How Mindful Decisions Shape Your Destiny

How Mindful Decisions Shape Your Destiny

How to make mindful decisions can and will change your life. At the Center we find so many people get stuck and then stay stuck. Not knowing how to pull themselves out of it. This can be a decade long decent into emotional hell. When you’re unable to progress and move forward, you can start to feel as if your head is sinking just below the surface of the water, with every breath being a fight for survival. That survival mode to the brain puts you straight into the limbic system, where everything is fight, flight or freeze. Learning how to think, then feel, then act as a process is almost to simple to teach. The profound effects from using this simple formula in your decision making process moves mountains.

From How Mindful Decisions Shape Your Destiny, we have the psychological data to prove that bringing your whole self, mind, emotions, body and soul as a united front to any problem and to life itself can be the difference between success and failure mindsets. Managing how you make decisions, about 10 000 of them a day, will pave the way to creating the life you want where you can grow, heal, enrich and contribute. Do the work and be the change you want to see in the world!

To be alive is to make decisions.  Many are not a big deal.  Which movie would you rather see – the thriller with Robert De Niro or the comedy with Tom Hanks? Do you want your coffee black or with cream and sugar? Would you rather go to the ball game with Kate and Jim on Saturday or spend the weekend camping with Sarah and Frank? Would you rather go bowling or take a stroll around the lake?

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too.  For instance, you can always see the suspense film on Friday night and the comedy on Saturday.  It may be easy to choose between vanilla and chocolate ice cream – or maybe you can have a scoop of each!  Yet many decisions are less cut-and-dried.  Should you go back to school for more training? Leave your old neighbourhood? Get married or divorced?  Go into depression treatment center or stay stuck a little while longer and hope for the best? Or, like the drug or alcohol addiction clients that we have in our addiction treatment center, should I live or die? Often you reach a fork in the road and you have to give up one thing to get something better.

There’s nothing magical or mysterious about making decisions.  You’ve been doing it all your life. The difference is, now you can make better decisions.  You’re learning more about your real needs, values, and priorities.  You’re discovering new options.  As you complete the following exercises and reach out to others for help and support, you’ll become more confident of your ability to make better mindful decisions.

Freedom of choice.  It’s a pretty exciting idea.  It means you get to see what’s important to you.  You get to decide where and how you’re going to live, what kind of work you want to do, who you want to spend time with, and what your values, goals and priorities are.

There’s a lot of wisdom inside you that can help you make better decisions, we call this your inner-ding.  This is why you must be conscious of How Mindful Decisions Shape Your Destiny. With healing we try and hide all traces of the ding to avoid emotional suffering; guilt, regret, sorrow and so on. Tapping into this deeper knowledge about ourselves and our needs and priorities is an important part of making good choices. 

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How Mindful Decisions Shape Your Destiny


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