How to get out of Fight, Flight or Freeze

How to get out of Fight, Flight or Freeze

Contemplative Intelligence Series – Get out of your Limbic Brain and Heal your life.

Part 2 in our series on Contemplative Intelligence or CQ. This practice is like a meditation except you rather focus on something, in this case or teaching, the word Acceptance. It will simply allow you to get to acceptance in all things and love what is, as it is, but it will also get the word, in this case Acceptance, to become more of a living, real concept that you can use to heal mind, body and soul. When the mind is at ease it becomes creative and far more intelligent on all levels than if it were stressed. It gets you right out of limbic system into prefrontal cortex. It is How to get out of Fight, Flight or Freeze and its simplicity and effectiveness are almost to simple to teach. Muhammed was correct in saying that “one hour of contemplation surpasses 60 years worship”.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881–1955) was a proponent of using spirituality, religion and science to heal people and to wake them up from the coma of an un-lived life. He was a Jesuit paleontologist and mystic who said “You can count on me unreservedly to work for the kingdom of God, which is the one thing I keep before my eyes and the one goal to which science leads me.” For Teilhard, there was no dualistic split between science and religion.

It was statements such as these, misinterpreted as pantheism or naturalism, which resulted in the Jesuit superiors prohibiting Teilhard from publishing his works. But he was onto something, something big, that could perhaps start to heal people on a profound level of consciousness. Nonetheless, today, we can begin to use science and religion to heal peoples lives through ‘contemplative Intelligence’. Getting out of your limbic system, learning how to get out of Fight, Flight or Freeze into the prefrontal cortex, with centering practice can do much more, even medically than most may, at first think. We must ‘keep it before our eyes’ daily as Teilhard states.

Dualistic thinking, by the way, is the way most people think and act, it is the “us vs. them” syndrome. It brings to some the internal comfort to know that they are part of the inner circle. They then feel reassured that their thoughts are the correct ones and feel vindicated that they are right and others are wrong. Contemplative Intelligence helps us stop defence mechanisms of blaming and denial from taking hold of our brains, then our thinking and feelings and then our actions on ourselves, others and the world. Pretty scary chain of events, that we can now learn how to manage better.

Practicing daily how to get out of your fight, flight or freeze response is something we teach people that makes a massive difference to their healing and recovery experiences for addictions, depression and anxiety.

How to practice contemplative intelligence

Soon we will show you many ways to practice CQ or contemplative Intelligence. The video below is a small sample of one of hundreds of different practices.

Let to days short video be focused on the colours your acceptance brings you through this contemplative meditation. It is a meditation that brings acceptance, surrender and an all encompassing handing over of our story, as we return to presence and being.

You’ll be asked to become aware of your breathing but don’t change it. It is perfect as it is. Just become aware of it. Instead of zoning out like with meditation, we zone in to a centering thought or phrase. This phrase today is Acceptance. It is a key, as simple as it is, that can hammer peaceful atom bombs at your survival brain, that have the power to make it let go of you. When this happens anxiety lessens. This is the why and How to get out of Fight, Flight or Freeze. If we stay this way for long enough, and practice often enough, you will recreate neural pathways that will send your energy, chi, or shakti through every neural synapse, straight back to your prefrontal cortex, which is located on the exact opposite side of your brain. “Go figure. If you want to change you life around 180 degrees, this may be just how you do it!”, says Mark.

So listen to the video and allow all the images, sensations, feelings and thoughts to stay with you. Change nothing. Just accept it all. Now as we allow our minds to settle into our calmness, we can loose ourselves and the busyness and chatter in the art that has been created for you and now flows through you, and will flow out of you to others again.

We practice contemplative intelligence

to experience and realize

the Self or God within.

This is our practice.

Sit with palms facing up. Be comfortable and sit quietly. Use your backrest or sink into your lounger. Sink into it…as your energy, flow and your vegas nerve is activated.

Finally the simple visual and auditory exercise asks you to see the the truth is this – “that the Universe has been answering you all your life”. The universe is perfect exactly the way it is. We affirm the truth that reality is always kind to me, and further affirm the following:

Awareness is healing.

Acceptance is Healing.

My Actions are healing, and there is nothing I don’t accept. There is nothing that doesn’t accept me. I am acceptance! This is the focus of the contemplative intelligence exercise.

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Healing with Contemplative Intelligence or CQ

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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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