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Book a session with Mark L Lockwood BA(Hons)(Psy), BAPSA Level 3 registered counsellor with 20 000 hours in group and personal therapy.

Come heal with us with your own counselling in Plettenberg Bay or online, or book a therapy session with one of our registered male or female counselors in Knysna and Plettenberg Bay. All counselors have loads of real-work experience, a psychology honours degree’s as a required minimum, and together represent a team of the best of the best.

Call or Message +27824424779, or email: to book a session today

About Mark L Lockwood

Want to book individual counselling therapy therapy and counselling in Plettenberg Bay either online or in person in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. You can do that here. Book one online session, or a session bundle. Session bundles are cheaper, and offer more productive therapy solutions.

All therapy and counselling in Plettenberg Bay is completely confidential and anonymous.

Once you have identified your own counseling and therapy goals and objectives, and your needs and wants you can dive into a course that is directly suited to your personal needs. Physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs, when they come together are incredibly powerful at getting you where you need to be fast. This is the magic of the special work we do.

Being a part of something bigger than ourselves and connecting to a network of like-minded people does not only work for business. It pays dividends for individuals too.

Specializing in therapy and counselling in Plettenberg Bay:

  • Addictions, Obsession, Compulsions
  • Couple and Marriage Counselling
  • Burnout, Depression and Anxiety
  • Mood and Personality Disorders
  • Cancer Care Plett (all stages)


Book a family therapy, couple therapy or personal therapy counselling session in Plettenberg Bay with Mark L Lockwood, or you can book an online session for online therapy from anywhere else in the world. Please email us or fill in the counselling contact form below. You can send an email or sms message to 0824424779 or email and we will get back to you with confirmation of the next available date and time.



For direct Bookings +27824424779 or email

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