Spirituality and Brilliant Sanity

Spirituality and Brilliant Sanity

Spirituality and Brilliant Sanity are emerging out of an era of rationality where we have lost our minds to open our hearts to each other.

A question has come up again about a topic called brilliant sanity and I think the good news for everybody today is to understand that the rational world is coming to an absolute end. A great conscious shift that the likes of Eckhardt Tolle, Deepak Chopra and others have hinted at recently. We can see that with all the irrational behavior that’s coming through, and it is giving birth to what we can call today brilliant sanity. The world is changing and transforming, and so are you, and both of these things are happening at the same time. So there are and there is much resistance from people who are sleeping, but they seem to be blissfully unaware that there’s any change going on at all.

The world, rationally, is in chaos and disorder and getting worse, but there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel. If we just look contemplatively today at our world and all the transformations we have gone through historically, we’ll be able to see that there’s something quite marvellous going on here. So contemplative psychotherapy and Buddhist psychology teach us a concept which they call Brilliant sanity. In Christianity, we call it Soul, the breath of Life, or the Holy Spirit. It is much higher in form than any rational thinking or intellectual pursuit, in my opinion. And the good news is, how brilliant sanity is changing, or should I say, transforming, the world from the inside out.

Our social structures and stressed cultures decided to become super rational about life and all its complex subjects from abortion, gender, religion through to corporations and politics. None of it worked and people went insane and called it a mental health crisis.

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy)

At the most fundamental and basic level, we are already awake and unconfused. We all have within us a natural dignity and wisdom. A contemplative Intelligence if you like. Even if it is arising slowly from subconscious to conscious, from thought to matter and from individuals to communities. So, as more and more people start to suffer emotionally in this rationally constructed era that we’ve just gone through, the most technologically advanced era, you will understand that people are not keeping their sanity together, never mind brilliant sanity. In fact, there’s a dumbing down that we’ve noticed over the decades, and we’re understanding that rationality was first, and irrationality, of course, if you’re good at maths, must come second. So I think we can begin to see that what we thought was rational is no longer working. And I’ll say that again, what we thought was rational is no longer working in the world today.

Australia’s super-Laws, to over policing and over ‘policying’ from our political leaders, to the collapse of our school systems and the renewal of our churches and religions that became murderously insane with dualistic principles is dead. A Brilliant sanity now emerges and it is the antidote to the snake bite of supposed rationality.

Our politicians, big corporates, and even our religious institutions have been acting more and more irrational as the decades have passed. All you need to do is turn a television on to see if that’s true or not. So today, we’re emerging out of a rational era. We are awakening to something new and different, something wonderful, new, and necessary, if you ask me. I think this rational era that we’ve come through has given us more technological advancement than ever. When rationalism was born, we began to see greater advancements in medicine, industry, technology.

But then, of course, war, politics, religion, and education all took drastic turns to inform and educate us all to be rational human beings. And we felt we had it worked out with the click of a button. Today, we’ve got so much information, all the information we’re ever going to need in one lifetime, at the click of a button, available at our fingertips. And that information is not wisdom, and it is not doing us much good. And to see how that works, we can just go back a little bit.

Would you butcher thy neighbor if he dressed differently or even looked or spoke or worshiped God differently? And you know, brother has always led brother like a lamb is and was led to a slaughter. And we’ve rationally ignored loving that neighbour or turning the other cheek. In fact, we ignored most of what Christ taught us and even believed everyone else in the world was irrational. Yet this knowledge was nothing short of insane. So today, Christianity is also, like everything else, transforming rationality into brilliant sanity and going along for the ride. It is really inspiring to see the world humbly transforming itself together without the ego this time. The meek or the egoless rarely do look like they will inherit the earth.

Spirituality and Brilliant Sanity

A new openness, clarity and compassion slowly replaces dualistic reason and logic that was always biased, racist, idealistic and pretty darn selfish. Rationality was laced with false pride and what was good for us over here, was not to be shared with those over there. It sounds rational to politicians and even some religions. That’s just not sane. None is above the other and the meek, the egoless, will indeed inherit the earth. If love is the strongest and most powerful emotion that drives us along this beaten path of evolution, then fear, separation and inequality have to go. It is in giving that we receive is not rational – rather it is brilliant sanity!

Spirituality and Brilliant Sanity

For more on Spirituality and Brilliant Sanity read more here, get in touch, start a course or come to the Center for Healing and Life Transformation in South Africa. The world changes as you change. Namaskaram.


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