Everything is ok, you’re ok

everything is ok, you're ok

Well here’s a chunk of truth for you as we near the end of another one of the craziest years in the worlds history. Everything is ok, you’re ok! You might not be ecstatic. You may be going through extremely hard trials and tribulations in your body, mind or soul. But you’re ok for today. Things are always changing and change is something we are guaranteed. Life is difficult. It can be savagely cruel, unjust and even scary. But, but, but. If you just stop, breathe and focus on what’s coming next, you will at least be ok. If fires are raging, or fortunes have been lost, or death and sickness have visited your family; you need to know you’re okay. This is the way of life. It has always been, is now, and always will be changing.

Everything is ok, you’re ok mentality

You may be stuck in your million year old survival brain and it may be ruining your life. To keep our ancestors alive, our brains evolved an ongoing internal trickle of unease. It’s the little whisper of worry that keeps you scanning your inner and outer worlds for signs of trouble.

This background of unsettledness and watchfulness is so automatic to most people that we can forget it’s there.

It wears down our well-being, feeds anxiety and depression and makes us turn away from the things that matter to us. And it’s based on a lie.

In effect, that uneasiness in the background is continually whispering in your mental ear: “You’re not safe, you’re surrounded by threats, you can never afford to lower your guard.”

But take a close look at this moment, right now — probably, you are basically all right. No one is attacking you, you are not sick, there is no crisis where you sit. You can learn to meet life’s challenges simply by activating a different voice and region of your brain that performs far better while producing positive feelings like creativity, curiosity and empathy.

Overcome depression, stress & anxiety

Without the proper work, our minds are set on a trajectory towards getting more and more closed off and riddled on ego defence mechanisms. Just like keeping fit keeps us physically capable, our minds also need to be kept mentally fit with Contemplative Intelligence©  practices. Our monkey minds have responded to the pace of today, as they always have and cause all of our stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, regret, shame, guilt, and unhappiness. Research shows that our very own ego defence mechanisms have unknowingly put many of us into survival mode where our egoic, monkey minds are automatically always at war, leaving us in F9: which in short is fight, flight or freeze response described in detail in the book. This Lizard brain mentality is causing depression, addictions, extreme stress and obsessive thinking that result in career, relationship and self esteem issues.

Everything is ok, you're ok

Show up in the present moment to start to get rid of this monkey mind. This way you will become the witness, or observer of your thoughts. Also, keep it all simple. I will be okay. Deep breaths. You’re okay. Focus on the breath. You are going to be okay.” That is a good enough start to challenge the mind within that sabotages your peace and bliss. You can also do our course and discover your sacred self as you heal, like we did, from trauma, anxiety and depression. Whether or not you may know all this is there, your mind may be sabotaging your efforts, trying to keep you safe from dangers that are not even there. That is False Evidence Appearing Real or F.E.A.R.

Research has found that contemplative practices result in “greater mind-body awareness, an ability to reduce stress through emotional self-regulation, and, ultimately, the possibility of a “meditative-cognitive component.”

We have come to discover that we have Ego-Insurgents in our brains that no longer serve us. All of your Ego-insurgents think they are doing a sterling job for you. They cling to a self concept from early childhood that no longer works. We are more capable than they imagine us to be. These over protective ‘parents’ are taught through Contemplative Intelligence © that we are ready to fly the nest and soar like and eagle. In fact, with enough of the work, we align and realize how long overdue some of their walls have been in coming down.

So simply remember this. 14 000 000 000 years later, everything is still in order. We have had world wars, rockets, comets and asteroids wizz past us. Mustard gas, black plagues and polio. We’ve gone from stone ages to ice ages to people in cages, hearts in cages and minds in strange stages. Napoleon, David and Goliath, Thomas Merton and the Buddha have all breathed the same air as we do and we’ve all treaded the same paths as everyone from Jesus Himself to Trump, Musk, Mohammed and Jobs. Sure, people are panicked, lost and afraid. They are devoid of direction and meaning as the Universe gets one reshuffle after another these days. We are the most technologically advanced generation to have ever lived! We are also the most miserable, the most medicated and the most mindless perhaps. But of course, as things go, that is all changing. Yes. Change is the only thing that really is certain.

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Published by Mark L Lockwood

Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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