All is well 14 Billion years later

Why you can’t really be a pessimist

Why you can’t really be a pessimist

14 000 000 000 years later, everything is still in order. We have had world wars, rockets, comets and asteroids wizz past us. Mustard gas, black plagues and polio. We’ve gone from stone ages to ice ages to people in cages, hearts in cages and minds in strange stages. This is Why you can’t really be a pessimist. Let’s face it. Napoleon, David and Goliath and the Buddha have all breathed the same air as we do and we’ve all treaded the same paths as everyone from Jesus Himself to Trump, Musk, Mohammed and Jobs. Sure, people are panicked, lost and afraid. They are devoid of direction and meaning as the Universe gets one reshuffle after another these days. We are the most technologically advanced generation to have ever lived! We are also the most miserable, the most medicated and the most mindless perhaps. But of course, as things go, that is all changing. Yes. Change is the only thing that really is certain. Even death is no longer certain. This is Why you can’t really be a pessimist.

Mindlessness is changing for mindfulness. Godlessness for God-connectedness. A connectedness where everyone is included. As Hollywood almost had us believe that plastic makes perfect, so we see people really needing and wanting to become whole-heartedly themselves. There is an authenticity coming like a freight train down the tracks, with its headlamp on bright. The Greeks were right. KNOW THYSELF they said. This is our work today, as much as it was for Socrates and Aristotle yesterday. The world is being unfolded. As are you and I. We are moving from a genesis right through to revelation after revelation. And we are doing so at lightening speed! Think about it, we have 7 billion people on the planet and a capacity of 9 billion. Things are happening with space and time, scientifically as much as they are spiritually. The New Testament taught us that God shortened the number of days to re-order things. If we shorten time, we must increase space? Perhaps. If we put two and two together, since He said this, population numbers have gone bezerk! This is what we do know and it’s Why you can’t really be a pessimist.

The more things change the more they stay they same. Reality doesn’t change. It is a good way to really know whats real or not. What lasts is real. It is normally good too. Evil, like climate change won’t last. We will overcome diseases and personality disorders alike. We will keep on keeping on. How do we know this? For two reasons mainly. Because it has always been this way and because we have discovered it is all leading somewhere. People are being done! They are not just doing. And so it is with most things. Something incredible is going on here, and the good news is that it seems to be Good! As we wake up, awaken, become conscious, or shift or are born again we learn that truth that all is well. This is the fundamental truth, that has always been rock solidly certain.

We have now seen that, if we look really carefully and with contemplative eyes, that there is order that reigns over chaos. As tempting as it is to believe the latter sometimes. As we start to see ourselves in the planet, in the other color and the other gender, we become more and more peaceful and free. We become both more human and more spiritual. We become more like everything else; trusting and blissful.

Sat Chit Ananda is Sandskrit for existence, consciousness and bliss respectively. These three words perfectly describe the unfolding that we are seeing take place today. Existence is the 14 billion years. Consciousness is where we are at right now and the bliss is where we are headed. Some have called it a place called Heaven before. A new place, a new earth. Look intently it is unfolding and waking up all around you. Relax, get still and you will feel it – you are Divinity incarnate. Relax and breathe. You got this! All is well. #takeasurvey #bethechange #mindfulness

For more on Why you can’t really be a pessimist, for our online stress course, or to stays at The Center for Healing and Life Transformation, get in touch. You really can HEAL your life. So for the last time, that is why you can’t really be a pessimist.

Why you can’t really be a pessimist

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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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