Peace is your new Secret Superpower

how to unlock the power of peace in your life

Learn how to unlock the Power of Peace in your life

Peace is a superpower. It might just be the answer to healing our addicted, depressed and anxious brains. Brains that are super-stressed out. Brains that have become lost, running on virtual automatic. When our lives feel out of control you can learn how to unlock the power of peace in your life.

When our brains become reactive we loose peace quickly.

When a baby is born he or she becomes hungry. Then the baby is fed and in this state then becomes peaceful. This process was all about survival for us. Today the memory remains. We are always searching for peaceful states. Rest from the chaos. Just think about it. You come home from a long, hard day at work. You’re tired and worn out. You put your feet up. Pour a drink and take a deep breath as you soak in the sounds of soothing tunes that relax you. A real Ahhhh moment.

But the real motivational magic comes when we start to understand how profoundly potent the abundance of peace is to our mind. Your mind lustfully and blissfully seeks it at every turn, and in every moment. It wants to get the job done sure, it helps you give life and the tasks at hand all you’ve got, but then, it seeks the reward of returning to a peaceful state. This is the minds idea of success and victory that you will discover as you learn how to unlock the power of peace in your life. The power of peace is what makes the significant efforts worthwhile.

Not being aware of what your mind is seeking continually can lead to all sorts of problems. We get stressed and guzzle on bags of chips and soda’s. We drink alcohol, take pills and puffs. We do whatever it takes to get the powerful feeling of peace back into our bodies, minds and souls. We can find no happiness until peace courses through our veins.

how to unlock the Power of Peace in your life

On the flip side look at why a person becomes addicted to finding peace and bliss through food, substances and gambling for example. That feeling of contentment is so powerful it can direct your life down a path of destruction in a snap – without many of us even being aware it is happening until it’s too late. Peace comes from the Latin word ‘Pax’ which for the Romans translated into a cessation of hostilities.

Finding healthy ways to how to unlock the power of peace in your life and satisfy your innate and powerful need to return to peace can change your life in a short space of time! Becoming a witness to the cycle of reactivity and then peace is how we begin to effect change.

Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, give I to you. Don’t let your heart be troubled, neither let it be fearful – Jesus Christ, called the Prince of Peace. Our Jewish heritage also sheds much wisdom on the power of peace. Shalom meaning peace, also encompasses much of the beauty of life. The peace of Shalom also translates to feelings our natural states of harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility. In fact “peace” is oftentimes defined as the condition of life that should be. So imagine right now what living a life of abundant peace would look like, as you ditch all the drama, judgement and anger for everything else in the world that you may not fully know or understand.

how to unlock the Power of Peace in your life

Not letting your heart be troubled and fearful is exactly how our minds go straight into survival modes on impulse. We become reactive and angry in a heartbeat. But the problem with this is that each time we let go of peace, there are emotional and psychological consequences. The struggle to find homeostasis and peace will happen at any cost, through healthy or unhealthy avenues, whichever are most available. Leaving a mind in search of peace we become victims of natural circumstances. Victims of our own subconscious minds.

So how to unlock the power of peace in your life and how to choose peace, consciously and with purpose and directed intention is a fast track to getting out of depression or anxiety ruts. Anxiety is a rush of energy that is so scared of not finding peace that it believes it will die without an immediate hot of it. Training the mind to know peace will be achieved through meditation, yoga, exercise of other mindful exercises is not only the key to breaking cycles of depression and unhealthy habits. It is also the doorway that we need to walk through to living a spiritual life of abundance in all areas of our lives. Lead yourself into the abundance of peace though awareness, acceptance and then new actions. That’s how we make powerful and sustainable change occur!


Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you. Know that emotional reactive thoughts weaken you, generally speaking. Today, start to shift away from thoughts that weaken you. Judgement, competition, winning and control are thoughts that weaken you. On the other hand, gratitude, kindness, and acceptance of reality exactly the way it is are guaranteed elixirs that WILL bring you all the healthy peace you need to live a good, balanced life. So, learn to listen to the war raging inside your head. Become your own witness and observer. Your brain is actually waging a war on itself to return to peace. We go bomb our enemies in the hope of finding peace from it. We drink, eat, procreate, exercise, compete and strive for success all in order to achieve what we think will be a peaceful state in the future. Make no mistake as you learn how to unlock the power of peace in your life, your are ‘being done’ by your brain.

Magnetoencephalography or MEG scanning allows us to see realtime actual moving pictures of your brains activity. In it’s most basic form you have a front and back brain and a left and right brain. Fight or flight reflect one half and the other is dominated by creativity and self actualization. Your left brain and the rear or back of your brain produce attack, judgement and survival thoughts in lightening speed. Your right and front brain segments produce peace and a giving nature, as well as creativity and healthy spontaneity, adventure and empathy.

Yes. It is just like yin and yang, night and day or good and bad. The brain works with opposites, just like everything else in the universe does. If we can learn anything from Buddhist and spiritual teachings it is to treat the middle ground between these two neurological giants. We can think of them as two rivers of life on each side of our brain. In this universe there is always an opposite to consider and perhaps choose at every turn to we take. So amid the chaos of life, as we become more aware, awake and conscious of these two sides to everything we can start to choose, as a witness or observer the side of life we would like to live. So purposefully remember to imagine Peace and not war.

Visualizeorder and not chaos. Choose life and not death. Now as you do that imagine for a moment The Peace of Wild Things, peace that goes beyond all our mental understanding which is explained so beautifully in the poem by Wendell Berry, which goes like this:

When despair for the world grows in me

and I wake in the night at the least sound

in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be,

I go and lie down where the wood drake

rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.

I come into the peace of wild things

who do not tax their lives with forethought

of grief. I come into the presence of still water.

And I feel above me the day-blind stars

waiting with their light. For a time

I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.

how to unlock the Power of Peace in your life

Finally, as you learn how to unlock the power of peace in your life, when you become purposely peaceful and begin to harness the power of peace, you will float through the chaos and order of life between these two raging rivers. Balance is key in all things, including your neuro-chemistry. So, I wish you the blessings, as Christ offered you of Peace that goes beyond well beyond all understanding that your mind can give you.  Namaste and Shalom.

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how to unlock the power of peace in your life


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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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