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The Power of Contemplative Intelligence (CQ)

Everything you need to know about the journey from Lizard brain to Sacred Self using your very own Contemplative Intelligence. It contains all the techniques and tools you will need to walk your way through the program. The book is your comprehensive guide to :

Performance Enhancement resources

Help with Personality Disorders, depression and anxiety, addiction recovery through to finding your life purpose and discovering your Sacred Self.

Case studies, techniques and Research to help you, your team, or your clients improve in every area of their lives.

Living a life of Contemplative Intelligence (CQ)

Understand the 5 Fundamental life questions for real life change.

Work the formulas and the practices of CQ for yourself.

Discover how Stoics, Yogi’s, Masters and Mystics all have used CQ over the centuries and apply the best of these principles to your own life, and much, much more.


The book is a companion that you can keep with you forever. Order a copy for a friend and we will send them the book, a beautiful short video and a thank you card as a package.

“One of the Best resources for beating depression”

Prologue of the Book

Technology, research and innovation have allowed this to be one of the greatest resources in self actualisation in history. Ground breaking advancements in psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and the human sciences have allowed us to identify and then confirm many of our brain and nervous systems operating systems.

This has allowed us as philosophers, scientists and mystics to put together a map of what we have learned from history. Everyone from the Tibetans, the Greeks, the desert fathers, Einstein, Tesla and other scientists have always pointed humanity in a direction towards self- actualisation and God realisation, answering the more difficult questions every man and woman must face. Fundamental questions like where did I come from? Why am I here and Where am I going? This book answers many of these questions. If it does not answer them, at the very least it points to and highlights them.

In the book Socrates, Aristotle, Buddha and Einstein meet Jesus, Freud, Da Vinci and Newton. The world has changed. We are convinced that it is for the better. A new freedom awaits those who learn to master nothing less than themselves. No longer do we need to conquer nations and wage war with anyone who is not the same as us. Any wars we wage, must be on ourselves. Each person today has the capability to wage peace on themselves, and when we all do this, all wars of dualism end. We cannot expect peace without, if we cannot find peace within. When we are at

peace, healed from “dis-order”, overwhelm and chaos, we are able to give the fruits we have found away to others.

A new consciousness has been emerging for centuries. The power of Contemplative Intelligence allows us to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Prepare for a mystical, spiritual, scientific and philosophical journey into the wilderness of our mentality. Contemplation makes the unknown Universe known, and then starts again at ground zero. From Omega to Alpha and back again. Get ready!

About the Author

Mark L Lockwood a leader in transforming peoples lives, with 20 years of experience and 2 degrees in psychology, he provides us with powerful scientific and spiritual resources, can now change yours – Enjoy the journey!




Chapter 1   –  AWAKENING TO AUTHENTICITY – Know thyself Page 11

Chapter 2 –   F9: SURVIVAL MIND – Sleep walking through life Page 22

Chapter 3 –   EGO-INSURGENTS 10X – Waking up to ego personality Page 30


  The journey to a holistic intelligence Page 50

Chapter 5 –   DISCOVERING CONTEMPLATION – A users manual. Page 90



Chapter 6 –  Universal Samsara and the Journey to CQ – Two halves of life Page 100


  Knowledge from the masters for all time Page 114

Chapter 8 – OPENING UP TO ENERGETICS – Fully awake, fully aware Page 126

Chapter 9 – Beyond Persona – Tin Men, Peter Pans and Velveteen Rabbits – 

Shadow Selves with a heartbeat Page 139



Chapter 10 – HOW TO PRACTICE CONTEMPLATION – Beyond Personality Page 149

Chapter 11 – LOVING LIMINAL SPACES – Contemplative teachings  Page 173

Chapter 12 – THE EMPATHY CODE Page 173

Chapter 13 – UNLOCKING THE INFINITE – Brain hacks, Mindset and 

  MindYoga Page 196

Chapter 14 – WHAT YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT – You’ve got it all wrong. Discovering    God, self and the other Page 213

Chapter 15 – YOUR SACRED SELF – A sacred quest to return to love. To return to 

  Sacred Self. Page 218  

EPILOGUE – A revelation of the Genesis journey Page 230

The Power of Contemplative Intelligence (CQ) Audio and Illustrated colour ebook combo pack. Everything you need to know about CQ healing work

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