A New way to Say Hello with Love

A New way to Say Hello with Love

Best new way to greet people, with yoga hands.

The Anjali Mudra greeting is a symbol of respect, a greeting and a spiritual gesture of togetherness and prayer that is universally understood. You simply place both palms together in front of your heart and in by doing so, say so much more than language can, without touch or shaking hands, without fearing viruses or without even a word being spoken. Covid19 has challenged us to find a New way to Say Hello with Love. It is about physical isolation more than it is about social distancing. We are, as a world, more together in this, than we ever have been before. So let’s be love together, no matter what the distance.

So, with this wonderful greeting you don’t have to speak any different languages or cross any cultural barriers. It is instantly accepted and understood by all cultures.

So, A New way to Say Hello with Love is through an Anjali Mudra, prayer hands greeting. It is also known as the Namaste greeting which is a profoundly powerful, super simple and quick practice to help you instantly re-balance yourself and connect. So it has equal benefit to all parties. It is Yin meeting yang. As you bring your right and left hands together you create a connection between the circuity of right and left and more significantly you bring right and left brain together in yoga, and of course in prayer. That’s why when people pray of do yoga they do the same thing. They put there hands together to deeply center themselves and instantly connect body, mind and spirit.

Your brain operates on monkey mind when only half of it is operational. If you are right or left brained, you may have a tendency to the logical or the intuitive, and so you may loose out on a lot of opportunities for keeping your peace successfully. Using your whole brain in yoga union will bring you a ton of different results, and is even said to balance our masculine and feminine and our strong and vulnerable selves, or egoic and spiritual selves together. A New way to Say Hello with Love symbolizes the community, respect, significance and honour we have always had for each other deep within.

When people ask for something, they also put their hands together, often saying please and thank you this way. It is nothing less than an ancient universal symbol to the universe that instantly ground us to reality when we use the sign language of the soul that is Anjali Mudra.

The main essence of Anjali Mudra is misunderstood in its simplicity rather than complexity and it is something you can test out for yourself. By simply putting the hands together as you greet, acknowledge or welcome someone is a super simple way to return to the heart and switch on your sage mind and escape the train of mindlessness that is monkey mind.

Just look at your hands. There are two and they are in relationship with each other and with your body. Separate they serve a much more diminished purpose. Even if you had two hands that never worked together, only independently your life would be much harder to manage. Your hands are in relationship to the body and our bodies as a human species are in relationship with each other. This is of course the spiritual path. That we are not as capable as individuals as we are together as human beings.

The hands can be divided but they can also be put together. China working with America and Japan working with Europe. This would instantly start to create a shift towards human, mechanical, medicinal, spiritual and life advancement like nothing lese we have ever seen before. Division is defence and defence is the first act of war. When the walls come down. Wonderful things will happen for you, for God and for everyone else. This is a Universe not a Bioverse. One ever expanding understanding. One goal. One song. A New way to Say Hello with Love symbolizes this.

So when you put your hands together, it can be an absolute state of togetherness and relatedness. Togetherness is divinity expressed.

Strangely enough, putting your hands together in an Anjali Mudra greeting lessens anxiety and invites a peaceful state in seconds. Try it out. Add a hello, a namaste an our Father or what have you.

Embrace your Darkness and Suffering to Heal

Benefits of the Anjali Mudra greeting go beyond instant connection and greetings. The gesture of the hands instantly reduces stress, greets and welcomes, offers respect, connects right to left and Yin to Yang in the body, mind and soul. It says please and thank you, it is a great way to begin meditation, contemplation or mindfulness practice and is said to help with anger management and other centering practices for impulse control.

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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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