly powerful, super simple and quick practice to help you instantly re-balance yourself and connect. So it has equal benefit to all parties. It is Yin meeting yang. As you bring your right and left hands together you create a connection between the circuity of right and left and more significantly you bring right and left brain together in yoga, and of course in prayer. That’s why when people pray of do yoga they do the same thing. They put there hands together to deeply center themselves and instantly connect body, mind and spirit.

Your brain operates on monkey mind when only half of it is operational. If you are right or left brained, you may have a tendency to the logical or the intuitive, and so you may loose out on a lot of opportunities for keeping your peace successfully. Using your whole brain in yoga union will bring you a ton of different results, and is even said to balance our masculine and feminine and our strong and vulnerable selves, or egoic and spiritual selves together. A New way to Say Hello with Love symbolizes the community, respect, significance and honour we have always had for each other deep within.

When people ask for something, they also put their hands together, often saying please and thank you this way. It is nothing less than an ancient universal symbol to the universe that instantly ground us to reality when we use the sign language of the soul that is Anjali Mudra.

The main essence of Anjali Mudra is misunderstood in its simplicity rather than complexity and it is something you can test out for yourself. By simply putting the hands together as you greet, acknowledge or welcome someone is a super simple way to return to the heart and switch on your sage mind and escape the train of mindlessness that is monkey mind.

Just look at your hands. There are two and they are in relationship with each other and with your body. Separate they serve a much more diminished purpose. Even if you had two hands that never worked together, only independently your life would be much harder to manage. Your hands are in relationship to the body and our bodies as a human species are in relationship with each other. This is of course the spiritual path. That we are not as capable as individuals as we are together as human beings.

The hands can be divided but they can also be put together. China working with America and Japan working with Europe. This would instantly start to create a shift towards human, mechanical, medicinal, spiritual and life advancement like nothing lese we have ever seen before. Division is defence and defence is the first act of war. When the walls come down. Wonderful things will happen for you, for God and for everyone else. This is a Universe not a Bioverse. One ever expanding understanding. One goal. One song. A New way to Say Hello with Love symbolizes this.

So when you put your hands together, it can be an absolute state of togetherness and relatedness. Togetherness is divinity expressed.

Strangely enough, putting your hands together in an Anjali Mudra greeting lessens anxiety and invites a peaceful state in seconds. Try it out. Add a hello, a namaste an our Father or what have you.

Embrace your Darkness and Suffering to Heal

Benefits of the Anjali Mudra greeting go beyond instant connection and greetings. The gesture of the hands instantly reduces stress, greets and welcomes, offers respect, connects right to left and Yin to Yang in the body, mind and soul. It says please and thank you, it is a great way to begin meditation, contemplation or mindfulness practice and is said to help with anger management and other centering practices for impulse control.

For more information about our center for healing and life transformation, or A New way to Say Hello with Love, get in touch today. acourseinrecovery@gmail.com or call 0824424779 in South Africa. Our online counselling and life transformation courses, through to recovery courses for addictions, depression, spiritual recovery and burnout are life-changing. We are here for you. One way or another. Namaste.

Peace is your new Secret Superpower

Healing and Life Transformation

Learn how to unlock the Power of Peace in your life

Peace is a superpower. It might just be the answer to healing our addicted, depressed and anxious brains. Brains that are super-stressed out. Brains that have become lost, running on virtual automatic. When our lives feel out of control you can learn how to unlock the power of peace in your life.

When our brains become reactive we loose peace quickly.

When a baby is born he or she becomes hungry. Then the baby is fed and in this state then becomes peaceful. This process was all about survival for us. Today the memory remains. We are always searching for peaceful states. Rest from the chaos. Just think about it. You come home from a long, hard day at work. You’re tired and worn out. You put your feet up. Pour a drink and take a deep breath…

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Most Powerful Prayer in the Universe

Ever thought what the most powerful words ever strung together in a sentence may be? This prayer you will see down below, in it’s naked and true form, may be just that combination. The good news is that everyone is invited, just as they are, no terms and conditions, to go ahead and use these powerful Aramaic words of Christ in their prayer lives to change their lives profoundly, for the better. Regardless of race, religion, background or belief. Pray these powerful Aramaic words to change your life. It has been used for centuries to connect deeply to the Divine. The Aramaic prayer you’re about to hear was uttered by Christ 2000 years ago, may just be the most powerful and comprehensive prayer we can make.

The good news is that it is available to everyone at anytime, and at any place. It comes without limits and is free, divine and inspired communication with everything That exists. God is after all That. He said I am that I am. What doesn’t that include? It includes the sinner and the saint. The ignorant and the wise. The gracious and the garrulous. Prayer is something that a group of people tried to keep exclusively for themselves. Who can blame them. The power of prayer in all probability supersedes all other powers we are capable of. It outdoes meditation, rises about fear and darkness. It casts out your demons and has historically be known to precede almost all miracles that have ever taken place.

Many people today don’t know how to pray because they have never been part if the right club and felt somehow excluded. They were never baptised, or confirmed, or initiated. Others have lost faith in the art of living a prayerful life because of what they witnessed in churches and individuals when growing up. Prayer is oftentimes a discourse and art form that people return to at some point in their lives. When they do they have described life changing occurrences. From deep senses of inner connection, to having synchronicity show up in their lives. I especially love the inclusivity of these words.

Our father, doesn’t need much translation or understanding. Yet, groups of people for centuries have tried to keep it as their prayer, not our prayer. As a modern day mystic Christian myself, I know the horrors of what “it’s mine and not yours” has created over the centuries. Yet Jesus Himself sat with thieves and outcasts and sinners more than those who thought they were saints. Perhaps the more humble are the former group in hindsight and therefore dare we say the more Godly in some ways? Whether you are religious or not, Hindu or Hedonist, believer or sceptic know the inclusivity of these words is non-negotiable. You’re invited and as worthy as the next chap to benefit from the profound connection to all things that you want, need, pray and wish for. God is good, and this prayer seems to speak directly to that Goodness. #prayer #godisgood #faith Most religions, sciences and philosophies agree that if there was an evil energy, a serpent or a devil, it would want to deceive you. If you had the imago Dei, or image of Good within you, it would perhaps try and make you not see it, never mind believe it. At the moment in the world their is a growing awareness, and inclusiveness and togetherness that is coming into being like a hurricane. We are more accepting of each other than we have ever been. Wars are few, food is a plenty and love is abound. Perhaps a part of why the Light seems to be prevailing so much is because of this prayer and others like it from other religions, philosophies, sciences and faiths?

What we do know is that these words are more powerful than ever before, and if we get it right this time, and really do include our kaleidoscope of neighbours and particularly God, the Creator of all ‘That’ is in our lives then Heaven, joy, nirvana and peace and love can be daily experiences for all of us, each and everyday. But rather listen to the words for yourself and let their inclusive and loving invitation touch you deeply. Each line is a Divine connection that covers every single need a human being having a spiritual experience may need in their lifetime. Like God, the prayer leaves absolutely nothing or no one out! Benedizioni and Namaskaram


“Oh Thou, from whom the breath of life comes

Who fills all realms of sound, light and vibration.

May Your light be experienced in my utmost holiest.Your Heavenly Domain approaches.

Let Your will come true – in the universe (all that vibrates) just as on earth (that is material and dense).

Give us wisdom (understanding, assistance) for our daily need

Detach the fetters of faults that bind us, (karma) like we let go the guilt of others.

Let us not be lost in superficial things (materialism, common temptations), but let us be freed from that what keeps us off from our true purpose.

From You comes the all-working will, the lively strength to act, the song that beautifies all and renews itself from age to age.

Sealed in trust, faith and truth. (I confirm with my entire being)


Join one of our retreats. Start a Course. Come and heal depression, burnout, addictions, personality disorders and anything else that is holding you back at our healing center in South Africa. Call +27824424779 or email marklockwoodscloud@icloud.com

Why you need shame to be happy

There is an old saying which states that the truth shall set you free. Without the truth, you can’t live life in reality, in a manner that will bring you peace, happiness, hope and joy. But most of us naturally try and shy away from what we call our negative feelings like shame, low self esteem. In fact we numb them as best as we can. But there is one major problem with our attempts at doing this. You can’t selectively numb your feelings!

When perfectionism is driving us, shame is riding shotgun, and fear is that annoying backseat driver.

Understanding our feelings is no easy task.  Most of us have felt the burden of shame at one time or another.  Some of us may have been dishonest about our feelings – to ourselves and others – for fear we would be found out or others would know too much.  Hurtful feelings frequently surface in healing therapy, and when we hurt, we feel bad.  Words like miserable or sad can describe these hurtful feelings.  Sometimes we not only feel bad, we believe we are bad.  We not only hurt, we also believe something is wrong not only with our use of emotional escapes, but with the core of who we are. We feel something is lacking – we feel inadequate and empty.

That pervasive psychological feeling of chronic emptiness is often shame. The void is deepened by self-reproach and a constant longing to be filled. “So don’t hide from yourself, says Mark L Lockwood…You will hide both the good and the bad without even knowing you are doing it….you are on a journey to find reality, and thus an authentic self that will experience reality. You need more than your intellect, you need a body, mind, soul, emotions and your sacred, spiritual self as well”.

Where does shame come from?

For most of us, shame has its roots in our childhood.  Emotional problems run in families, and many of us were raised in unhealthy families that did not function well at meeting our emotional, and sometimes our physical, needs.  When parents are chronically depressed or overwhelmed in their struggle with an alcohol or other drug dependency for example, they are often unable to meet the emotional needs of their children.  When children do not get their emotional needs met, they often feel shame.

Shame is fostered when a child’s emotional needs are not met, when that child is not allowed to grow as a valuable person free to explore personal strengths, test individual limits, and embrace himself or herself emotionally.

A nurturing family naturally provides for each member’s emotional needs.  Children are accepted for who they are; they are cared for and respected.  The individuality of family members is maintained.  Parents are free to be adults, and children are free to be children.

Shame grows when children and adolescents feel abandoned or neglected, when they are not given adequate care to grow and develop and to value themselves as worthwhile people.  These children and adolescents often mature with deeply entrenched beliefs of inadequacy and worthlessness.

Inadequate nurturing during childhood can take a number of different forms.  For some of us it was blatant:

  • being hit, pushed or slapped
  • being coerced into sexual behaviour
  • being abandoned for days at a time

For many of us, it was subtle and pervasive:

  • being compared with high-achieving brothers and sisters
  • being subjected to derogatory remarks about our masculinity or femininity
  • being criticized about our ability to achieve or make it on our own
  • being criticized about our appearance or weight
  • being constantly reminded of mistakes we made
  • being threatened that we would turn out just like our “no-good drunken father”

People raised with inadequate nurturing often learn to be vigilant around others lest someone else discovers their feelings of inadequacy.  They may feel a need to hide themselves, their emotions, and their thoughts.  It becomes important to them to keep secrets, to resist discovery, to avoid making mistakes.  Mistakes are seen as the ultimate evidence of worthlessness.  A mistake is not viewed as an isolated event, but it is generalised to describe the entire self: I am a mistake.  My shame means that I not only feel bad, but that I believe I am bad, inadequate and flawed.

This sort of law of attraction styled reasoning promotes a vicious cycle where children who aren’t valued often mature to adulthood believing they are not valuable.  To hide their feelings of worthlessness, they develop a rigid defence system.  No one is to find out about them.  Hints of inadequacy are cautiously guarded.  They deny and distrust their emotions and no longer freely express their feelings, show affection, or feel comfortable with their sexuality.  Chronic unhappiness, apathy, and anticipation of being found out take the place of feelings of trust and sharing.

In the end we have to work through all of these feelings. even if we don’t want too. Life gives exams and seems to insist that we grow through our pain in our pursuit of happiness. TO really be peaceful, joyful and ecstatic even, know that shame is on of those backseat drivers that is getting you there. It will push you to grow. And when you grow, you can transform your life, the lives of others and then the world itself. Don’t Stay Stuck ! You CAN heal your life. Gassho and Blessings.

Mark L Lockwood

how to unlock the power of peace in your life