The Paradigm Process

10 step program to getting your life back

The Paradigm Process offers you a 10-step program to heal your life. Backed by scientific evidence we have accumulated from real case studies since 2012, we have developed a way to overcome whatever holds you back. How we found it was profoundly interesting and was the breakthrough we needed for seekers – people looking to actualize their full potential. We delved into psychology, dipped into philosophy, and studied all the religions around the world. We began to understand how the brain controls the body and how emotions, memory, imagination, and potential are all linked.

We then started applying and testing all the principles of healing and life transformation that we discovered and began removing what didn’t seem to help cause effective change. The Paradigm Process helped us at our inpatient treatment center double the speed of healing in the people we were helping. People from all over the world, suffering from all sorts of different emotional, psychological, and sometimes physical problems took part. What we found through the work and research was incredible.

Lose your personality and create a new one

The Paradigm Process

We discovered that people became stuck in the first half of life. They experienced one type of fight, flight and freeze or another that was entrenched from years of thinking, feeling and behaving in certain ways. This is the most common formulation of personality which is all focused on survival. Ways that once worked for them in childhood, but no longer worked for them as adults. We discovered that people really did need a paradigm shift to move across the bridge into the second half of life where peace, joy and abundance resided. People become stuck in the prison of the personality without even knowing that is has happened. Depression, stress and tension soon follow because being stuck in any kind of prison is hell. Just ask someone who has dealt with depression for a bunch of years.

How the Paradigm process works

When the personality is no longer serving you but hindering you then you need a new program. When a computer program becomes redundant we need to get rid of it and replace it with a new one. It is the same with the programs we run in our bodies hearts and minds. Because the world is changing so quickly we need to keep up. There is no room left to operate from money mind without inevitably falling from the tree. If we fall behind we fall into survival or victim modes that naturally keep us suppressed and distressed. At some point we know we need to run a new program however it is easier said than done in understanding where to find that program and how to install it. The 10 step program to heal your life is that program – the Paradigm Process.

The Paradigm Process offers people 10 Pathways back to sacred self that are workable, profound and easy to follow. Your sacred self is where your true values, emotions, desires and objectives reside. It is that part of you that is wanting more from life. It is that part of you that wants to actualise your full potential and grow personally and then heal the world. There are certain things that we learned in childhood that became our ego defence mechanisms. We developed what we call ego insurgents to protect us from a harsh and ever-changing world. We developed a controller insurgent. We also developed a judge a victim and a perfectionist insurgent. In fact we developed 10 ego insurgents that kept us safe from the world by creating a personality that became a personal reality for us all. 

The Paradigm Process

If your life is not working out for you as you wanted it to, then you need to find a way out of your personality prison. We do this through the 10 pathways, one at a time, by activating self-love, gratitude, connection, and other traits that live in a completely separate part of our hearts, bodies, and brains. We sway the energy in the opposite direction! Essentially, we need to find a roadmap or a path to change. The paradise process is that pathway. The program teaches you to let go of the 10 insurgent characters of ego that are essentially entrenched personality traits that hold you back. At the same time, it teaches you how to recover a sense of what can propel you forward in your personal life, your business life, and your relationships. The program helps you change your personality. In fact, it helps you to overcome it and transcend it.

The work of actualisation and change today is no longer something that we consider as an option. In today’s world growth change and transformation have become a necessity for everyone. If we are not growing and moving forward we are dying. At least dying neurologically. We are creatures that were designed for far more than survival. We have an innate desire within each of us to self actualise our full potential and then share that potential with the world.

10 step program to heal your life

Those of us who cannot find a way to actualize this innate desire end up suffering. We end up with addictions, depression, and personality disorders that hold us back. We end up with emotional, psychological, and physical manifestations of the very lack that we feel inside. The good news today is that everyone can heal their lives in a relatively short space of time. First, you have to know that there is a problem. You have to know that what you may have thought or believed was your natural state is just a way that you used to cope through life. At first, we survive, then we thrive, and finally, we arrive. First, we need to know, much like Neo in the Matrix movie perhaps, that your mind is running a program that has become your personal reality rather than who you really are. Second, you need to know that the program of the mind is in a new earth, a new world, and needs an update. Better yet, we need to realize that new data, new thoughts, feelings, and perceptions need to be experienced so that you can wake up from the nightmare and transform your life and your reality, leaving all the masks you once wore behind. You need to cause effect and create rather than letting the mind dictate who you are and who you shall become.

The Paradigm Process

Through meditation practice, contemplation, through developing a new understanding of how you body-heart-mind works, through changing thoughts, belief, energetics and focus you can begin to have a full paradigm shift. Tackling each mask and removing it layer by layer and then replacing those masks with the highest energies, concepts, attitudes, traits and beliefs is the way through the 10 Pathways. Our message is don’t stay stuck and don’t wait. The work is waiting for us all. All we need to do is show up for ourselves.

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