20 keys to mindfulness mastery

20 keys to mindfulness mastery

Discover 20 keys to mindfulness mastery that you can use to transform your life. Enjoy this spiritual mindfulness journey. Simplicity and an ever expanding conscious awareness of self, others and God is the true purpose of life. A life that brings peace, success and meaning and that leaves behind regret, resentment and much unnecessary emotional suffering.

The 20 keys to mindfulness mastery include practical information on mindful kindness, non-judgement, acceptance and awareness and take you on a journey towards learning about letting go of control and learning how to make mindful decision after another until you change your life from the ground up.

“In today’s rush, we all think too much–seek too much–want too much–and forget about the joy of just being.” – Eckhart Tolle

The 20 keys to mindfulness mastery

Key One is Acceptance. A secret to making change and real life transformation happen for anyone, suffering any circumstances is acceptance. Once we truly realize that life is unfolding as it is meant to, due to a trillion different circumstances, some known and some unknown, then we can start to let go. We stop fighting and start aligning. Non-acceptance of people, places, things, conversations or situations can lead us into a trap of anger and resentment. These traps lead to hardcore depression, addictions, anxiety and personality issues over time. They also lead you away from meditation, clam, balance and even reason over time. Unchecked we can become manic, and only realize it when we’re doing manic things; and then suffering the consequences thereof. Yes, we get into a load of these binds and diseases though mind-traps. Any non-acceptance leads us towards the futility of trying to change reality. We do that with defense mechanisms, with blaming and with bullshit! If we’re not careful we end up drowning in it!

Mindful awareness is a key that we can learn to create for ourselves on a daily basis. Just 20 minutes a day of cultivating mindful awareness can change the way you see the world, and thus the way the world is projected back to you. Call it Karma, the law of attraction, yin and yang or whatever you prefer. Just know that “as you think, so shall you be”.

The 20 keys to mindfulness mastery take you on a journey about learning of the key of present moment mindfulness, mindful non-judgement and mindful letting go. Non of these need a rocket scientist to understand them. In fact all 20 keys to mindfulness mastery have been around for centuries. The good news, that proves their authenticity, is that they have not changed. That’s a sure fire way to test reality and keep the truth simple.

The mindful journey through 20 keys to mindfulness mastery shows you how to make mindful decisions. Sound too easy? Imagine being able to make the right decision 90 percent of the time. We all know people who seem to continually make the wrong decisions over and over again. They don’t seem to listen to reason. They seem to have ‘bad luck’, while others seem to effortlessly rise to the top of their games financially, physically and emotionally. They even seem to choose the right friends and partners? That is because they know how to make mindful decisions and not act on impulse. The brain does us no favours and over time can habitually lead us down the wrong neural-path again and again. Breaking the cycle by learning how to make mindful decisions can be a significant life changing step for many.

Mindful Truth, Mindful Sensing and Mindful Kindness are some of the other 20 keys to mindfulness mastery that will help you to put the pieces of the puzzle together for a life you have yearned to live. You will learn the wisdom of ‘The King and the Sage’ and many of the forgotten mindfulness secrets that have been used across the ages. All things are possible, even radical personal transformation. Don’t think for a second it is not available to you! You just need to know how to do it. After all, most people would be wealthy if they knew how to do wealthy, right? Right.

The mind has had a bad wrap lately. It is being blamed for getting us into all sorts of trouble, which certainly is true on many levels. But brains can be trained. Brains are developed along with our conscious awareness. When we realize that conscious awareness is our core problem, that it can elude us, steal our joy and lead us down the garden path, we need to show up with the other parts of ourselves that make us developing conscious beings. Our ability to self reflect, to go above thinking and surface feelings is a trait unique to us human beings in this universe. We can transcend the machinery. We can go above our habits, old-patterns and ingrained ways of thinking, feeling and behaving once we consciously choose a system to go above (or transcend) our old habitual ways with new conscious awareness. Meditation is one such system. That is what mindfulness is. Awareness of what is, both within and without our frames of personal reference. Mindfulness is about becoming open enough to gain a birds eye view of ourselves as we really are, of others as they really are and of God as God really is.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

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“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

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