Contemplation traverses time

Contemplation traverses time

Did you know that Contemplation is a miracle that takes us beyond time? Contemplation traverses time. We could never, ever, ever, ever, ever learn or understand what life is about and who we are unless we were able to transcend time. No philosopher, scientistic, priest or intellectual has ever done so. Although we will never have all the answers, and know that life is something that is revealed to us on a daily basis, we still know that there is a process happening. 

Most people are blind to the process in the first half of life. This is why suffering comes. To teach us to stop and rethink it all. Start to finish. We are all here being loved by a continual daily outpouring of love from the food we take, the sun, the earth and of course other awakened, or awakening people. 

Our first job is one of awareness. To even know that there is an outpouring is an awakening in its own right. It takes cognitive intelligence to grasp it. Do you know that many people believe there is no out pouring and no process at all? Do you know that they believe this is all a cosmic fluke, a mistake, repeated nowhere else in the universe? How grand our ego can be. I encourage you today to simply think about that level of consciousness as it is in you today. I do not ask you to believe this or that. Just contemplate reality as you see, hear, taste, touch and smell it. Consciously. This material connection is enough to get any one of us to open our eyes and see what is. To see what is would take a life time, or a million lifetimes. But you can transcend time, and space as you go within and contemplate with all your senses. Senses that will open your soul to the truth of this loving process. Blessings and namaste as you navigate and contemplate your way today. 

Contemplation traverses time as a free gift to us all that will help us complete the task of life. Our purpose of life is all the same. Each person has the same purpose. It is only when we believe we have separate purposes that war comes, and hate and separation come. Contemplation is given with grace to help you and I complete the task successfully. Although we are not controlled we are guided. This is love. When you can see through contemplative awareness that you are guided you in turn will guide others. This is the Sacred process, or sacred quest back to your authentic self.

Over the last twenty years we have helped people at Center for Healing and Life Transformation with problems of thinking and being that have presented as depression, stress, burn-out and addictions. Our psychologists, psychiatrists or wellness and mindfulness teachers don’t get them well. There is no such wellness process in the world. The only process is the unveiling of consciousness. Nothing else happens to make people well. They learn how to think more correctly and in so doing leave the thinking errors behind. That is all that any psychologist or healer does. They simply remove our errors in thinking. So we become more intelligent in this way of course.

Earlier this week in a lecture that was being presented we discussed the idea that ‘you can’t get there from here. You cannot get to lasting peace, calm, purpose and bliss unless you go beyond two things; ego and the mind. You cannot understand life or yourself because you are not capable of a full understanding of life or yourself! The intellect hates this unknown mystery and demands answers, answers that it will not get. So it ends up having a tantrum because it learned in childhood when all else fails in getting what you want, simply have a tantrum. We discovered in healing people these tantrums were the depression and anxiety and the latent rage. All we had to do was go beyond intellect and into the heart and soul and we discovered that is how one gets there. You get there from using all you faculties and talents. Not just the mind. The mind is not enough. It must be transcend to understand. We can translate this metaphorically to having to go beyond our very own human natures, personalities and frames of reference. This is how we ‘get there’. We unite it all. This is the meaning of yoga and even of the biggest religion in the world. Catholic also means unity of all.

Contemplation traverses time because thinking is an error in the end. The eastern wisdom traditions have taught us this for centuries. For most of the world today thinking is not working too well. Addiction rates are soaring. Pharmaceutical usage is also astronomical. Yet, we are the most educated, comfortable and technologically advanced generation ever. We are acting like life is a race, and it is all about trying to manipulate time to win the race. Unfortunately this is all a means to an end that is slowly being shown to us at the present moment. We are starting to see that pharmaceuticals and races both are useless pursuits for most of us. The reality is that we are going nowhere. We are only doing what those psychologists and psychiatrists do with the sick. They help them to become more conscious. When consciousness dawns, it is called an awakening. An awakening from a nightmare of a race we are losing. No, there is no race as we see that contemplation traverses time. Today, you can develop your own contemplative practices and contemplative intelligence to be still, not race, and in so doing experience how your very own contemplation traverses time.

Contemplation traverses time get in touch or do the 6 week course and discover the art of contemplative and finding your Sacred Self.

Contemplation traverses time

Published by Mark L Lockwood

Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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