Body-Heart-Mind Healing

Body-Heart-Mind Healing

We have developed a very powerful program of healing that universally connects, synchronises and aligns all your faculties and capabilities together. Body-Heart-Mind Healing creates physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual synchronicity that allows people to heal from all kinds of conditions, disorders and dis-eases. Over the last 12 years we have developed a profound healing system we call Body-Heart-Mind Healing that has been changing lives in a remarkable and unprecedented scale for people with all kinds of ailments all over the world.

At our Center for Healing and Life Transformation we work with people who have substance issues, through to stroke recovery survivors and then all the way back to people who have suffered depression, anxiety disorders and other ailments that have negatively impacted their lives.

We have documented and observed hundreds of healings, some spontaneous and others through practice and process that people have not been able to find anywhere else, before they followed the Body-Heart-Mind Healing method

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy)


The healings our clients and teams have witnessed over the years have been nothing short of miraculous and marvellous at the same time. There is an emotion of change, healing and transformation. There is stimulus, thoughts, perceptions, feeling, emotions and dormant faculties and talents that can be accessed through the process of the Body-Heart-Mind Healing method. Our healing practitioners use different methods to provide different healing programs for each person according to their specific needs and goals.

Time and time again we have seen people heal from decades of depression, from trauma since the age of 5 and from a multitude of pain-body and emotional and deeply psychological issues that they have not been able to treat anywhere else. We use the CQ method of healing which is a process of activating a contained and constant connection of your Body-Heart-Mind together that is able to create enough energy to shift a person neurologically from depression centres of the brain to healing ones; in a totally different part of the brain. Rewiring what has become our belief system is necessary for change and transformation. Two things are required for practicing the Body-Heart-Mind Healing method of healing and change. Effort and Belief.


Our psychologically and scientifically trained team with a combined experience of three decades move from a deeply scientific, psychological and factual understanding of our clients that then grows towards one where energy is manifested, focused and re-directed to allow healing on an unprecedented level to take place. Our team is comprised of two psychologists with different specialities, life coaches, healing coaches, art, mindfulness, retreat teachers that are all underpinned by Mark to create a scientifically grounded healing process that is absolutely measurable. There is no guess work whatsoever. What we learned at our healing centre many years ago was that people from all over the world with different cultures, beliefs and very different problems started to heal when they consciously and persistently worked with us on the Body-Heart-Mind Healing method. Deeply meditative states, silent retreats, conscious rewiring all meet with scientific and then spiritual principles to cause miraculous healing effects for :

  • Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Addictions
  • Burnout, Grief, Loss of Purpose and Adolescent Recovery Programs
  • Borderline Personality Disorder and all 10 Personality Disorders are treated by our team of experts. Programs are individually designed for each person.
  • Stroke Recovery Treatment and Healing Team, C-PTSP, Trauma, ADHD, OCD, SUD and Eating Disorders
Body-Heart-Mind Healing


  • Shift habits, perceptions, and ingrained unconscious programming
  • Change thoughts and feelings to think beyond limitations
  • Transform your genetic destiny
  • Transcend past pain and create new joy
  • Prime your brain so that you can create your future
  • Use meditation to change your mind and your reality

To come to our centre or start work on Body-Heart-Mind Healing with us call +27824424779 or email

Published by Mark L Lockwood

Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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