5 Contemplative Practices for Healing

5 Contemplative Practices for Healing

Here are 5 Contemplative Practice for Healing that are super simple and powerful Audio exercises for professionals to get out of monkey mind and into a contemplative state of mindfulness. Anything that gets you out of autopilot is a good thing. Where focus goes energy flows. Every time we mindfully focus and stop the mind chatter, we open up new connections in our prefrontal cortex that allow us to build or CQ intelligence muscles a little more each day. Interrupting the minds chatter several times a day is a good practice for those who want to boost their intelligence muscles while at the same time decreasing our autonomic fight and flight responses. Here are 5 simple practices out of hundreds that we have on our 6 week CQ course that can help you to stay out of that monkey mind and reconnect to what we call your Sacred Self, or Higher Self. 

What are Contemplative Practices for Healing

Contemplation Practice is about openly, honestly and lovingly taking a good look, as much at reality, as we can possibly handle at any given point in time, without having to get the defences of your mind out of the way. 21 ways to practice contemplation will show you how to heal and then transform your life.

To do that we need to show up for ourselves and start thinking more deeply about what we are actually thinking. To do that, we need to get the endless drone of our mind-chatter out of the way. 

Contemplative Practices are like doorways or portals that provide the bear attention of present moment transcendence, simple self-awareness that can allow you to mindfully be focused and aware of one’s deeper thoughts and emotions. 

A contemplative practice helps you to “awaken your inner observer”. Aristotle said that contemplation is known both as the highest form of activity, and also it is the most continuous, because we are more capable of continuous contemplation more so than we are aware of any other practical activity. So it is doing everything and nothing all at the same time. And it is truly wonderful to experience it!

5 Contemplative Practices for Healing


1. 8 Minute MindYoga Practice. Sit behind your desk and take an 8 minute break several times a day. Watch the positive effect kick in after just 4 or 5 practices. (8 mins)  https://on.soundcloud.com/gm2r1



Discover the healing power of Contemplative Intelligence Meditations or CQM’s as we call them for short. We have learned a lot over the last decades about the science of getting well. The more we learned and observed about healing the clearer the model became to us. We started to understand the similarities of depression to addiction and generalised anxiety to personality disorders and codependence. Monitoring the data from people all over the world with a multitude of different backgrounds and physical, mental and emotional issues we started to see that they healed in the same ways. We found distinct correlations in how they overcame their  presenting issues. Essentially we started the system of healing and change by asking them to stop. 


3. Tense and Relax MindYoga practice to get you out of Monkey Mind at your desk, in the traffic, or on your walk. (2 mins)  https://on.soundcloud.com/fLfxd


4. The 5 fundamental Life Questions. This practice of answering 5 simple questions will bring perspective whenever you feel a sense of confusion or uncertainty. We are creates that need direction and purpose to guide us to achieve our goals and objectives. Being laser focused on that direction is a career changer – Spiritual Healing and LifeTransformation (8 mins)


5. Body Heart Mind – CQM Walking Meditation for Deep Healing

meditation, guided meditation, healing meditation, inner journey, vipassana, insight meditation (43 mins) https://on.soundcloud.com/oNrTn

So there are our 5 Contemplative Practices for Healing for you to try this week. The part of your brain that lights up when your Sacred Self is activated is the opposite area of your brain that is activated when you are in ego’s defensive, survival mind. Here are 21 WAYS TO PRACTICE CONTEMPLATION so that you can experience yourself, others, and the universe far more wholly, and holistically for yourself. 

5 Contemplative Practices for Healing

For more information about our 5 Contemplative Practices for Healing our hundreds of others used at our life transformation clinic or on our courses online get in touch centerforhealingandlife@gmail.com For 21 more 6 Contemplative Practices see the article below.

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