Proven Results

We have collected data of several thousand people who have been through our programs and events at The Center for Healing and Life Transformation.

We measure peoples physical, psychological and emotional states with psychological tests and then we track their progress in all areas as they pass through levels 1-4 of the work. Thousands of success stories have been documented as evidence that the work is a new world wide science that people need to heal their lives.

We have data evidence that shows regular people from different parts of the world with totally different issues from depression to arthritis do miraculous things to heal their bodies minds and souls in just 6 to 8 weeks from starting to do the work at the center, with our courses or at our events. The same results are waiting for everybody. Through corresponding worldwide mindfulness research of 50 000 studies and 500 000 papers on the subject and its relation to our work on Contemplation and CQM’s we now have a formula for healing people and manifesting real change in real-time.