Rainbow Bridge Healing Meditation – Seated or Lying down Meditation for Deep Healing


Rainbow Bridge Healing Meditation done seated or lying down helps you align and awaken body heart and brain by shifting healing energy up through the body awakening your potential. Use at part of your weekly practice to heal and transform as you do the work. This 43-minute meditation was created to help us align energy throughout our bodies and then shift it around the body. This is the art of developing personal power at its finest. Run Time: 43 minutes


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Rainbow Bridge Healing Meditation. Monitoring the data from people all over the world with a multitude of different backgrounds and physical, mental and emotional issues we started to see that they healed in the same ways. We found distinct correlations in how they overcame their presenting issues. Essentially we started the system of healing and change by asking them to stop. Stop doing what was no longer working for them. The obvious retort was how and we provided that answer to how on an unprecedented scale. People began to slow their brainwaves and move beyond their analytical minds, sometimes a few seconds at a time, then a few minutes. Then hours. So we now know it is a process of meditative healing that must be practiced over time. The beta brainwaves had to change in shape before the person could do any changing or even hold onto any visual idea or concept of change at all.