Unlock Mind Power for Peace

Unlock Mind Power for Peace

How our thoughts change the world

Unlock Mind Power for Peace in difficult times | How our thoughts change the world and why it is our life purpose to create positive thinking. The world has experienced a pandemic, and many countries, like ours in South Africa have suffered looting, riots and unrest. Many people are grieving and the time for clarity and focus on our life purpose and the very meaning of life is beyond essential right now.

We’ve just had so many people just this week ask us questions about how to navigate the world we live in today. They are people who want to know how to cope with the current situations that include violence and chaos and the destruction  they see in the world today. We have looting and riots and stone throwing. People say that lives matter and then proceed to take lives with their next action. It makes little sense and brings about a sense of mindless chaos that transmits itself like a virus. 

If you do not realise that you are worthy of the highest love and peace imaginable, then you will not be able to get this love and peace out into the physical world. So be love. Reality is love and the world is paradise. We just don’t see it yet.

Mark L Lockwood (BA(hons)(psy)
Unlock Mind Power for Peace in difficult times

People are struggling to cope with what they are seeing all over the world and how they relate to what is on television and the news, and what other people are saying and how this can relate to something like self actualisation, spirituality and how one can stay on the path of growth and contribution and self actualisation and God realisation.

How to Unlock Mind Power for Peace

So the big question today is how do I continue to grow and actualise myself in an environment that is not conducive to enlightenment and consciousness? First we must remember and put into context that the world has always almost always been in a state of conflict. These are some of the most peaceful times we have had in the world despite what we are seeing on the news. Next, we must understand that how we experience this world is through the five senses and the mind is the filter. When information comes in it goes firstly to look at your safety and see how certain things are for you. That is its automatic response to keep you alive. After that however, you can show up with your emotions and your spiritual self or your Sacred Self and show up and help your mind process what it sees, hears and feels. You can help your mind, your body and your soul to process what is going on around you in a more holistic away.

We have three types of consciousness at least. We need to use all three of these types of consciousness to get better consequences for ourselves and the world around us. We have contracted consciousness. Then we also have expanded and pure consciousness. We need to learn to use meditation and mindfulness practice to access more and more pure consciousness. Contracted consciousness is what is wrong with the world today!

Speaking of how to Unlock Mind Power for Peace, there is an old story about a master and a disciple. One day the disciple see’s so much suffering in the world and decides that he needs to do something about it. So the disciple goes to the master and says that all the meditation that we do every day is not helping. What I need to do, says the disciple, is to go out there into the world and physically help people instead of meditating all day. The master then calmly replies and says to him that the very reason why the world is in such a mess and that there is so much violence is that those people that he intends on helping, are in that very state of chaos because  they are not meditating. If you go out there and try to help them physically with a labour you will not help them at all, but you will become bitter and angry and judgmental yourself. You will become just like them. They are like that, they are the way they are, because they do not meditate!

If you want to make a difference on this planet and help people experience the peace love and joy that you want, then you will need to do something first. You will need to do the work for yourself, by yourself, first. We have to accept that peace comes mentally and from within. As you think so shall you be. There is no peace that can be experienced outside if we cannot experience any peace on the inside. We radiate who we are and what we are to the world. So if we want loving and lasting change for the planet and for others and ourselves we need to be like minded. Have you ever heard the term like-minded? We need to have the same mind if we want change to occur on any significant level. Just as the law of attraction suggests, we give out what we get back and vice versa. 

Meditation is known as the eye of the soul or the soul in the eye that is awake and we can use our ability to visualise,  meditate and contemplate to change how we think and how we connect to the world around us. If you find yourself gossiping and grumbling all the time then you cannot expect to create any harmony on the outside. Saying the world is bad will become a reciprocal, real life story. 

Unlock Mind Power for Peace with consciousness

We must understand the laws of jin and jang, and the law of attraction properly if we want to make positive changes. Today, you should understand that you have a divine purpose just like everyone else on the planet. You are as important as any president or any teacher on any corner of the world. You have the power to use your thinking to create a better world. There is a collective consciousness that is growing every single day and every single year. This happens despite the many stones being thrown right now. Awakened people are still cleaning up the stones that the blind throw around with their tantrums. They learned as babies that tantrums gets them attention. They have not yet grown up into purer consciousness. The more we all collectively practice mindfulness and meditation and Unlock Mind Power for Peace on the inside, and then the outside, the more we will see it in our everyday reality. You have a divine responsibility like everyone else to live life on purpose and to generate positive thoughts back to the world several times a day so that you can create a habit of loving more and more of who you are first and then who the world is. What you generate, vibrates. 

Unlock Mind Power for Peace
Unlock Mind Power for Peace

Today it can be very tempting to think the world is a violent and horrible place. Look at the rioting and the looting and the violence and you can fall into the black hole that these people are communicating to us, that they find themselves in. A dark black hole which is made up from a lack of consciousness. They don’t know who they are and they don’t know what the world is. But you and I can help these people to wake up. We can all do what life is doing and help the mindless be mindful and the heartless be full of love. The 80 / 20 principal suggests that 80% of the world, including all the energy within it, and all the people within it, is governed and run by the 20% of positive energy that we see. This means that even if 80 percent of the world are asleep, the remaining twenty percent can help them to wake up. Positive energy and consciousness through Unlock Mind Power for Peace, is far more powerful than any negativity could ever be. 

When people try and break the world with bombs, sticks and stones there are other people who clean up the mess. There are other people who fill in the cracks. There are others who bring love and light and hope and peace and faith to the world, no matter how dark it may seem. Love always wins. Learn every day, through the power of your mind, how to create love peace and joy. If you do not realise that you are divinely worthy, if you do not realise that you are worthy of the highest love and peace imaginable, then you will not be able to get this Love and peace out into the physical world. So be love. Reality is love and the world is paradise. We just don’t see it yet.

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Published by Mark L Lockwood

Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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