A Course In Recovery

A Course In Recovery

Challenging our drinking and thinking

The world is changing. So are we. are overworked, overloaded and afraid we won’t be able to hack it. People are stretched for time and for money. We are stretched for true, intimate and vulnerable connections to one another as we distance ourselves from each other. We no longer witness births or deaths other than from behind closed doors. Our bonds are weakening along with our confidence and convictions in life and ourselves. We are all becoming addicted to our own way of thinking. An issue like over drinking alcohol can effect anyone these days. Old and young. Male and female. Regardless of your historical record. A Course In Recovery research shows that stress doesn’t help one to stop drinking, in fact it does quite the opposite at first. Controlled drinking can work for you on your own, but oftentimes goes out the window when stress comes to town.

The consequence of not learning how to drink less and handle stress more is that we are prisoners and worse still, most of us don’t even know it! Today, we undoubtedly have more comfort and technology available than any other generation before us. Yet, we are also the most miserable, addicted and negatively stressed generation of all time. Never have addictions, depression and burn-out been such commonplace. Despite all the wars, famines and floods in times gone by, we seem to be the most stuck and the most hopeless. Despite being the most greedy, arrogant, egoic generation we can still see that suffering has come our way, wearing new personas and under the guide of new masks.


Addiction has been around for centuries. Smart drinking has not been much of a need until the last hundred years. Remember, we used to have a ‘village drunk’, yes one in every town. Today, half the towns are drunk! Biblical too, the crazy one who throws himself in the fire, or was labelled demon possessed may have thought, felt and acted like some of the addicts of today. Possessed by a need for more of what doesn’t work. The younger generation saw what didn’t work of course. In the 50’s and 60’s they witnessed people, probably some of our parents, who were labelled as successful and living the dream in the public eye, who were utterly miserable, angry, bitter and discontented behind the thin veil of closed doors. Two cars, wife, kids and misery all rapped up in one unhappy package. No wonder it was then that they started to rebel against this system of success. No wonder drugs and alcohol looked like the answer to the unhappiness we were doomed to endure as adults. Little did we know until having done something like A Course In Recovery, that pleasure would be disguised as even more pain than one could imagine. Little did we know what awaited us, as we walked down a seemingly different road to freedom.

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Today in some countries it is said that more people are addicted and depressed than not. We have not only lost our way but our minds too. How to drink less has never been such a forefront issue as it is now. A Course In Recovery shows us that controlled drinking, smart drinking and even stopping drinking are becoming necessary for many people battling with anxiety, stress and depression.

We have become drunk on our thinking rather than just our drinking alone. Triggers and the stresses of modern day life can lead to an emotional depletion of dopamine and serotonin. A small motivation to get out into the real world spikes these chemicals. Add to that addictive substances like drugs or alcohol and the effects go through the floor. The peak is swiftly followed by a trough. Yo-yoing through life we wonder why the wheels eventually fall off. This stimulus recovered from our five senses is followed by our thinking, also a chemical process. With bad diet and bad chemicals in the body our glucose gets affected and even sugars turn to fats to help the depletion’s we are experience become more real.

For more help with controlled drinking or information on how to stop drinking or drink smart contact us today. Do the 21 day challenge and then start a course in recovery with us, depending on where you are on your journey. CALL 0824424779 or email marklockwoodscloud@icloud.com for further information.

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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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