Counselling Therapy


All general Individual counselling therapy is available for individuals suffering depression, anxiety, burnout, stress and other issues.

DBT counselling therapy is used to treat a number of disorders. Borderline Personality Disorder, Eating Disorders and Impulse issues, as well as other issues.

Relationship counselling therapy is available for couples and individuals with all contexts and backgrounds. You can do general marriage or relationship counselling to help both partners create a much better relationship in a short period of time.

All forms of addiction recovery counselling by our highly experienced team who provide, inpatient and one to one counselling therapy online and in person.


Our Center for Healing and Life Transformation provide all the various types of counselling therapy for couples and individuals. We have multiple therapists and can work with you in person or online. Purchase a session and we will send you back confirmation of next available times and details of booking.