Rewire Your Reality

Rewire Your Reality


Change requires an aware consciousness or it is just not going to happen. When we decide we want something new for ourselves, a better self, then we are going to have to apply a new consciousness to effect that change and growth. Ships are built, they don’t come in, so waiting for change to come to us is a waste of time and effort that will leave you feeling tired, stressed and let down. 

Change is more about unlearning than learning. It is more about unwiring our brains than rewiring them at first. We have to unlearn what doesn’t work before we apply a new program into the brain that does work. So knowing what we don’t want is a good first step in the change and growth cycle. We need to know what to let go of that no longer works for us and then consciously and actively work on letting those entrenched memories go. This is how you start to rewire your reality.

Learn how to finally rewire your reality from the inside out

Your healing and growth are also concerned with no longer thinking, feeling and acting or behaving in certain ways. Change is a real thing, not just an idea and now that we know this from what we have learned at The Center over the years is that we can effect real change in a relatively short period of time through daily repetition and practice. Some people are prepared to practice change and others will sabotage any chance of change by sticking with the idea of certainty and safety that they are used to. So know this – Change is uncomfortable!

You will have to trim old synaptic connections and unlearn emotional states from childhood that used to serve you well as you rewire your reality. Now that they no longer serve you, they may rather imprison you, you have to go. We actually have to get rid of these neural nets in the mind and create new ones. That is the kind of change we are talking about here. This is the magic of change. It is what we call at The Center, the science of finding your spiritual self. Finding your spiritual self, the self without the shadows and ego defences and all the minds survival tactics that are entrenched in memorised stuckness and certainty is the work of creating lasting healing and change for yourself. 

We must recondition the body and recondition the mind as you rewire your reality. This is called re-cognition. Re-thinking. This is what doing the Contemplative Meditation work or MindYoga is all about. It is about making the decision for yourself to let go of the old and embrace new healed and more powerful states of thinking, feeling and being. To do this we need to bear a certain amount of uncertainty and unpredictability. Most people are creatures of habit. When things go as planned, we feel in control. But when life throws a curveball, it can leave us feeling anxious and stressed. Eighty-one percent of Americans reported global uncertainty as one of their top sources of stress which shows how much stress is ingrained in our autonomous thinking patterns every single day of our lives. Uncertainty is the bridge we need to cross for change to happen. The kind of feelings of safety that we are so used to, that are entrenched in the mind, have to be overcome for they are not real, but are rather illusions of safety that end top in suffering. Much like fear needs to be overcome, we need to be brave enough to look in the closet to see if there is really a monster inside. When we do look we see that the idea of the monster in the closet is only a trick of the mind to keep us safe. 

When the body is stressed, muscles tense up. Muscle tension is almost a reflex reaction to stress—the body’s way of guarding against injury and pain. Stress can make existing problems worse. In one study, for example, about half the participants saw improvements in chronic headaches after learning how to stop the stress-producing habit of “catastrophizing,” or constantly thinking negative thoughts about their pain. Is this possibly you? In one study, researchers examined the association between “positive affect”—creating feelings like happiness, joy, contentment and enthusiasm—and the development of coronary heart disease over a decade. They found that for every one-point increase in positive affect on a five-point scale, the rate of heart disease dropped by 22 percent. That’s huge. 

While the study doesn’t prove that increasing positive affect decreases cardiovascular risks, the researchers and the American Psychiatric Association now recommend boosting your positive affect by making time for a daily practice. Group meditation, contemplation exercises and MindYoga are such practices that actually help people heal through connecting first to self and then the contemplative field around them. So when we change the way we look at things through practice, the things we look at actually begin to change. Thus you rewire your reality.

In neuroscience we have a wise mind, an emotional mind and a rational mind. The partake we do helps us synchronise these minds together. Thus the term MindYoga. It is about synaptically merging all our resources together. 

Rewire Your Reality

Then we want the mind and body to actually experience the new feelings and thoughts you allow in through the work on the deepest possible level. This allows our thinking and feeling to move beyond the clusters of neurons that make us a walking habit of a person rather than one who is a world-changer capable of new and extraordinary things in your life. The moment we begin to modify our behavior and we have a new experience, now we are instructing the body emotionally to teach it what it has intellectually believed. Now we have three brains working together. That is power. Power is the ability to act as you really want to. 

Doing the meditations and MindYoga work every day helps us create new synapses and connections that neuro-chemically condition your mind, emotions and the feelings in the body to experience your thoughts as realities. 

The process of change requires us to go from thinking to doing to being. Every time we learn something new we are  creating a new connection in the brain and through the process of practice and repetition, you’re actually reinforcing, hardwiring and creating new circuits in your thinking and feeling brains.

So this is where we can start. With unlearning what doesn’t work. Then relearning who we want to and can be through practice and repetition until such time as the new states we have intended emerge into our consciousness and can stay conscious. This is the art of change and healing at its core. 

Secrets learned over decades at our Center for Healing and Life Transformation, our wellness centre in South Africa, today help thousands of people from all over the world retreat, renew, re-order and heal themselves from all kinds of disorders, depression, stuckness and the pain of a half lived life. It is not only possible to Rewire Your Reality, but at some point in life it becomes an essential bridge of healing and life transformation to cross for all of us. Delve into how we keep doing what we do until we show up and interrupt our brain, body, emotions with a new flow of energy and healing that comes from the core of our Sacred selves. Subscribe, start the Awakening Course and come retreat at our center. Namaskaram. 

Rewire Your Reality

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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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