Everything is ok, you’re ok

Well here’s a chunk of truth for you as we near the end of another one of the craziest years in the worlds history. Everything is ok, you’re ok!

What is Contemplation

What is Contemplation really? Contemplation is a mindset that can shift us from survival to thrive mind. It can help us heal, grow and enrich our lives pretty much like yoga can, or a good online course, a book or a profound life-experience can.

How Mindful Decisions Shape Your Destiny

There’s a lot of wisdom inside you that can help you make better decisions, we call this your inner-ding. This is why you must be conscious of How Mindful Decisions Shape Your Destiny.

Adults at home – Failure to Launch

Adult children in their twenties and thirties are often stuck at home suffering failure to launch and feel resentful to their parents and the world for it

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