The Meditation Revolution

The Meditation Revolution

There are meditations being produced that heal us psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically. The science confirms what the sages taught us. Insightful contemplative meditation, or getting to zero and finding stasis actually heals us. In todays busy world, this has resulted in a mental health crisis. The meditation revolution of integrative, energy raising work that changes your brain waves, your hormones, neurochemistry and more. It is the cure that many of us seek. Learn the formula to something life changing that is way bigger than you. We have found something that we all have in common. Over years we become addicted to our emotions. This means that if we become depressed we unknowingly need our daily dose of those chemicals that we are familiar with to keep the story of our stress going. We can turn our stress response on with our thoughts alone. Where focus goes, energy flows and that applies right across the psychological spectrum. 

When you touch on something divine with all aspects of the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual self then you open up to new possibilities. You move away from emotional addictions that run deep into your stress hormones. You increase the amount of energy in your brain on purpose, you create something elevated and new. 

The journey begins when you start to show up for yourself, when you move beyond fear. We try and create a new reality with our existing personality and wonder why we become disappointed. To go beyond your persona you have to step outside of the box of who you have become. If you’re avoidant, resentful, stubborn or judgemental you will need to develop an awareness of these personality traits first. Only then you can set a deep intention and decide to change those aspects of the self by raising your consciousness to go beyond the personality of the past. Many of us are adult children. In other words we revert to childhoods ways of coping, thinking and feeling when we feel challenged. Only when you become conscious of this, can you do the work to rise above your own defence mechanisms which we call your insurgents. With the right system in place it can be surprisingly easy to do the work of personal transformation.

When you slow your thoughts you raise your frequency. You raise your serotonin levels and even those of the people around you. You get out of old mindsets, deeply entrenched in our neurobiology, in our bodies and emotions too. Change comes from changing brainwaves. It never comes from sitting and thinking about how you should, will or are going to change. That’s insanity. Rather it comes from actually changing in the real world.

In every state of recovery from hopelessness and disease comes from a major shift in consciousness, where your pathological lower and slower thinking no longer dominates you. With your consciousness and practice you can change what you attract to you and what you radiate outwards. 

Higher thinking can heal the mind and even the body. Science has shown us factually that thousands of people put themselves into remission on a daily basis. 

The Meditation Revolution

Our beliefs and expectations directly affect the conditions of our lives. You too can open the door to your subconscious mind, and begin creating a new healthy and functional template for your life. The meditation revolution we are seeing at the moment is due to the fact that self regulation is the future of medicine as we know it.

You can train the mind to heal the body and then the body can allow emotions to arise that heal the mind. By working with your body and elevating your emotional state, you can scientifically  become more resistant and more in control of your destiny. Rather than live in the past, we can create our own future. It requires changing some longstanding conditioned beliefs and the willingness to step into an unfamiliar, uncomfortable, unpredictable state that is consistent with living in the unknown. When we exchange self-limiting beliefs we begin to embody new possibilities. Let us practice changing our state of thinking, feeling and being to unwire the mind in certain areas and rewire them in others. This is real change in ecstatic motion that happens in your frontal lobes where stress is not invited. When you access the prefrontal cortex creative change comes. 

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When you start shifting your thoughts from mindless mind chatter to focusing intently on what you want things start to change. This intense focus is called intention and we all have access to the mighty power of own intention. When we start to free ourselves from the addictive thinking we all have we release creative energy which turns on the frontal lobe in your brain. It begins to spark up networks of neurons from memory and past experiences as well as what you’ve learned intellectually with your IQ, and it combines them together to create new thoughts and possibilities. 

If you can begin to combine a new focused intention with an elevated emotional you begin to experience the joy or the gratitude or the enthusiasm of that experience—then you’re teaching your body emotionally what that future can really feel like. Your body doesn’t know the difference between having the actual experience that creates an emotion and an emotion that you fabricate by thought alone. So your body begins to live in that future reality in the present moment.

So just by thinking differently, you begin to change your brain. And just by feeling differently, you begin to change your body. When you combine how you think and how you feel, you create a state of being. It turns out that the quantum field primarily responds to who we’re being. 

(EEG) brain activity at baseline rest. Increased theta and alpha activity was obtained

Do the The meditation revolution work until you are able to feel and see the intentions you want to create. Your mind will signal new genes in new ways and you can change your emotional signatures that will take you from judgement to gratitude and from survival mind to creative mind. This higher thought is accessed in the contemplative field which you access when you go to zero – when you get still and quiet in meditation and then change your emotions enough for your mind to select new neural networks. This is at the core of The meditation revolution as we use it today. If you can create inspiration through raising your energy you can change your personality and create a new reality. You can rewire your reality with practicing pure consciousness that puts body, heart, emotions and mind into homeostasis which is called flow consciousness. To your brain waves its like rapids in a river finally becoming still. When you get your mind out of the way, you can create something new. The same mind that created all your problems needs to get out if the way. 

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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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