From personality to spirituality

From personality to spirituality

The extraordinary journey from personality to spirituality shifts us into a profoundly powerful state of consciousness that is changing everything. Spiritual Awakening is the alignment of your personality with your sacred self, and a personality is created over a lifetime. It is created from the very moment you were born, from the moment of conception. From the moment you were a single cell morphing into a very complex neurobiological human being in a physiological form, with an intellect, emotional quotient, and contemplative capabilities. The soul and spiritual self have been there from the very beginning, and there had to be an alignment of the persona with the spiritual, sacred, holy, or divine parts of ourselves.

If you dissolve your personality, your presence becomes very powerful – this is the essence of spiritual sadhana.


Spiritual awakening is moving from one side to the other; it is transforming. “Trans” meaning to go and move above, transform above form. It is the process of life, a conscious transformation. It is not just a physical transformation, which does little for us as we age. Life is rather about consciousness that never stops expanding and evolving. When the timing is right, we will know and feel an inner yearning, often through suffering and pain. This signals that we need to transform, to awaken spiritually.

When this happens, we embark on a journey. We gather the courage to cross the abyss of the dark night of the soul and move towards our authentic selves, our sacred selves. The truth is what sets us free. We gain knowledge of our personality, understanding its defects, perfectionism, co-dependence, neuroticism, judgmental side, and more. Then, we dissolve and integrate these aspects into our new self, our spiritual, sacred selves. We become human beings who are spiritual beings, rather than human beings who are merely personalities.

Deep healing lies beyond the personality

We heal personality disorders by understanding that they are masks we wear to hide our pain. These masks, which we have used since we were one or two years old, keep our pain deeply suppressed. However, they make us powerless to create what we want for ourselves, our families, and the world. By dissolving and integrating the ten most common personality masks we wear, we can transform our lives and move towards our authentic selves. Self-compassion, emotional regulation, courage, resilience, and other pathways help us break open the persona, freeing us from addictions, depression, and lifelong anxieties and fears.

From personality to spirituality

We can solve any problem using our cognitive capacity and consciousness as we shift from personality to spirituality. The only problem we can never solve is God. For all other problems, we have the capability to find their sources and solutions. Just relying on our IQ or knowledge is not enough; we need to tap into our contemplative intelligence (CQ). By questioning our thoughts and moving beyond sensory information, we can access our intuition, epiphanies, and extra-sensory perceptions. Sitting with discomfort and pain, allowing stillness and knowing, gives space for truth to emerge. Our emotional intelligence (EQ) helps manage our feelings, allowing us to change our actions and behaviors, leading to different consequences.

Our task in life is to become fully human and fully divine at the same time and we must hold these opposites together without cancelling the other out so they can coexist harmoniously as one becomes the other

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy)

By following this process of moving from personality to spirituality, we become powerful rather than powerless, taking loving-kindness actions and experiencing consequences that bring high energy, growth, evolution, and progress. Solve any problem by shifting from IQ to EQ to CQ. The Stoics, mystics, monks, and prophets have taught us to be still and know. Questioning our thinking gives us the ability to receive meta-cognition and perform right action.

Published by Mark L Lockwood

Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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