The Paradigm Process Course – 10 Pathways back to Sacred Self


The Paradigm Process Course – 10 Pathways back to Sacred Self



We all have the ability to heal whatever holds us back. All personality disorders and dis-ease including depression and anxiety related issues can be healed and then transformed when we become aware of the blocks created by our personalities and then the 10 Pathways beyond the persona that take us back to our Sacred Selves. No one needs to stay lost, depressed or addicted and profound healing is available to everyone who is willing to do the work of Life Transformation.

The trauma, pain and fear we go through coming into this world necessitates the formulation of attitudes, traits and eventually the creation of a strong personality arises. People who struggle with depression, anxiety, addictions and all types of personality and mood disorders are starting to wake up to the notion that change and growth are both imminent and necessary. An awakening is necessary. It is on the cards for all of us, some sooner rather than later.

Nothing unreal exists as a course in miracles teaches us. When we create a personality, or our masks, we create something unreal, unstable and basically unwell. This is the human condition for all of us born into a world that is based on stress and conflict. One day we will need to re-create ourselves and the way we live in the world. This is the awakening of consciousness necessary for anyone and everyone who is suffering.


Once completed you then qualify for The Paradigm Process Life Coaching course