A Course in spirituality and Personal Transformation


Everybody is talking about it. So what is spirituality really? It is not just a buzz word, but a higher part of ourselves that we can learn to access to lead a more purposeful and meaningful life. Mark L Lockwood helps people heal from addictions, depression and anxiety all over the world through A Course In Recovery programs and at his healing center in South Africa. Mark believes that self realization, spirituality and personal life transformation go together.

Spirituality is not about any particular practice. Religious or otherwise. It is more about consciousness, connection and expanded awareness of yourself, others and your own understanding of God most High. When you cultivate your emotions. When you start to become more aware of the mind, body relationship.
When you look at cultivating your energies and emotions to really focus on reality, you begin to do things in a spiritual way. No one is excluded from their spiritual side. It is known today, as it has always been as a higher and eternal part of ourselves; that is also connected to everything else.

A Course in Spiritual Transformation is one of the most popular courses we do. IT leaves one instantly starting to feel a sense of profound peace and can often lead one to enlightenment and bliss. Letting go of things like needing to control, anxiety, depression , addictions or even your biggest fears has an incredible reward in it for us as we transcend our former selves and grow spiritually.


A Course in Spiritual Recovery