Heal Your Life with Meditation

When one part of our mind is stuck or stressed, we can use another part of it to access what we need to heal. Knowing our level of stress and homeostasis and how to regulate it, is another story. Healing illness with the subconscious mind happens whenever we go beyond the analytical mind.

As we open our eyes in the morning the mind starts to speed its way into the new day. We start calculating, thinking of all the problems we may face and we do this day in and day out year after year. The problem with all of this when its comes to growing and transforming your life is that you are living you life from past experience. You’re living it on the knowledge and information your brain proceed last year, last night and so on. Eventually we move through our days with 98% of our thoughts coming from past experience. This means that we are living in the familiar and certain past. 

All our thoughts move along a behaviour chain. Once we have a thought it concretizes and turns into an emotion next. Emotions are the files we record in our memories of past experiences. So the moment we have a thought about having a stressful day or having to work long hours or having to pick up the kids, impress the boss or work on our relationships or ourselves for that matter we can instantly experience negative emotions. Our bodies experience these emotions on autopilot through the subconscious and when we feel low or moody and we don’t know why we can start to understand that it is probably because we are living from past experience in this moment. So if we want to Heal Your Life with Meditation we must start with realising and creating an awareness that what we think and feel can be a product of 98% memory. The mind despises work. It loves to operate from the safety of the familiar past that it knows. Ultimately this is how we become stuck in things like depression, anxiety and develop mood disorders and even diseases. Living in stressful states for extended periods of time switches on our stress hormones and just like the behaviour chain where a trigger becomes a thought that becomes and emotion and then develops into an observable behaviour and then oftentimes ends up as a severe life consequence. 

Now when we were young these stress hormones activated to help us defend ourselves which is what we can survival mode. Whenever we felt threatened or confused or overwhelmed our emotions triggered stress responses that helped us subconsciously get ourselves out of uncomfortable situations. Problem is when we do that everyday, year after year we loose homeostasis and become unbalanced. Nothing or no one can stay sane and healthy and survive for extended periods of time in fight, flight, freeze mode for too long without harsh consequences on the body, heart and mind. That includes our genes and hormones and basically everything else and we end up at war with our external environments subconsciously and don’t even recognise that we have been hijacked into impulsive, compulsive and aggressive behaviours. 

So if we want to start Healing Depression and stress with the subconscious mind then we need to find ways everyday and every morning to move beyond the calculating, analytical mind that is operating on a program in your past. At our Center for Healing and Life transformation we have developed highly modern programs to do just that. Even though people tend to wait for rock bottom before they come to us we still find we are able to miraculously help them to heal themselves in massive ways, in relatively short periods of time. When we interrupt routine behaviours, use contemplation and meditation and start to wake up from the past into the present and from the subconscious to he conscious we see healing happen. No one is excluded from this work. All you need to do is apply yourself and install a new program that counters your need for the certainty of the past. We teach people how to slow their brain waves down and move into different beta and theta states. We show them how to shift energy around their bodies and focus on activating certain parts of their brains. If you can see it in your imagination, you will see it manifest in your hand. This is how change happens. It is the science of finding your spiritual self that has made our clients healings that seem so out there and hard to do become so very possible for all people with all sorts of conditions from all over the world. 

Our CQM or contemplative meditations take time to grasp. They are profoundly different at first. Yet as people move through the levels 1-4 of the program we see significant changes in the body and its responses to stimulus. We see HRV or heart rate variability changes and see how brain waves start to align with the hearts rhythms and synchronise. This starts to change everything and the first thing we see is the body, heart, mind begin to heal and transform. We record, map and monitor all the data we see as people heal and our Awakening project is scientifically mapping this data for the scientific community. There are big changes in mental health and self regulation happening at the moment that are transforming lives. Exciting, life-saving changes. Join us at our centre or on one of our exclusive retreats to start teaching yourself how to heal yourself. Meditations are also online in the shop to try. Learning to Heal Your Life with Meditation is not only possible, it’s easily accessible. We are living in exciting times of epic potentiality and possibility. 

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Spend your life Seeking Wisdom

WHO ARE YOUR TEACHERS AND PURVEYORS OF WISDOM ? Contemplation has always been around and the wisest meta-thinkers and teachers of all time, including King Solomon, perhaps the wisest of all, suggested that you Spend your life Seeking Wisdom. Will you? Since the first Adam sat in silence wondering why he had fallen into a dark night of the soul after being extracted from Eden. There are so many mystics and masters that have influenced us today by navigating extreme journeys to understand the deeper meaning of what may have looked like a meaningless life without their teachings. The hope that Jesus offers the world with resurrection being available freely to everyone. The contemplations of Plato, Lao Tzu, Seneca and everyone else from Gandhi to Einstein have influenced the way we are today through their contemplative intelligence.

Wisdom is not found through knowledge, rather it is a way of being found through experience. It is the journey!

Mark L Lockwood

What would the world be like without other contemplatives like Nikola Tesla, Saint Paul, Thomas Merton or Mother Theresa. All of these people have shown us a different way. A way that is not carnal by nature, but rather spiritual by nature. It is loving instead of war-like. At the very least they have taught us how to let go, how to hope and believe and how to live a purposeful and meaningful life even though it may look otherwise at times. As our educational, political, environmental, medicinal and religious structures go through massive changes, who we look to, to guide us through these reconstructions is also more important than ever.

We would be wise to ask ourselves, our kids and partners today, ‘who are your teachers?’ Who are our influencers and to whom do we listen, follow and allow to guide us? Trump, Jay-Z, a Kardashian perhaps or Chopra? We need teachers and role models to allow us to see the mystical, sense the divine and understand what has actual value and what does not. If you’re going to Spend your life Seeking Wisdom it would be best to seek it from the right teachers. Finding the right teachers today is not always that easy. What may look good, successful and wise may just be an empty vessel who is making the most noise on the biggest stage with the loudest amplifiers.

Seek Wisdom from World Changers

While the world’s history has been stricken with stupidity and hostile intent we have had teachers persist in keeping their lights burning and their wicks trimmed. These great teachers, these great contemplatives all had the ability to rise above their own thinking and their own pain and suffering. Without them, without their deep reflective thought, the world as we know it may not have existed. Without them the lights of faith, hope and love may have been extinguished. But it was not intended that way by the creator. We have all heard the saying that all paths lead to God, one which guides the work of contemplative intelligence that demands that we transcend the lower and then include it. Nothing need be, nor is excluded from where we all are today in the world. Adam overcame. Krishna loved divinely. The Buddha transcended. John and Mohammed revealed and Jesus Christ resurrected. All stood up for love. Their task is the very same task as you have today. To love. Although there are many paths and many names, they all lead to God. God wins, but only every time!

We should be brave enough to Contemplate our lives, do what we thought was “outside the box,” and do it repeatedly. When we do that, we are on our way to a greater level of personal power.⁣

– Dr. Joe Dispenza

We can find contemplative practice in all cultures and religions. In ancient Greece Plato considered that, through contemplation, he ascended to divine knowledge. Judaism has many clear references to meditation with practices of introspection, visualisation and contemplation of all that is divine. Muhammad climbed Mount Hira to contemplate life and its meaning and we know that Shamans of many tribes practiced contemplation over the ages. Christianity defines contemplation as a state of awareness of divine union. Then in the East Samadhi is practiced as a kind of contemplative practice by Tibetan and Zen monks in Hinduism and Buddhism alike. Don’t let the names and titles make your mind averse to something. Our ego-insurgents can be set off in an instant, just by a word. Yes, even the words God or Buddha spark great offence to many people, which is a normal egoic response oftentimes caused by some childhood idea we may have had that religious people are bad or that only our religion was right and others were evil. Be conscious of looking out for these aversions and change the names of some of the practices and voila. The aversion you may have changes along with it. Never allow anything to stand in your way of seeking wisdom – even your own ego!

Spend your life Seeking Wisdom

Deep within we all thirst for wisdom more than the information and knowledge which seem to be moving us two steps backwards at times. Our desperate and pivotal need today, the one we have not succeeded at very well after all these centuries, is how to become truly human! How to make use of our faculties and talents to shape our lives and the world. We are all students of life and if we want good grades we’re going to need to be taught the right curriculum. Seek out teachers who can offer you a way to see knowledge as living words, ideas and texts that can breathe new life into your relationship with God, self and others and change your way of seeing the world. The Buddha once said “The trouble is, you think you have time.” Seek out direction, purpose, wisdom and all things mystical and unknown today without allowing yourself to waste time in a world which offers us a maze of distraction that ultimately leads us around in circles. Spend your life Seeking Wisdom and you will live a life of meaning and purpose. All we are here to do is keep lifting the veil of ignorance away from our eyes so that we can see Love is all there is. Without the clutter, the ego, the darkness and the distractions One Love is all there really is. We will do well to seek it and then become it.

Where focus goes energy flows so focus on the meaningful, powerful and profound. In ancient Greece Plato considered that, through contemplation, he ascended to divine knowledge. So remember wisdom can even be found in the silence. Simply be still and you will meet Wisdom there. Wisdom is not found through knowledge, rather it is a way of being found through experience. It is the journey! As Einstein said, “any fool can know, the point is to understand.” Gassho 🙏

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A new you is a new world

A new you is a new world! There is no doubt about what may be the most important seven words ever strung together in a sentence. As you think so shall you be. When we observe and study people who completely transform and turn their lives around we see that all that has really happened is that they have become more conscious. Conscious of who they really are. With this new understanding they see the world differently. They are even able to quell their anger, self regulate and be empathic and compassionate with others. Their entire worlds have changed and they start to see themselves, others and the world differently. Nothing has really changed except their outlook and perspectives. What happens in a classroom or on a psychologist couch, or at church, mosque or university is simply a process of developing more consciousness.

We call call this process re-cognition, or re-thinking about the world which is the art of practicing contemplative thinking. Re-Contemplate the world without any stories or judgements and you may experience a state of grace that surpasses what you thought you once believed was reality. It is that same state the world itself is evolving towards as it becomes more conscious. Heaven perhaps? Why of course! The New Earth is an expression used in the Book of Isaiah, 2 Peter, and the Book of Revelation in the Bible to describe the final state of redeemed humanity. John first described the new creation as a marriage of heaven and earth. 

What this means for both science and spirituality as two separate perspectives to most people, is that there is a process that we go through. A growth process of the mind and heart is underfoot. A new you is a new world through conscious evolution. Just as the body has a visible growth process, our hearts and minds do too. This means that we are moving towards that ‘redeemed humanity’ on purpose. We somehow break and then mend and it appears quite clearly that is happening both to and for us. We know this because through trial, hardships and suffering we grow. In other words the process of life looks a little like this. If we are to be redeemed it means we must have something we need to make amends for. We are less perfect then become better beings. We are selfish and become more empathic through life; or one would hope if we’re not too hard headed. First the fall and then the recovery from the fall, both are the mercy of God said St. Teresa of Avila. We’re made to grow and contribute to the whole. Perhaps this is what they mean by ‘the meek shall inherent the [new] earth. The meek or egoless shall attain nirvana, heaven or simply what we call is psychological terms peace of mind. In scientific terms homeostasis. In spiritual terms enlightenment. If God is love this all makes perfect sense. The creator is making the creation just like her. She or he is pulling the created back to him or herself . Trillions of fragments back to one much like rain becomes an ocean or an exploded supernova becomes a neutron star.

Amor Conscientia

Life is happening both to us and for us. We are supposed to become more conscious and not less conscious although many human beings do their utmost to do the latter by all ways and means. The scientific evidence of this is that we all have a distinct and identical set of needs. Not wants but needs. What you want and desire is under your control and innate. Your needs however are very different. Just like food, sleep, water and warmth needs are those things that you cannot do without. Remarkably growth, love, empathy and contribution are needs we all have. Needs we can never extinguish or quell. We can only surrender to them and succumb to our fate and purpose. Amor Fati is a saying that describes the love of one’s fate and today I would suggest Amor conscientia or the love of consciousness is something that we need to be aware of. Especially if awakening or becoming more conscious is a core principle of life.

“Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect, as well as for the star. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.

Albert Einstein
A new you is a new world
A new you is a new world, a new self

Why we need contemplation or meta-thinking so much today is due to the fact that we have become distracted from life’s true purpose. We tend to resort to our lower and more animalistic natures when we’re not looking and can become enmeshed in small thinking that creates big problems for the mind. We worry about traffic, the news, Trump, fuel prices and sales deadlines, or how we can get our ADHD kids to become geniuses or get our partners to change. Yet, life is about much bigger things. Things that require more and more consciousness to recognise, accept and then allow them to carry us towards a new mindset. A new you. A new world. A new you is a new world because you can change your attitude about it at any given time. On a whim really, you can change your outlook about black, yellow or white people. You can alter your thoughts about adventure and travel, or relationships that are no longer working for you. You can start yoga, mindfulness classes or study philosophy or the dead sea scrolls. Just like a supernova if you experience enough gravity pulling you down in life you can explode into a new consciousness. A new you is a new world just like a new star. You can awaken at any time. Why wait? Remember the power of this moment and you will be able to understand who you are without your stories that create you personality. None of you is stagnant and nothing else is either. No cell, atom or molecule or particle every stops moving. This is the law of vibration and I say go with it! A new you is a new world -pursue it. Namskaram.

Demystifying Healing Meditations

What if the secret to overcoming anything that holds you back is letting go of it entirely rather than fighting through it with all the willpower you have? Learn the formula to something life changing that is way bigger than you is always going to be interesting. Secrets learned at our Centre for Healing show that people from all over the world with all kinds of physical, emotional and psychological issues are healing themselves faster than ever before. Data taken from the last 12 years shows that about 68% of people heal depression and stress related issues faster with mindful meditative practice and tend to stay healed for longer periods of time. 

As we do the work of Demystifying Healing Meditations like the ones we use in our intensive healing programs and retreats, we have found something that we all have in common. Over years we become addicted to our emotions. This means that if we become depressed we unknowingly need our daily dose of those chemicals that we are familiar with to keep the story of our stress going. We can turn our stress response on with our thoughts alone. Where focus goes, energy flows and that applies right across the psychological spectrum. 

The purpose of meditation is to slow down your brain waves and get beyond the thinking, analytical mind with contemplative intelligence, which is meta intelligence. When you get into the space of intense relaxation and focus at the same time then you have opened the doorway between the conscious and subconscious mind. Once you get beyond beta brain waves you move to the first layer of the subconscious is the alpha brain state. In alpha states, your breathing naturally slows down, the voice in your head quiets, and the more you continue to relax, the more you begin sliding down the ladder of consciousness into the theta and delta states and even gamma states over time. 

When you touch on something divine with all aspects of the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual self then you open up to new possibilities. You move away from emotional addictions that run deep into your stress hormones. You increase the amount of energy in your brain on purpose, you create something elevated and new. 

The journey begins when you start to show up for yourself, when you move beyond fear. We try and create a new reality with our existing personality and wonder why we become disappointed. 

When you slow your thoughts you raise your frequency. You raise your serotonin levels and even those of the people around you and we can do this by practicing healing meditations. When we put 0 and 1 together we have the scientific formula for everything we know. Relaxation and focus together in the universal code we may have been searching for all along that cracks the code of unnecessary human suffering. What the scientific data is showing us today about how deeply we can heal ourselves is mind-boggling. We have found that the greatest pharmacy is within the human body, heart, brain. Now we know how and why. All we need to do is learn the how; how do we practice healing and life transformation? You loose your mind!

“When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a candle in a windless place” 

Bhagavad Gita 

Getting yourself out of the way is the biggest hurdle we find when getting people to embark on a major life shift journey. They are believers not doubters. They believe the stories they have been telling themselves all their lives. They’re not good enough, there is little point to trying, its too hard, I lucked out and many more excuses are ingrained in the subconscious recesses of the mind. When we get these out of the way miracles literally start to happen. We use healing meditations we call Contemplative Healing Meditations. These meditations are all about the 01 code of the binary system. We teach people how to change their thinking and use different parts of the brain. We teach them how to switch on and then elevate their energy and even teach them how to shift this energy around their bodies. The more practice that is done, the more changes we begin to see. People heal decades of depression, anxiety issues and all kinds of addictions with the work. We have seen people tear off their pain machines, loose their back pain, clear their blocked lungs, overcome stomach pains, migraines and even straighten out their crumpled bodies. Yes, people who do the work as we start demystifying healing meditations have shown data changes that include walking faster, thinking more clearly and having far less aches and pains, never mind finding freedom from a stress induced reality. Their stress hormones literally switch off and they upgrade their immune systems and up-regulate their DNA. When we do the work and the changes begin, they are as profound and out there as meditation practices will ever be. 

In every state of recovery from hopelessness and disease comes from a major shift in consciousness, where your pathological lower and slower thinking no longer dominates you. With your consciousness and practice you can change what you attract to you and what you radiate outwards. 

“The subconscious is where all your bad habits and behaviors that you want to change reside.”


Higher thinking can heal the mind and even the body. Science has shown us factually that thousands of people put themselves into remission on a daily basis. So the conclusion we find is thus. No one knows enough to be a sceptic anymore. Our contemplative meditations are intensive and sometimes difficult to go along with at first but once you get some practice under your belt, changes start to happen. Big changes. Try the work for yourself and your clients if you teach and heal as well. The results are beyond extraordinary! #meditation #healing #selfdevelopment #healingdepression

Form more help with demystifying healing meditations and to do the work yourself at our retreats, our centre or online get in touch.

How to deal with Depression

Depression is a catastrophe for individuals and their families and finding out How to deal with Depression can evade even the best of us. So medical interventions are needed and often work well. The psychotherapeutic dynamic also works very well and the difference between antidepressants and the work of shifting the minds state is that one heals and the other allows one to cope. So each individual needs to make their own treatment calls for themselves and do a multidimensional analysis on themselves and hit their problem with everything that they have. However, if you want to get from point A to point B change needs to happen. Not the idea or possibility of change but actual observable, behavioural change that makes your life better. How to understand this practically is to understand that when a person is kind and helps another person, another part of the brain switches on. New chemicals fire. Change happens even if one a minimal scale. When you admire people or the world or alternatively despise them, you get a different result. You become a different person over time. Depression can be the result of these minimal catastrophes that build up to meaninglessness and hopelessness over time.

“Meditating is also a means for you to move beyond your analytical mind so that you can access your subconscious mind. That’s crucial, since the subconscious is where all your bad habits and behaviors that you want to change reside.”

A depressed mind is not going to fix a depressed mind very easily at all. You need a system. A way to move beyond your analytical, calculating mind so that you can access your subconscious mind. When you do this you show up for yourself like Neo in the Matrix and start to work on your subconscious mind which is where all your behaviours, habits and the reality you have constructed over a lifetime reside. A new consciousness is easily capable of radically transforming everything you have ever thought, perceived, believed and understood to be possible. Depression is highly treatable, and now we have the roadmap to treat it.

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy)

The main triggers of depression are stress and anxiety. Meditation interrupts the thinking process and helps alter those feelings and thoughts by training your brain to focus on one thing. When negative thoughts come knocking, the brain returns to that focus point, allowing the negative emotions and physical sensations to pass. So you don’t stay cynical and negative and expect a different result like happiness. How to deal with Depression involves the use of affirmations, contemplation, meditation and practice in general to make change or healing and transformation happen. Nothing happens without a cause. This is the hero’s journey that you need to take if you’re depressed, if you feel pressed down by life.

10 tips for prepping your body, heart mind for healing your depression symptoms for good

  1. Eat healthily. Drink lots of water. Make sure you eat plenty of omega-3.
  2. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walking is still the best exercise a human being can do. Like reading and writing are amazing tools for the brain, so walking is for the body, heart, mind. The sunlight, fresh air and visual stimulus will benefit you as well. You will also sleep better.
  3. Do reading and writing activities twice a day. Buy that journal and wrote do people who inspire you and learn from them. Don’t just listen to them, study them.
  4. Meditate twice a day for 20 minutes each time. Use our meditation playlist. Meditate while you walk with a walking meditation. Put yourself to work #selfwork and get the benefits of that work.
  5. Insist on living only 1 day at a time. ‘Just for today’ is an affirmation that you should make a habit to use all the time. Each day has enough worry of its own. The present moment is very powerful so forget the past and leave the future alone. Live in the now, 1 day at a time.
  6. Connect with nature, other people and yourself. In this way you will find meaning in life. Take a risk to smile at others and greet them. Pat the dogs you pass and notice the tress, birds and sunsets. Touch water, sand, trees and animals as much as possible. There is power in these connections. Call or message people everyday, like meaningful posts and share them and expect nothing in return. 
  7. Find what Mark calls ‘certainty in change’. You need a strong sense of safety, security and certainty of who you are deep down inside. There can be no change at all without certainty that you can manage the uncertainty of life as it unfolds. You will always be ok, if not great. You will always be able to feed yourself and nurture yourself if you really have to. Take solace in that. Build from here. Use the CQM meditations to help you embrace uncertainty and move out of the addictive past.\
  8. Work the quintuple T’s. Three Things To Transform Today. Start everyday with jotting down 3 things you can go above today. JFT (just for today). They will add up to something significant over time. Never doubt that putting a few pieces of a puzzle together everyday can create a clear picture of your future reality. 
  9. Notice and wake up to your internal dialogue. Don’t perpetuate a negative attitude and then expect positive results. The math won’t work. Change what you talk about. Stop gossiping, badmouthing and doomsday chatting with or about people. Think more positively whenever you remember to do so and you will slowly shift you energy, thoughts and emotions around in a positive way. Have a ‘this too shall pass’ mentality instead of being addicted to negativity, which is highly addictive in itself. Avoid black and white thinking because life is not all bad or all good. Find the magical spaces in between these thoughts. 
  10. Be grateful and give back. As you wake up so thank you 3 times for another chance at finding contentment and joy. Hear a bird tweet, see a red rose, joy on someones face, a happy dog or come across an inspirational song or twee; thank you, thank you, thank you. Meditate and say thank you three times. Eat breakfast and do the same. Give someone an old sweater or a tin of food and they will say thank you to you. Then you will see the miracle of how the universe works. On Yin and Yang. Blessings to you as you try these tips and see the change for yourself. 
Powerful Walking Healing CQM Meditation

Learn what you must not keep doing on one hand. On the other learn what you should be doing (verb) to heal and transform your life. It is not just possible, it is the very meaning of our lives. To conquer and overcome the persona self-made self and become the being you know you should be. This awakening process is possible for everyone all the time. The ego and mind make us think that our problems are special and different. This is where we are metaphorically wondering around in the desert wilderness. It is where we worship the wrong gods so to speak and depression, anxiety and stress come so that we are driven first into the wilderness, where change happens and then find our way through it. The catastrophe of depression therefore has meaning beyond what we might first think. Learning How to deal with Depression through handing over, getting into the present moment and developing God realization may just be the whole point of everything!

Tell me How to deal with Depression right now

Your heart needs to be open and activated. This is first. If your mind is stuck your intellect is not going to help you enough. When you open your heart the research shows that new energy moves to your brain, to the receptors there that activate awe and wonder and inspiration. So activating empathy even if you fake it at first is a good start. How do you fake it? Use your imagination rather than your memory. Your memory is what you were yesterday so get rid of it. Shift towards the new and towards imagination. Towards assuming the feelings in your body, not mind, of the wish you want fulfilled. If you do that often enough you will heal and meditation and contemplation will fast track this process one thousand fold.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

Possibly Albert E

Unlock the code of change

If you want to heal and transform your life and learn How to deal with Depression it will take two things. Effort and belief. Put those together and you cannot fail. Why not start change with a walking meditation. Get up and go for a walk. Use headphones and open your body, brain and heart together. What we do with our Walking Meditation for Transformation meditation is create something entirely new in the body, heart and mind. That may sound impossible, yet we have gained scientific data and have testes, and re-tested the work with dozens of people from all over the world. These people who suffered everything from personality disorders, anxiety, deep depressions and some physical and emotional issues that were caused by stress and burnout did the work and then improved. Drastically! The work is revolutionary for many people because if you have suffered with something for many years that holds you back, and you’re given tools to acutely create improvements for yourself then it’s something to get very excited about. The healings border on the miraculous and the beauty of it all is that the healing is tracked, recorded, analysed and studied by professionals in the human sciences that sometimes find the gains people make through the work almost unbelievable at first. Without getting to complicated or complex about our Contemplative Intelligence Meditations or CQM’s what people need to know is that if depression for example is stored in one part of the brain and happiness and gratitude in another, we need to shift ourselves physiologically and neurologically for change to happen on a faster and deeper level than most have experienced it before.

What we are doing about learning How to deal with Depression through doing the work is shifting energy up through body-heart-brain. Each of us have energy centres in our bodies. Now you can have a feeling of energy in your legs once day with very little energy in your upper body. In this way to the mind can have more energy for sleeping, eating and drinking than it does for creating your best work or feeling a sense of awe and gratitude. This tends to differ for most people who are new to the work on a daily basis. You can change your energy upward instantly when you hear music you like or when someone says something complementary and positive to you. Likewise if you feel insulted, hurt, betrayed or victimised in some way by someone else your energy can lower. What science teaches us today is that we can shift energy around the body by using the power of thought. But you should know this already. When you change your energy, you change your life. Your energy is like the frequency of sound. It is highly adaptable and immensely powerful. All the light you see for example is energy and energy is frequency, and all frequency carries information and puts this information together into one long wave length. So when you actively align energy and proteins and molecules together you are actually changing your body from the inside out just with the power of thought. 

The story of Janis Schonfeld’s depression Miracle

Janis Schonfeld, a 46-year-old interior designer living in California, had suffered with depression since she was a teenager. She’d never sought help with the condition until she saw a newspaper ad in 1997. The UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute was looking for volunteer subjects for a drug trial to test a new antidepressant called venlafaxine (Effexor). Schonfeld, a wife and mother—whose depression had escalated to the point where she had actually entertained thoughts of suicide—jumped at the chance to be part of the trial.

When Schonfeld arrived at the institute for the first time, a technician hooked her up to an electroencephalograph (EEG) to monitor and record her brain-wave activity for about 45 minutes, and not long after that, Schonfeld left with a bottle of pills from the hospital pharmacy. She knew that roughly half of the group of 51 subjects would be getting the drug, and half would receive a placebo, although neither she nor the doctors conducting the study had any idea which group she had been randomly assigned to.

Schonfeld agreed to return every week for the entire eight weeks of the study. Not long after she started taking her pills, Schonfeld began feeling dramatically better for the first time in her life. Finally, at the end of the eight-week study, one of the researchers revealed the shocking truth: Schonfeld, who was no longer suicidal and felt like a new person after taking the pills, had actually been in the placebo group. Schonfeld was floored. She was sure the doctor had made a mistake. She simply didn’t believe that she could have felt so much better after so many years of suffocating depression simply from taking a bottle of sugar pills. As she sat there in shock, the doctor insisted that just because she hadn’t been getting any real medication, it didn’t mean that she had been imagining her depressive symptoms or her improvement; it only meant that whatever had made her feel better wasn’t due to Effexor.

And she wasn’t the only one: The study results would soon show that 38 percent of the placebo group felt better, compared to 52 percent of the group who received Effexor. We know that Janis’s story is far from unique. When you do the work on taking the mind to new places and opening up your heart and body to new healing experiences we know that miracles in How to deal with Depression happen find us!

Heal Depression and stress with Meditation

Remember that where focus goes energy flows and if you focus all your energy on feelings of awe and gratitude and joy imagine a frequency being formed by these wavelengths like those emitted from a satellite tv station. They are intensely focused and then beamed in unison down to your television set where you can see a complete complex image in realtime. Imagine what unfocused energy that is out of alignment creates. It would form a garbled picture and confusion and uncertainty would result. You wouldn’t be able to see the wood for the tress and this is what is putting us into extended periods of survival mode. 

Now the same goes for your heart. Your heart carries sets of cells and proteins and tissues that all on the same wavelength which creates a heartbeat. These cells are all acting in perfect coherence because they are vibrating at the same frequency. This creates a great Heart Rate Variability that will bring health and strength to your entire being. When all the cells are operating in disharmony and chaos we call this a mental or emotional health issue that will eventually become a biological issue. Imagine a hundred drummers beating to the rhyme of the same drum. That would be powerful and clear right! Now imagine these hundred drummers all beating their own drum out of time. That is what we do with energy left to run riot in our bodies and we wonder why our thinking and emotions become disordered. Emotions are energy in motion. 

The power of doing the work is unquestionable

So let’s tap into this energy today and access a more powerful frequency as we learn How to deal with Depression. You have 7 chakras or energy centres in your body and today we will work with Body which is red in colour, heart which is green in colour and mind which is purple in colour. When we say red, green or purple take all your focus to that energy centre and learn today to be the creator of your own destiny and watch how you can shift power around and through your body. Energy that is capable of healing whatever ailments, disorders or dis-ease holds you back. 

Allow your self to be caught up in this process. Allow yourself to go beyond your personality. You are not your personality and you have the potential to create new energy, new frequencies, thoughts and feelings that will create a new, powerful and stronger body-heart-mind being for you.

First, let’s move your brain waves into delta where we activate a relaxed state. Let’s get started and enjoy this healing CQM walking meditation.

For more information on How to deal with Depression or to attend our retreats or Center for Healing get in touch today. You can start right now with the 6 week self paced Awakening Course.


Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy) is a teacher of self reliance and spiritual transformation. Holding two degrees in psychology, thousands of hours in individual and group therapy time treating depression, personality disorders and stress. He has decades of experience in his field and has used this knowledge gained in inpatient treatment to help people heal their lives in short periods of time by making change happen with a scientifically proven system of change. Aside from his primary passion of teaching self-actualization, Mark is also one of the most qualified life-strategist’s and addiction psychology specialists on the continent. 

Mark runs the world renowned Center for Healing and Life Transformation in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. He is making a difference to the lives of thousands of people who have yearned for a higher quality, balanced and successful lifestyle through his healing work with people from all over the world.

Marks experience with healing people with deep, long term issues like depression, anxiety, grief and meaninglessness has spanned two decades. The research gained from understanding how and why his methods worked when little else had helped his clients has been put into a powerful program that is taught at his Rewire events and at The Center for Healing to reach more and more people every year and help them actually heal their lives themselves. Having learned the science of psychology, neuroscience and studying the impact of medicine on clients as well as having studied all the major religions around the world Mark has exhaustively researched the science of change, healing and actual life transformation. “Change is something people can actually do for themselves…they shouldn’t wait for a doctor to heal them one day! With a system of knowing how to change your mind, your body, your emotions and a life’s worth of programming anyone deserves the right to heal and recover.” 

“Change is something people can actually do for themselves…they shouldn’t wait for a doctor to heal them one day! With a system of knowing how to change your mind, your body, your emotions and a life’s worth of programming anyone deserves the right to heal and recover.” 

Mark L Lockwood


Everyone is capable of change, however ships are built, they don’t come in. We all suffer the inevitable trauma of life in our youth. Our brains run programs to help us survive and find certainty in an uncertain world. These programs soon become outdated and turn against our own desires of personal evolution and growth. We become entrenched in our personalities that we have developed over decades. These ‘masks’ imprison us and before we know it we are using these programs to cope and survive rather than arrive or thrive. That is depressing in itself. We are all creates with unlimited potential and we al have a burning desire to fulfil that need. When we learn how to go past our genetic, learned tendencies a new consciousness soon emerges. When we become aware and then create this change the miraculous happens and we are set free to explore a new world of unlimited potential. This is the science of finding your spiritual self and it is a marvellous and wondrous journey into new and unknown territory, mystery and bliss is available to everyone who is willing to do the work to get there. #meditation #healingmeditation #mindfulnessmeditation #spiritualmeditation #healing #spiritual #selflove #motivation #nature #selfcare #inspiration

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