Connection for Cure – Heal Avoidance to Transform your Life

Connection for Cure

A simple and profound teaching about how everything is connected, including us is detailed in this work. Connection for Cure is one of the greatest keys we have to unlocking healing today. Connection really is key. When we go through stages of believing we are separate or disconnected, depression and anxiety will show up to tell us there is work to do. Notice the way nature kind of flows together so naturally. States like entrainment are ways of nature that have been around for centuries, and they will teach you how to really connect. Then heal. Then transform your life. 

Entrainment is something that animals can teach us about connection and disconnection. Entrainment is defined by a temporal locking process in which one system’s motion or signal frequency entrains the frequency of another system. This process is a universal phenomenon that can be observed in biological systems (like birds flying, fish in schools, and even fire flies. The animals don’t communicate or watch each other but they change direction at the same time, without a signal. They do it collectively and they flow. 

When we are avoiding life, we are doing the opposite of Connection for Cure, to others and to ourselves. When we get stuck in a rut, muddled and low we must start to realise that there is work to do. The first of that work should be connection. We are starting to learn that reconnecting as adults is something we are all destined to have to do one day. Connection for Cure is something we learn we need to have, through suffering the pains of not having string connections in social, work and other relationships.

Mother and her baby on breast will align heartbeats if given enough peace and time. People in love also can align their heart beats and some of their movements. Pendulums will eventually start swinging at the same rhythm. Menstrual cycles of woman in prisons etc. all start aligning in this flow kind of process. It is all about connection and being a part of life. The mind body connection has been studied and documented for many years. Research shows that a correlation between the desire to heal and actual healing exists — and can be enhanced if the mind is engaged in a positive way toward that goal. Here’s more on how you can use your mind to heal your body.

Remember this. “You live under the presumption that you think, but in the meantime you are being thought” – Friedrich Nietzsche

We are all part of each other, more than we know. Collective consciousness is a real thing and it cures us from depression, stress and anxiety. It heals us and embraces us with its loving arms. Perhaps this is why we can be so drawn to nature and the ocean when we are feeling depleted. 

So our non-Connection for Cure is caused by fear. Loose your defences and there is nothing to attack. Fear leaves you when you drop the defences not the other way around. Life of course is full of these paradoxes. Dropping our guard sets us free. We know this, but still are not applying the principle to ourselves as yet. Fear is in the air and people can sense it. This causes more and more separation to happen. Another example from nature is that Pheromones can be smelled by mice. The mice will run when they smell pheromones in the air, that are released by other mice in danger. People who have been attacked before are way more likely to be attacked again. Psychopaths can almost pick out the fear from a crowd. They are in search of victims and research shows us that they seem to find them more often than can be coincidental. 

The problem with this is that too many of us are running around in fear states, in survival and fright modes for extended periods of time. And we don’t even know it. The fear turns us off. It turns our creativity off, and our social tendencies retract. We isolate, avoid, seclude, avoid and disconnect. This is one of our biggest issues of the decade. And once we are aware of it, we can fix it through reconnection. 

The environment is an extension of your body, you can wiggle your toes with a tiny bit of intention, you can do this with your cosmic body too. So mind, body, emotions and spirit all need to connect. 

Learn more about Connection for Cure and how to heal deeply and radically transform your life with us. We have so many wonderful products all designed to help a broader number of people connect to some of the greatest healing experiences around. Namaste. 

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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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