Meditate at your desk

Today, some people might still find the concept of meditating at their desk somewhat strange. Most people, especially those in corporate settings, still believe that work is a time for maximum output only. However, as the world changes, so do our basic needs. Not wants, but needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs indeed requires an upgradeContinue reading “Meditate at your desk”

Guided Meditation for Depression Treatment

There is a lot we can do about working with stress, anxiety and depression therapeutically. Our guided meditation for depression treatment is new, fun and exhilarating self care work that works wonders.

Contemplative Intelligence Meditations

Discover the healing power of Contemplative Intelligence Meditations or CQM’s as we call them for short. We have learned a lot over the last decades about the science of getting well.

Spiritual Solutions for everyday problems

Spiritual Solutions for everyday problems call be called daily awakening’s. These awakenings happen every day and we just need to notice them

The Journey Beyond Meditation

Have you ever been able to answer the seemingly simple question of who am I? This philosophical pointer has been used by teachers for centuries to take us on the journey beyond meditation.

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