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Ego-Insurgents were created by your minds’ ego defence mechanisms from birth. Master Insurgents are the 3 major defensive systems we have in our heads. These are the 3 main categories of your 10X Master insurgents of personality. They are Distrust. Fear. Drama. Once you become aware of these Master insurgents that run on fight, flight and freeze, you will be able to instantly see them at play in yourself and then in others. This skill will give you a competitive edge like no other and will help you to be on top of your game in all of life’s situations. Wisdom is power. A far better and valuable asset than money or material things.  So getting to KNOW THYSELF is so we begin to not only overcome things like depression and anxiety but we also find the deeper inner meaning of the outer world. When this happens we start to thrive!

Which ones are in your persona?


Your 10X ego-insurgents are developed to defend your persona with the impenetrability of a Sherman tank. They are not you. They are the minds outdated operating system. Your ego-insurgents were so important that they kept you alive all this time. They are hard wired into our brains to ensure we survive the perceived chaos of life, growing up and finding our way in life. The ego-insurgents are the container for our early emotions, thoughts and behaviours. When we are older and more capable we no longer need them to protect us. They can easily become just like the overprotective parent – smothering all uncertainty as it appears, driving fear into our hearts instead of away from it. They steer our minds and souls away from anything that appears remotely unsafe.

This works for children, but not for those who have matured into purpose seekers and world changers. If we don’t even know these insurgents have created these false maps we will be left feeling empty, lost and devoid of direction. An example of one of the 10 X insurgents is The Judge Insurgent. Developed in childhood. It is a supercritical voice inside your head, that keeps you away from gratitude and in judging mode, where you can never quite rest. It reminds you how you are never doing it right. 


Through negative reinforcement your Judge Insurgent was developed in childhood to keep you highly aware of other people who may or may not be safe. It is a supercritical voice inside your head, that keeps you away from gratitude and in judging mode, where you can never quite rest. It reminds you how you are never doing it right. Through negative reinforcement your Judge Insurgent will tell you that it is not good enough and that you are not good enough. It pushed you to always do better, using the art form of finger pointing, ridicule and blame it learned from parents and teachers to get you what it thinks you want. This internal critic is highly unempathic and is strongly rooted in the physiological and our most basal needs for safety, food and shelter. Another one was almost all suffer with at one time or another is the Victim Insurgent. 

VICTIM INSURGENTS  With no time to waste we can dive into our 10X ego-insurgents. Grab a pen and paper. Come, come to and come to Know thyself.  The Victim Insurgent is your minds martyr that is always suffering misfortune. It exhausts you with a woe is me mentality. When the victim takes the lead it makes everyone else the persecutor and enemy, as it quickly seeks to blame what does not work on any person, place or thing external from you. It is easy for all of us to allow the victim insurgents to get us feeling like we have been hardly done by.

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This is the third most common and powerful insurgent that people have just below the judge and controller insurgents. So look out for it. It rears its head when we say yes to too many tasks and then feel resentful afterwards. We feel what we do is more important. We feel we work harder and do or offer more than others and in so doing we end up feeling like a victim of circumstances.  Know the victim by identifying its traits:Relationships being the core issue with victim insurgents are super-distrustful to the point of  suspicion and paranoia. However, relationships are built on trust, which makes our relationships much harder to navigate. They are always looking for certainty from outside of themselves. Because they are always feeling wronged and overburdened they keep the expression of emotions down on purpose. They are often seen as socially awkward and can even appear to others as quite cold, sometimes flat and uncaring. As Victims, these ego-insurgents would never consciously admit to this. They get us to trudge through life. 

Excerpt From The Power of Contemplative Intelligence Mark L LockwoodThis material may be protected by copyright. Order your copy here.

When you come to understand your ego-insurgents properly through contemplation practice and as you get to know they enemy, your life will begin to transform as you slowly free yourself from the traps of a childhood past. For more information on your ego insurgents start our therapeutic course on developing the Power of your contemplative Intelligence. Read the book as well and heal your life once and for all. 

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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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