Heal Your Life with Meditation

Heal Your Life with Meditation

When one part of our mind is stuck or stressed, we can use another part of it to access what we need to heal. Knowing our level of stress and homeostasis and how to regulate it, is another story. Healing illness with the subconscious mind happens whenever we go beyond the analytical mind.

As we open our eyes in the morning the mind starts to speed its way into the new day. We start calculating, thinking of all the problems we may face and we do this day in and day out year after year. The problem with all of this when its comes to growing and transforming your life is that you are living you life from past experience. You’re living it on the knowledge and information your brain proceed last year, last night and so on. Eventually we move through our days with 98% of our thoughts coming from past experience. This means that we are living in the familiar and certain past. 

All our thoughts move along a behaviour chain. Once we have a thought it concretizes and turns into an emotion next. Emotions are the files we record in our memories of past experiences. So the moment we have a thought about having a stressful day or having to work long hours or having to pick up the kids, impress the boss or work on our relationships or ourselves for that matter we can instantly experience negative emotions. Our bodies experience these emotions on autopilot through the subconscious and when we feel low or moody and we don’t know why we can start to understand that it is probably because we are living from past experience in this moment. So if we want to Heal Your Life with Meditation we must start with realising and creating an awareness that what we think and feel can be a product of 98% memory. The mind despises work. It loves to operate from the safety of the familiar past that it knows. Ultimately this is how we become stuck in things like depression, anxiety and develop mood disorders and even diseases. Living in stressful states for extended periods of time switches on our stress hormones and just like the behaviour chain where a trigger becomes a thought that becomes and emotion and then develops into an observable behaviour and then oftentimes ends up as a severe life consequence. 

Now when we were young these stress hormones activated to help us defend ourselves which is what we can survival mode. Whenever we felt threatened or confused or overwhelmed our emotions triggered stress responses that helped us subconsciously get ourselves out of uncomfortable situations. Problem is when we do that everyday, year after year we loose homeostasis and become unbalanced. Nothing or no one can stay sane and healthy and survive for extended periods of time in fight, flight, freeze mode for too long without harsh consequences on the body, heart and mind. That includes our genes and hormones and basically everything else and we end up at war with our external environments subconsciously and don’t even recognise that we have been hijacked into impulsive, compulsive and aggressive behaviours. 

So if we want to start Healing Depression and stress with the subconscious mind then we need to find ways everyday and every morning to move beyond the calculating, analytical mind that is operating on a program in your past. At our Center for Healing and Life transformation we have developed highly modern programs to do just that. Even though people tend to wait for rock bottom before they come to us we still find we are able to miraculously help them to heal themselves in massive ways, in relatively short periods of time. When we interrupt routine behaviours, use contemplation and meditation and start to wake up from the past into the present and from the subconscious to he conscious we see healing happen. No one is excluded from this work. All you need to do is apply yourself and install a new program that counters your need for the certainty of the past. We teach people how to slow their brain waves down and move into different beta and theta states. We show them how to shift energy around their bodies and focus on activating certain parts of their brains. If you can see it in your imagination, you will see it manifest in your hand. This is how change happens. It is the science of finding your spiritual self that has made our clients healings that seem so out there and hard to do become so very possible for all people with all sorts of conditions from all over the world. 

Our CQM or contemplative meditations take time to grasp. They are profoundly different at first. Yet as people move through the levels 1-4 of the program we see significant changes in the body and its responses to stimulus. We see HRV or heart rate variability changes and see how brain waves start to align with the hearts rhythms and synchronise. This starts to change everything and the first thing we see is the body, heart, mind begin to heal and transform. We record, map and monitor all the data we see as people heal and our Awakening project is scientifically mapping this data for the scientific community. There are big changes in mental health and self regulation happening at the moment that are transforming lives. Exciting, life-saving changes. Join us at our centre or on one of our exclusive retreats to start teaching yourself how to heal yourself. Meditations are also online in the shop to try. Learning to Heal Your Life with Meditation is not only possible, it’s easily accessible. We are living in exciting times of epic potentiality and possibility. 

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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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