Why CQ is more important than EQ and IQ

Why CQ is more important than EQ and IQ

Your ability to think emotionally, rationally and wisely requires Contemplative Intelligence (CQ). You need action and processing time before that action top go hand in hand to achieve your best possible outcomes. 

Daniel Goleman made a compelling and accurate case that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was more important than IQ for people who wanted to live, heal and perform better. He was right. Empathy is very central to our work with CQ as it is the bridge that activates the neurological pathways to the prefrontal cortex. Open your heart and your brain opens too. Research shows that most attempts at increasing EQ have resulted only in temporary improvements.  The reason is that a more foundational and core intelligence has been ignored, which opens the doorways to Daniel Goleman’s improved emotional intelligence that stays activated. 

Switching on and off is no good for our performance, our relationships or careers. Being able to stay switched on with laser focus all the time is the next area of our evolution and is being demanded by the current context of our time. Taking the time to active CQ regions in the brain’s prefrontal lobes through various techniques we call MindYoga, before taking action, shows a marked improvement in those actions, that is both measurable and sustainable. 

Mark L Lockwood who founded Contemplative Intelligence, and is using its principles with great success in treating his clients, says it is about non-action and then action as two polar opposites that must work together. This is why CQ is more important than EQ and IQ.


Our mind is our greatest asset, but also our worst enemy if left unmanaged. Self regulation is the future of medicine according to Mark.”Worrying about the future, the next crisis aversion or your financial or relationship woes will get you almost nowhere for a hundred years of 3:00am wake up calls by your brain. Activate the receptors that are awakened by mindfulness techniques, meditation and contemplative techniques and the answers to the questions appear 75 percent more of the time. Rumi, was right when he said what you seek is seeking you. 

Life is like a binary system of zero’s and ones. Alpha and Beta waves work so well together for mindfulness that people can change their lives in a very short space of time. We need the active side and the refractory side to work together to create the magic that is nothing short of Life Transformation for most people who practise contemplation. Use only one side of your neurological chemistry and you will be prone to fight, flight and freeze responses that have no problem solving or creative ability. Re-activate the cerebral cortex and prefrontal creativity through the self-regulatory techniques we offer and you’re making decisions like the best of our leaders in history. Strangely enough CQ techniques were used by everyone from Roman Emperors to Mystics, Monks and Yogi’s. The forgotten art that these people used practically to navigate wars and the rise and fall of empires is more prevalent today than it has ever been before. The insurgents have simply changed from warlords to the Insurgents in our minds that stop us from becoming still and contemplative.

Like a third eye, CQ exercises activate the parts of the brain that activate a much higher intelligence than IQ, or EQ combined. “IQ is doing the youth of today little good and knowledge does not do enough to allow people to create or maintain a successful and balanced life in most areas. IQ is still creating Peter Pan’s. Pan means everything and symbolises the very unlimited access we have to building on our intelligence or IQ in many new ways, but it is not working. We need to go back to basics and follow a middle road down the binary highway of life between zero and one, or problem and solution. Contemplative Intelligence is that middle road offering sustainable and laser focused action everyday combined with the stillness that the mind needs to optimise its workload everyday. 

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Published by Mark L Lockwood

Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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