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Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy) is a teacher of self reliance and spiritual transformation. Holding two degrees in psychology, thousands of hours in individual and group therapy time treating depression, personality disorders and stress. He has decades of experience in his field and has used this knowledge gained in inpatient treatment to help people heal their lives in short periods of time by making change happen with a scientifically proven system of change. Aside from his primary passion of teaching self-actualization, Mark is also one of the most qualified life-strategist’s and addiction psychology specialists on the continent. 

Mark runs the world renowned Center for Healing and Life Transformation in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. He is making a difference to the lives of thousands of people who have yearned for a higher quality, balanced and successful lifestyle through his healing work with people from all over the world.

Marks experience with healing people with deep, long term issues like depression, anxiety, grief and meaninglessness has spanned two decades. The research gained from understanding how and why his methods worked when little else had helped his clients has been put into a powerful program that is taught at his Rewire events and at The Center for Healing to reach more and more people every year and help them actually heal their lives themselves. Having learned the science of psychology, neuroscience and studying the impact of medicine on clients as well as having studied all the major religions around the world Mark has exhaustively researched the science of change, healing and actual life transformation. “Change is something people can actually do for themselves…they shouldn’t wait for a doctor to heal them one day! With a system of knowing how to change your mind, your body, your emotions and a life’s worth of programming anyone deserves the right to heal and recover.” 


Everyone is capable of change, however ships are built, they don’t come in. We all suffer the inevitable trauma of life in our youth. Our brains run programs to help us survive and find certainty in an uncertain world. These programs soon become outdated and turn against our own desires of personal evolution and growth. We become entrenched in our personalities that we have developed over decades. These ‘masks’ imprison us and before we know it we are using these programs to cope and survive rather than arrive or thrive. That is depressing in itself. We are all creates with unlimited potential and we al have a burning desire to fulfil that need.

When we learn how to go past our genetic, learned tendencies a new consciousness soon emerges. When we become aware and then create this change the miraculous happens and we are set free to explore a new world of unlimited potential. This is the science of finding your spiritual self and it is a marvellous and wondrous journey into new and unknown territory, mystery and bliss is available to everyone who is willing to do the work to get there.

At some point in life you need to get beyond your personality that inevitably blocks you with things like anxiety or depression through your 10X ego-insurgents. Once you counter these blocks and replace them with the right energies the thoughts, perceptions and feelings follow. Your life radically changes for the better. You no longer need to cope with barriers to living your best life. Through the Paradigm process of Healing and Life Transformation you actually heal depression, anxiety, mood disorders and the like. 

About Mark L Lockwood

More about Mark L Lockwood

Author and teacher of CONTEMPLATIVE INTELLIGENCE© Founder Center for Healing and Life Transformation in 2012, designed to heal depression, burnout, relationships, and self actualization therapy. Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy) is a teacher and researcher of self reliance and spiritual transformation.

He has been working in the field of human development since 1997 and has studied Carl Jung and all the major human sciences and religions around the world. Aside from his primary passion of teaching self-actualization, Mark is also one of the most qualified life-strategist’s and addiction psychology specialists on the continent.

Mark has developed powerful CQ Healing Meditation programs that have gained international recognition and interest from around the world.

About Mark L Lockwood

He developed the Paradigm Process which is a 10 step formula for getting beyond the trap of the personality so that a person can heal from addictions, depression, trauma and personality issues and disorders.

Paradigm Process Coaching Course

The Center for Healing and Life Transformation has been providing highly unique and alternative options to depression clinics, and other healing centres and other institutions that may not suit an individuals needs to grow, develop and heal holistically from whatever is holding them back from transforming their personal lives.

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