How to see reality as it really is

At some point in our lives there will come a time when we need to be born again to life. We must actually learn how to see reality as it really is

Contemplation traverses time

Did you know that Contemplation is a miracle that takes us beyond time? Contemplation traverses time. We could never, ever, ever, ever, ever learn or understand what life is about and who we are unless we were able to transcend time. No philosopher, scientistic, priest or intellectual has ever done so.


the contemplative state of mind is rather a state of being and a way of living. It is about giving and receiving, listening and making sounds, stillness and movement, breath and no-breath.

Chakra’s and Contemplation

Chakra to the contemplative literally means disk. These disks are the evolutionary software that run our biocomputers and they autonomously regulate the energy needed for the tasks at hand, which is living a balanced and meaningful life.

Why CQ is more important than EQ and IQ

Why CQ is more important than EQ and IQ is because your ability to think emotionally, rationally and wisely requires Contemplative Intelligence (CQ) not the intellect or knowledge

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