5 Questions for lasting healing

5 fundamental life questions

The 5 fundamental Life Questions – Spiritual Healing and Life Transformation

5 fundamental life questions are as profound as they are healing. The right questions will open the doors to knowing the right answers.

1.Where have I been?

2.Who am I?

3. Where am I now?

4. Why am I where I am right now?

5. Where am I going?

The main reason you are not getting what you want, is because you may be consciously asking the wrong questions. Remember that 98 percent of people are spending 98 percent of their time doing things that don’t really matter. We believe we are being chased by dragons and worse still, we believe the solutions to be something they are not. This is simply and precisely why happiness eludes so many of us for so long. It is also why healing, joy and happiness can be so fleeting. The reason why relationships don’t last or end in divorce. something we oftentimes treat at our wellness and mental health center. If we are chasing the wrong rainbows, we are setting up for sure disappointment.

So we need to make sure, before we set out on our life’s chosen conquests, before we enter that relationship and before we invest our time or money in this or that, asking these five questions can change things drastically with little cost and investment to you. Get a pen and paper and see how you go with answering the questions. You may be surprised at how radially your perceptions and thinking can change.

Without being too drastic I want you to know that the reason for counselling and for getting help from other people can be so darn important, even if we rarely do it, is because we are blinded by most things! Yes. At the start of anything whether playing piano or opening our dream company or marrying the man of our dreams. We start off virtually blind and would benefit greatly from the help and perspectives of others because of this. So perspective cannot be under rated by any means. These questions are there to hep you get there faster and stronger than you may have in the past. These 5 fundamental life questions are as profound as they are healing. The right questions will open the doors to knowing the right answers.

So sit and take twenty minutes today to ground yourself. Remember, the truth shall set you free. If you have ever battled in frustration before, with a history of getting the short end of the stick, then this work will be a good investment for you. It may even change your relationships, business and life. After all, how awful would it be and how long would it take, wasting time going off passionately on the wrong trajectory. Just getting back to the starting point can be a hell in its own right. So, starting well with the 5 fundamental Life Questions is the key.

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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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