Pre-order the Book

The Science of finding your spiritual self

Pre-order The Book

The Power of Contemplative Intelligence (CQ)

Everything you need to know about Contemplative Intelligence. It contains all the techniques and tools you will need to walk your way through the program. Available for pre-order today. The book is your comprehensive guide to :

Performance Enhancement

Help with Personality Disorders, depression and anxiety

Special Addiction Program supplement for addictions

Case studies, techniques and Research to help you, your team, or your clients improve in every area of their lives.

Living a life of Contemplative Intelligence (CQ)

Understand the 5 Fundamental life questions for real life change.

Work the formulas and the practices of CQ for yourself.

Discover how Stoics, Yogi’s, Masters and Mystics all have used CQ over the centuries and apply the best of these principles to your own life, and much, much more.

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