Spend your life Seeking Wisdom

Spend your life Seeking Wisdom

WHO ARE YOUR TEACHERS AND PURVEYORS OF WISDOM ? Contemplation has always been around and the wisest meta-thinkers and teachers of all time, including King Solomon, perhaps the wisest of all, suggested that you Spend your life Seeking Wisdom. Will you? Since the first Adam sat in silence wondering why he had fallen into a dark night of the soul after being extracted from Eden. There are so many mystics and masters that have influenced us today by navigating extreme journeys to understand the deeper meaning of what may have looked like a meaningless life without their teachings. The hope that Jesus offers the world with resurrection being available freely to everyone. The contemplations of Plato, Lao Tzu, Seneca and everyone else from Gandhi to Einstein have influenced the way we are today through their contemplative intelligence.

Wisdom is not found through knowledge, rather it is a way of being found through experience. It is the journey!

Mark L Lockwood

What would the world be like without other contemplatives like Nikola Tesla, Saint Paul, Thomas Merton or Mother Theresa. All of these people have shown us a different way. A way that is not carnal by nature, but rather spiritual by nature. It is loving instead of war-like. At the very least they have taught us how to let go, how to hope and believe and how to live a purposeful and meaningful life even though it may look otherwise at times. As our educational, political, environmental, medicinal and religious structures go through massive changes, who we look to, to guide us through these reconstructions is also more important than ever.

We would be wise to ask ourselves, our kids and partners today, ‘who are your teachers?’ Who are our influencers and to whom do we listen, follow and allow to guide us? Trump, Jay-Z, a Kardashian perhaps or Chopra? We need teachers and role models to allow us to see the mystical, sense the divine and understand what has actual value and what does not. If you’re going to Spend your life Seeking Wisdom it would be best to seek it from the right teachers. Finding the right teachers today is not always that easy. What may look good, successful and wise may just be an empty vessel who is making the most noise on the biggest stage with the loudest amplifiers.

Seek Wisdom from World Changers

While the world’s history has been stricken with stupidity and hostile intent we have had teachers persist in keeping their lights burning and their wicks trimmed. These great teachers, these great contemplatives all had the ability to rise above their own thinking and their own pain and suffering. Without them, without their deep reflective thought, the world as we know it may not have existed. Without them the lights of faith, hope and love may have been extinguished. But it was not intended that way by the creator. We have all heard the saying that all paths lead to God, one which guides the work of contemplative intelligence that demands that we transcend the lower and then include it. Nothing need be, nor is excluded from where we all are today in the world. Adam overcame. Krishna loved divinely. The Buddha transcended. John and Mohammed revealed and Jesus Christ resurrected. All stood up for love. Their task is the very same task as you have today. To love. Although there are many paths and many names, they all lead to God. God wins, but only every time!

We should be brave enough to Contemplate our lives, do what we thought was “outside the box,” and do it repeatedly. When we do that, we are on our way to a greater level of personal power.⁣

– Dr. Joe Dispenza

We can find contemplative practice in all cultures and religions. In ancient Greece Plato considered that, through contemplation, he ascended to divine knowledge. Judaism has many clear references to meditation with practices of introspection, visualisation and contemplation of all that is divine. Muhammad climbed Mount Hira to contemplate life and its meaning and we know that Shamans of many tribes practiced contemplation over the ages. Christianity defines contemplation as a state of awareness of divine union. Then in the East Samadhi is practiced as a kind of contemplative practice by Tibetan and Zen monks in Hinduism and Buddhism alike. Don’t let the names and titles make your mind averse to something. Our ego-insurgents can be set off in an instant, just by a word. Yes, even the words God or Buddha spark great offence to many people, which is a normal egoic response oftentimes caused by some childhood idea we may have had that religious people are bad or that only our religion was right and others were evil. Be conscious of looking out for these aversions and change the names of some of the practices and voila. The aversion you may have changes along with it. Never allow anything to stand in your way of seeking wisdom – even your own ego!

Spend your life Seeking Wisdom

Deep within we all thirst for wisdom more than the information and knowledge which seem to be moving us two steps backwards at times. Our desperate and pivotal need today, the one we have not succeeded at very well after all these centuries, is how to become truly human! How to make use of our faculties and talents to shape our lives and the world. We are all students of life and if we want good grades we’re going to need to be taught the right curriculum. Seek out teachers who can offer you a way to see knowledge as living words, ideas and texts that can breathe new life into your relationship with God, self and others and change your way of seeing the world. The Buddha once said “The trouble is, you think you have time.” Seek out direction, purpose, wisdom and all things mystical and unknown today without allowing yourself to waste time in a world which offers us a maze of distraction that ultimately leads us around in circles. Spend your life Seeking Wisdom and you will live a life of meaning and purpose. All we are here to do is keep lifting the veil of ignorance away from our eyes so that we can see Love is all there is. Without the clutter, the ego, the darkness and the distractions One Love is all there really is. We will do well to seek it and then become it.

Where focus goes energy flows so focus on the meaningful, powerful and profound. In ancient Greece Plato considered that, through contemplation, he ascended to divine knowledge. So remember wisdom can even be found in the silence. Simply be still and you will meet Wisdom there. Wisdom is not found through knowledge, rather it is a way of being found through experience. It is the journey! As Einstein said, “any fool can know, the point is to understand.” Gassho 🙏

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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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