Healing with Contemplative Intelligence or CQ

Learning how to use his methods of Contemplative Intelligence or CQ for healing, even long standing conditions or life blocks, can change not only your thinking in a short period of time

Addiction Treatment – You can’t get there from here

You can’t get there from here probably because we have sharpened our intellect to solve all our problems today. Perhaps this is also why we are the most depressed, anxious and addicted generation that have ever lived on the face of the earth. 

Mindfulness and Truth that sets you free

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-9ugi6-b6dacb Learn the importance and power of truth(reality) in your daily life. The brain, which functions on learning and memory to a large degree, stays well away from truth if it decides their is any kind of pain or suffering involved. Denial, deception, lack or awareness and distraction are pitfalls to watch out for. 

Mindful Sensing

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-kxg7m-b6dab0 Mindful Sensing is something anyone can do. Use your 5 senses to connect and become fully present and aware of yourself. When you start to show up in your entirety, with more trained-brain, emotions, body and soul, using all your faculties together miracles can happen. Love your transformation. 

Learn the art of critical reasoning

When we apply the skills of critical reasoning to our everyday decision making we are more able to effectively deal with situations at home, work, family, friends and interaction with your community and your engagement with other fields of study, such as Psychology, our won addiction, depression and anxiety healing.