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Connection is central to your personal recovery coaching system. All memberships are for twelve-months (1 year) consecutively. 
Annual Recovery membership

A Course In Recovery Membership special offer R1299.00 a year. Stay connected on our mailing lists and receive personal content, specific to you. 20% discount on all merchandise and therapy sessions. Receive exclusive invites for retreats and weekends and dozens of links throughout the year to books, audios, movies and more. 

These products also serve as the ultimate on online aftercare package from a sober recovery coaching team, keeping you plugged in to all things recovery this gives you a 68% better chance of sustaining sobriety.
Annual Recovery membership
A Course In Recovery Platinum Membership special offer R9800.00 a year.   Weekly access to online groups and courses, sponsors and recovery partners including monthly one on one sessions. All course content, books and recovery coursework are included.
Platinum Memberships are for those deeply committed to living life at a higher level than most people will ever attain. Members know the power of staying connected and investing personal time each week to recovery. You choose the quality and intensity of your own recovery success.
Annual Recovery membership
Sign up today, it is a no-brainer that takes the uncertainty of what time and commitment you should give to your recovery and growth each week rather than gambling with success. We look forward to our journey together. Welcome to the members portal.

Stay sharp, active and involved! If you have the desire to reach your peak performance and achieve long term, high-level results, then A Course In Recovery Membership is for you.

No second guessing. You don’t have to guess how much time to devote to recovery each week.

Have any and all of your most important and personal questions answered.

Benefit from one of the largest archives of course material, so that you can request personal and specific content that will help you grow towards your life goals more quickly and steadily.

Benefit from limited edition member podcasts and videos as well as course content that will take you to the next level of your recovery.

Weekly meditation, therapy groups and online content.

Work with and find the ideal recovery partner in the membership family. Connect. Don’t stay stuck!

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