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Mark L Lockwood BA(psych)(hons) is also a clinical director at Pathways Wild Counselling and Wellness Centre in Plettenberg Bay, holding two degrees in psychology, and decades of experience. He has been working in the filed of human development since 1997. He is also a BAPSA registered, level 3 counsellor, Member number M8443102. This makes Mark one of the most qualified life-strategist’s and addiction psychology specialists on the continent, making a difference to the lives of thousands of people who have yearned for a higher quality, balanced and successful lifestyle.

He has been helping people with ultra modern, alternative depression, anxiety therapy and addiction therapy treatment and clinical recovery approaches, from basically every kind of trauma, addiction, ED, emotional disorder and type of pathology that affects peoples lives, their functioning, those around them and of course the roads that their present and future lives will take.

He has learned from working at many traditional addict owned and run centres that the level of care often needs to increase. Statistically speaking, we know how much change for our clients is actually becoming necessary in the way we do things daily. “I insist on helping you make your life a masterpiece…we’re often aiming to low….we need to take massive action in a safe and certain environment.”

Mark L Lockwood has both short term and long term therapy clients who he has been seeing for many years through A Course In recovery, who continue to improve their lives and live well balanced and free lives as No Limit, Self actualizing people who have learned to live their purpose. Being connected to a program like a Course in Recovery is a key that has been missing in many peoples lives. You must have a system and you need to be connected to people, particularly those who are not family or friends.

As a passionate life-strategist, Mark has fast developed a reputation for not only helping with the healing of depression, anxiety and addiction and the restoration of mind, body and soul, but for creating lasting ‘Spiritual Level’ changes in people. Spirituality is when we start looking inward, and it is easier said than done!

He moves past the confines of traditional mindset rehabilitation, that  and helps people find meaning in their lives, and actualize their true potential from their. “Stuckness is not about staying stuck and impotent, or settling for less in a life with a dis-ease. Rather  it’s about learning from your past and developing your higher self. It’s about living better than well!”

Mark L Lockwood has a passion for the psychology of how people think and why and more importantly has a deep love for healing, theology, psychology, spirituality and Christianity in its truest form and believes all (no-exclusions) paths, traditions and religions lead to God as you understand Him. Mark has hundreds of hours of therapy time with patients from all spheres of life, dealing with trauma, addiction, ED, depression through to disorders and suicides.

Marks study of human behaviour, self reliance and alternative addiction recovery and human development over the past 20 years have provided invaluable insights into how people think, function and behave.

Disease, depression, addiction and compulsion, emotional damage and trauma, shifted value systems and distorted sets of values as an adult can be healed, restored and renewed at our wellness retreats. “It is not enough to just talk about your feelings, you can’t be lead around by how you feel all your life, it goes deeper than that sooner or later, deep to the core of peoples value systems, of who they are and why they are who they are. It is this understanding that shapes the kind of inner temple or structure one builds within throughout life.

When we deeply, soulfully learn how to remove the fear and distortions in our thinking, feeling and behaviour and become aware, then accept and then act on who we really are, we begin to see miracles manifest in our lives”. It is a miracle to watch the process repeat itself for anyone who asks for and wants the life changes. No one need stay stuck!

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

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