Virtual Wellness Experience

Virtual Wellness Experience – Enjoy, heal and grow from a wellness center experience from home.

If you cannot get to the center for one reason or another do your Wellness experience online with groups, sessions, coursework, structure and everything else you get at a 3D wellness center

Therapy groups 3 times a week
Private sessions once a weekWelcome Packs to create your Sacred Space at home
Top of the range, specific to your needs, Therapy assignment and course work Art, Mindfulness Classes, Yoga twice a week.
Add what you like. Add what you like and customise your experience with more sessions of one kind and less of another, etc.


Everybody’s Uniquely Different. Welcome to an unparalleled out-patient program that is far beyond a Clinical, Psychiatric or Rehab Centre structure, which is far removed from a clinical setting. 


Center for Healing and Life Transformation, since 2012, specialize in a number of highly focused residential and non-residential treatment options for our clients. Everything in our Virtual Wellness Program is designed so that we stay connected to our clients and keep personal healing and the transformation journey first place. Our registered and Highly Experienced team await. 

Personalized Treatment Options 

We have learned a lot in over 20 years of intensive inpatient therapy, and online therapy alike, and have gone a generation ahead to bring you a far better chance of personal transformation than any local main-stream or clinical approach to treatment we know of! To do this we have a world class private Healing Centre program online, that takes clients through the ultimate experience of healing and recovery in a Virtual Wellness Setting. The offering is a powerful combination of connection, recovery, healing and a divine safe environment that is always accessible. 

Did you know that traditional Drug Rehab centres for example have a 5%-20% success rate in the first year (more here)! Be aware please. Far too many of our clients have been to multiple outmoded centres like that before, which can be an unnecessary expense & trauma! So, when we say modern, individualized program, etc. know how deep this variance runs. We treat all depression, anxiety, burn-out, weight issues, eating disorders, stress, gambling, body issues, pre and post- divorce work, all addictions and dual diagnosis. The Sanctuary program is our depression and emotions program. 

Learn the art of doing a 180 degree turn around into socially balanced, healthy living and being your purpose! With us there is no “one size fits all” approach to an individual’s treatment and the path to your healing lies in having an individualized treatment programme online. Our structures are simple, private, comfortable and very personalised. Small groups of people online, sharing the experience work well together. 

No Pressure. No Stress. Just daily Personal Transformation. 

The Virtual Wellness Program, at Center for Healing and Life Transformation is one of the only centres and online arenas in the country where you can still be yourself, finding yourself, in a comfortable and homely setting. It is a mature, non-punitive environment run by highly experienced professional people. 

Registered Psychology Specialists

Welcome to The Next level Of Your Transformation 

Besides fast becoming the best loved life-changing and modern healing and recovery adventure online, backed confidently by everyone who has graced our doors since 2012 and has desired healing, we have an array of services to assist with your process, from where it is needed. We believe growth, healing and wellness are a lifelong process. That means we shift our Virtual programme according to you; where you are, and who you want to become as well as why. It’s all about you, the client! 

We have a close team of around 8 people and an abundance of world class doctors, psychiatrists and specialist professionals, some of the best in this field, that we work with us in the Virtual Wellness Center regularly on a consultant basis, way back since 2012. 

  • Improve My Mental Mindset and My Emotional wellbeing 
  • Maximize My Health
  • Advance My Career 
  • Heal from Depression, Anxiety and Addictions 
  • Increase My Productivity 
  • Enhance My Life Direction 
  • Find My life purpose, meaning, mindfulness 

Once clients have decided that spiritual healing and recovery is their path to follow, it is essential that the right programme, and steps, be implemented to continue your journey in healing. The Center’s programs facilitate the very best non- clinical in-patient and online treatments, for you, no matter where you are in your journey. 

It provides the space and time for you to work on your self-development. It will allow you time to spend putting your healing into first place. Please see our web site for details about the unique treatment offering and additional benefits that are provided to our clients above the norm. 

Finally, this is a mature program and everything is suggestion based. We focus on high level personal transformation and goal setting. 

Private work as well as group session options are powerful 


Standard One month Virtual Wellness Experience 

  • Recommended treatment period, is up to the individual and their needs according to treatment schedules set out with therapists. 12 weeks is a recommended norm
  • No one size fits all philosophy
    World renowned treatment team
    Your Space. Your Time. Your Terms.
    Virtual Centre work mimics a healthy, homely lifestyle
    Full experiential program: practical and theory combination
    Comfort, own space, peaceful working environment, small numbers
  • A world class virtual alternative to regular clinical, drug rehabilitation centres and psychiatric or depression clinics with the same professionals and even more modern therapies. Our private Virtual Wellness Program takes clients through the ultimate experience of healing and recovery.


  • Real life recovery in a virtual setting
  • Small intimate groups with similar interests and cultural backgrounds. 
  • Family’s journey closely with the client and counsellors. 
  • What do we transform and change – everything psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

What you can expect
A multidisciplinary (MDT) team of registered professionals and consultant doctors. Online Gym, Healthy eating and menu options, Yoga, Mindfulness group classes by personal mindfulness practitioners and advanced and comprehensive treatment techniques. Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psych) team are well known as the best in the country for their track record.

What will you do
See our doctor or yours, Yoga, Mindfulness, Learn Contemplative Intelligence, Mind-Yoga and mental fitness techniques as well as meditation and contemplation to re-train your brain and heal stress and trauma issues, well beyond coping techniques. Have a daily score and trackers to keep you accountable to yourself. World-class written assignment work on topics super-related to the work you need to do as very little to nothing is generic. Use  the videos, audios, Meditation, Art and all things mindfulness. Plett has a healing vibe that is immediately palpable. 

Get the necessary structure and certainty back into your life each day while you heal and grow and transform. 

What now
Book in vida email or by calling through. Start your healing and recovery today and finally transform your life. You don’t need to stay stuck, regardless of your past!


Dr. P Thank you for the exceptional course. This is a must for almost all my clients, some who sadly will never know that this kind of healing work exists for them.  Annette My daughter had suffered deep depression for so long, we almost gave up hope on finding a program that would help her. Two years and three months later, we now live with a different person, who is still growing today. Thank you and never stop your valuable work!! 

“THE COURSE WAS WELL BEYOND ANYTHING I IMAGINED I’D EVER GET!”  Katy I’d been to 5 rehab centres before and became desperate to find something that suited my unique needs. I fitted right in from day one and soaked up every magical, spiritual and passionate day and continue to see things in a totally new light in my life today.  Paras The Course has changed my life and I will be forever grateful for what it has done for me. Using the tools to connect to my Higher Consciousness and spirituality has made a difference to my health and the way I think and feel everyday. I knew years of frustration, knowing I had to change and get out of my situation but not knowing how that was going to happen.


M. French We just couldn’t stand another rehab teaching us about drugs! Waste of money and time. “Thank you for helping our son, he has been to nine different rehabs in 6 years (one three times) in and around Los Angeles and London. This time as you promised was decidedly different we believe because of the meaning and purpose he found in recovery while with you in South Africa” 

Tim You guys are a million miles ahead of what people can expect from any kind of healing experience. I think the biggest thing for me was your person centred approach. If you changed me instead of showing me how to change me, it never would have stuck like it did. Everywhere else I went, I was treated like a sick-person with a disease. I now know that different is a good thing and I embrace my uniqueness daily….staying focused and connected. 


Jewels Anything is possible. I wish I could have stayed for three months. I loved the calm and peaceful vibe and to feel that everyday was so very special to me. I will never be the same again, no way to explain what healing can change so deeply. 

Mikey Keep doing it differently. The Course is incredible and worked really fast for me, because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Everyone should come to you guys at some point of their lives and see what it feels like. 




Choose Your Service:

Quick-links. Use this document as a short-cut to get to the service you want most right now.

Choose from any of the services quick-links below and start, and then continue your transformation with us. This work and some of our courses are the best in the world. They get the results people need to heal their lives and perform better.  





Start your CQ Program – Anti-Stress

Get out of survival brain and into thrive mind. Banish Depression, stress, anxiety and addictions like smoking, unhealthy patterns and anger issues. Learn about neuroscience, stress and how to heal it  in this amazing signature 8 week course.

Cost R3900 for 8 week course

Become a CQ Life Coach

Do you have a passion for a healthy lifestyle, emotional and mental self regulation? This certification will teach you everything you need to know about being an effective Life Coach

Cost R4200 per month, for 3 months

Virtual Wellness Experience

If you cannot get to the center for one reason or another do your Wellness experience online with groups, sessions, coursework, structure and everything else you get at a 3D wellness center

Therapy groups 3 times a week

Private sessions once a week

Top of the range, specific to your needs, Therapy assignment and course work

Art, Mindfulness Classes, Yoga twice a week. 

Add what you like. Add what you like and customise your experience. 

Extra sessions R750 each on request if needed

Stay at our Healing Center

Our Private and homely Depression and wellness Rehabilitation Center, Center for Healing and Life Transformation provides inpatient care for depression, anxiety and stress. Learn more

Please request our brochure is sent to you if it is not attached. 

Addiction Recovery Program

Our Pathways Addiction team specialize in a number of highly focused addiction treatment options that are radically unique for our clients that work holistically on mind, body, emotions and soul. Learn more 

Please request our brochure is sent to you if it is not attached. Inpatient and Virtual Rehab options.

Aftercare Programs Online

These programs are designed to keep people who have done other programs or wellness experiences connected after they finish their courses or leave our center. Learn more


Need private or couples counseling? In person or online, as regularly or as seldom as you like. Choose a male or female counsellor to suit your counseling therapy needs.

Cost R700 per session

Products and Books

Books by Mark L Lockwood are sent straight to your inbox in whatever version you prefer. All books are a wonderful addition to the work we do

Annual Connection Package

Stay Connected all year round on our annual package. No one should ever go it alone in this life time. We become what we do. Learn more

Start your own Franchise

Start your own business and become a partner, franchise owner or independent operation. We will help customize what you need to set up your business in mental health and life transformation

See our Centres Promo Video

Take a look at our Center for Healing and Life Transformations video. We love watching it over and over for some reason. It has so much passion, it shows off our amazing Center and surrounds

Connect to Mark on YouTube

Connect and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Mark shares information on courses, ideas, technologies and tools that can help people connect and remember to put the work first in life

Choose the option that best suits you start and then keep you connected to the people, the work and the benefits. 

We want you to continue growing abundantly with your mind opened, your hearts awakened and re-united with family, friends, ourselves and all that is sacred to you. We hope for deep inner immersion together, as we bear a whole new level of love and joy, appreciation, compassion, connection and excitement along with a deep desire for you to contribute to your life, business, community and world…and perhaps beyond. Let’s do this…Gassho and Blessings.

Thank you Mark. I walked in like a caged tiger with wide eyes. I waited too many years to heal myself through my own avoidance. This is the best program in the world, I wish everyone had a chance to do it someday.

Olivia Baker

Sign up online today.  More information +27824424779 , email

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Add a testimonial from someone who loves your services. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin id arcu aliquet, elementum nisi quis, condimentum nibh. Donec hendrerit dui ut nisi tempor scelerisque.

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